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You can find out all about Wareable's editorial team below. For more information on the website, and the Wareable Media Group, check out our About Us page.

Paul Lamkin – Co-CEO, Wareable Media Group – @paullamkin

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Stints at Tech Digest and Electric Pig under his belt, Paul became a contributing editor on Pocket-lint where he was nicknamed 'news monkey' due to his comprehensive coverage of everything and anything new in tech.

He then edited a laptop magazine where the pace was a little bit slower (as were some of the readers). When he wasn't writing about RAM or SSD options Paul also penned more interesting reviews for TechRadar and T3.

Prior to founding Wareable, he was the senior editor of MSN Tech. Paul is a self-confessed geek and has been accused of being both an Apple 'fanboy' and a Google 'fandroid' - so at least you know that his bias is balanced.

Paul, along with James Stables, turned Wareable into the Wareable Media Group when they launched sister site The Ambient, back in January 2018. In mid-2019 they added a third site to the portfolio when Get Sweat Go was launched.

Take a look at a 2014 interview with Paul to find out more about why Wareable was launched.

James Stables – Co-CEO, Wareable Media Group – @stablesjames

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The team

James has been a tech journalist for over a decade and only bagged his first tech journalism job by standing out as the candidate most likely to agree to being mugged for an article. This misguided sense of editorial adventure has defined his career, to the point of unwisely signing up to run a marathon just to test the latest wearable tech. If you see him passed out in the street with an arm full of wearables, call the emergency services.

James has launched and edited tech titles on every conceivable platform including web, magazine, bookazine, books and iPad, from his days at Future Publishing. James, with Paul, founded Wareable in 2014, which grew to become the Wareable Media Group in 2018 with the arrival of sister site The Ambient.

Here's James in action at Web Summit talking all things wearable tech.

Michael Sawh – Contributor– @michaelsawh

Michael's author page

The team

Michael has been covering the wearable tech industry since the very first Fitbit landed back in 2011.

Previously the resident wearable tech expert at TrustedReviews, he also marshalled the features section of with fellow Wareable contributor Kieran Alger. He also regularly contributed to T3 magazine when they needed someone to talk about fitness trackers, running watches, headphones, tablets and phones.

Michael has also written for the likes of Metro, MSN, Men’s Health, BBC Focus, Stuff, TechRadar and has made several appearances on the BBC Travel Show to talk all things tech.

Michael is a lover of all things sports and fitness-tech related, clocking up over 15 marathons and has put in serious hours in the pool all in the name of testing every fitness wearable going. Expect to see him with a minimum of two wearables at any given time.

Here's Mike talking about his role to PR Week.

Conor Allison – Associate editor – @conorallison95

Conor's author page

The teamConor has a background in journalism stretching back to 2013, where he graduated with first class honours in Journalism from Liverpool John Moores University and later joined Digital Spy as a Technology Reporter.

He became part of the Wareable team back in 2017, initially covering the latest news and releases in his role as a Reporter, trading smartphones and laptops for smartwatches, fitness trackers and virtual reality headsets.

He offers particular expertise and authority in the fields of digital health and wellbeing, sport and smartwatches, with his current role as Associate Editor seeing him deliver news and features around Apple, Wear OS by Google, Fitbit, Samsung and more.

This also involves testing the latest wearable gadgets and delivering in-depth reviews and verdicts to help buyers make the most informed decision, while his name can be found on Wareable’s how-to explainers, device comparisons and buying guides, too.

Conor is also the Associate Editor at The Ambient.

Richard Easton - Affiliate director - @chocojetpack

Richard's author page

The team

Richard, Wareable Media Group's affiliate director, has a long career in consumer technology. He started his career as a staff writer for Computer Shopper magazine and Expert Reviews.

After that, he became the wearables and fitness editor for Trusted Reviews, letting him combine his love of both fitness and health gadgets. He later became the commercial content editor at Trusted, helping readers to find the best deals and savings on tech.

He still reviews tech to this day, with a particularly keen interest in where wearables are going around strength performance and conditioning. When he’s not got a wearable on every limb you’ll find him in a powerlifting gym lifting heavy things up.

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As well as our in-house editorial team we use a network of wearable tech expert journalists including Kieran Alger, Chris Smith, Lee Bell, Rebecca Caddy, Muchaneta Kapfunde, Dan Sung, Tom Wheatley, Andrew Williams, David Nield and Gareth May.

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