Fitbit Focus is the new app feature to keep you motivated

New app gets simpler and introduces new Fitbit Focus feature
Fitbit app to get major design overhaul
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Along with unveiling the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Fitbit Inspire HR and Fitbit Ace 2, the wearable heavyweight is also taking the opportunity to revamp its companion app.

We've always praised Fitbit's app for its ease of use and it looks like the new version will build on that by streamlining the user interface even further. It's also bringing new insights and tips to keep you on top of your goals.

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Your data on the main dashboard will now be pushed further down the screen to make room Fitbit Focus. This sits above your logged data and offers insights, messages, tips and even recommended workouts, which is based upon your data and stats – it's a bit like the Sleep Insights feature, which is already part of the Fitbit ecosystem.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance that experience, so we redesigned the Fitbit app to give people more ways to tailor it, with easier access to tools and a global community that can help motivate them to reach their goals," said Jonah Becker, VP of design at Fitbit.

"This flexible mobile platform will allow us to offer more personalised services in the future, including coaching, guidance and insights based on personal data, making our app more valuable to consumers.”


Along with the new Focus feature, Fitbit has decided to scale back the tabs that sit at the bottom of the Fitbit app. Now there's just three as opposed to the current five.

You won't be losing any of those key features like Challenges and access to the Community feeds, they'll simply live in different places or become more prevalent in the Focus aspect of the app. There will be a Discover tab where you can find more health and wellness data. There will also be a greater emphasis on helping users finding others with similar health and fitness goals.

The redesigned app will be going into beta testing over the coming months with plans to launch later this year. We're hoping to get some time to spend with it to see whether those changes still make it a great companion app for your Fitbit devices.

Fitbit app set for big redesign with greater focus on keeping you motivated

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