RapidSOS wants wearables to come to the rescue in emergency situations

Startup joins forces with wearable makers to speed up response times
RapidSOS comes to the rescue with wearables
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RapidSOS, a tech startup that specialises in emergency technology, has announced a partnership with a group of wearable tech companies that aims to make it easier to connect to 911 during a crash or a medical emergency.


Owners of WiseWear, Fusar, Kairos, Lumenus and ROAR for Good devices will soon be able to tap into RapidSOS' emergency platform that will send data from your wearable to provide information such as precise location, emergency type and real-time health information to first responders during an emergency.

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WiseWear's luxury smart jewellery already includes a built-in panic button feature inside of its devices. It allows users to alert emergency contacts sending out text messages and can drop a pin to your GPS location. Now with the RapidSOS support, it should in theory improve the speed in which emergency services can respond. This provides them with the data they need without requiring you to jump on a call to talk them through your situation.


The startup is already working with companies to integrate connected cars, smartphones and smart home systems into its emergency platform. So it's a no brainer that wearables would also be added to the list as well. Turning wearables into personal safety devices has become a bit of trend over the past year with Apple and Samsung even offering emergency features in its smartwatches.

While many of the wearable tech startups mentioned above will have worked on offering that seamless link to emergency services, having one platform that unifies them all should definitely be seen as a positive thing.

rapidsos wearables for emergency responders


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