The team

Paul Lamkin – Director – @paullamkin

Stints at Tech Digest and Electric Pig under his belt, Paul became a contributing editor on Pocket-lint where he was nicknamed 'news monkey' due to his comprehensive coverage of everything and anything new in tech.

He then edited a laptop magazine where the pace was a little bit slower (as were some of the readers). When he wasn't writing about RAM or SSD options Paul also penned more interesting reviews for TechRadar and T3.

Prior to founding Wareable and The Ambient, he was the senior editor of MSN Tech. Paul is a self-confessed geek and has been accused of being both an Apple 'fanboy' and a Google 'fandroid' - so at least you know that his bias is balanced.

James Stables – Director – @stablesjames

James has been a tech journalist for over a decade and only bagged his first tech journalism job by standing out as the candidate most likely to agree to being mugged for an article. This misguided sense of editorial adventure has defined his career, to the point of unwisely signing up to run a marathon just to test the latest wearable tech. If you see him passed out in the street with an arm full of wearables, call the emergency services.

James has launched and edited tech titles on every conceivable platform including web, magazine, bookazine, books and iPad, from his days at Future Publishing. James, with Paul, founded Wareable in 2014, which grew to become the Wareable Media Group in 2018 with the arrival of sister site The Ambient.

Michael Sawh – Editor – @michaelsawh

Before joining Wareable, Michael was features ed at TrustedReviews and the resident wearables expert, which meant wearing a minimum of two wearables at any given time.

Prior to life at Trusted, he also marshalled the features section on working with fellow Wareable contributor Kieran Alger, chipping in on the magazine whenever they needed someone to talk about fitness trackers, running shoes, tablets, phones and headphones.

Michael has also written for the likes of MSN, Men's Health, TechRadar and BBC Focus on everything from speakers to smartwatches.

Michael is a lover all of things sports and fitness tech-related, so expect to see him popping up in more smart clothing and running long distances all in the name of wearables.

Hugh Langley – US editor-at-large – @hughlangley

Hugh joined Wareable from TechRadar where he'd been writing news, features, reviews and just about everything else you can think of for three years.

Prior to that he freelanced while studying, writing about bad indie bands and slightly better movies. He found his way into tech journalism at the beginning of the wearables boom, when everyone was talking about Google Glass and the Oculus Rift was merely a Kickstarter campaign - and has been fascinated ever since.

He's particularly interested in VR and any fitness tech that will help him (eventually) get back into shape. Hugh has also written for T3, Wired, Total Film, Little White Lies and China Daily.

Conor Allison – Contributing editor – @conorallison95

Conor joined the Wareable team after gaining experience as a junior technology reporter for Digital Spy, covering everything from new gadget releases to Tim Cook's hypnotic dancing.

He's also a fan of anything falling within the realm of sport and fitness, contributing to his shameless hunt to find a winning edge through the help of wearable tech.

Husain Sumra – Contributing editor – @hsumra

Husain joined Wareable from MacRumors, where he was a contributing editor intensely covering anything and everything related to Apple. For five years he reported on, debunked and knew every Apple product rumour you can think of, from all the way back to when the Apple Watch was just a wearable iPod.

Before that, Husain started his own movie site and podcast, Swiftfilm, where he would interview filmmakers and torture himself by watching Fifty Shades of Grey alone on Valentine's Day. He's also written for Gizmodo.

Husain is fascinated by how wearable technology can help humans improve themselves. Be warned, however, as you'll probably find him at a theme park in awe of how they use connected tech to create cool attractions, holding up the queues in the process.

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