Fitbit Alta review

Fitbit's latest doesn't break new ground but it remains a fashionable fitness tracker

Despite many rash complaints throughout the years, Fitbit remains the top wearable and arguably the most popular brand of fitness tracker on the market. However its range of trackers haven't been the most stylish of models. The company's solution? The Fitbit Alta.

After first unveiling its fitness watch Fitbit Blaze, the wearable tech company then came out with this Misfit Ray rival, providing custom wristband accessories and even satin and silver finish bangles from designer names Tory Burch and Public School.

Wareable verdict: Fitbit Alta HR review

These partnerships show that Fitbit is clearly gunning for Apple Watch-esque high-end accessories, which makes sense since fashionable fitness trackers that resemble jewellery appeal to a much wider demographic of women ‚Äď though the Alta remains a unisex device for men as well who are looking for simple, discrete fitness trackers.

Opting for style has made the Alta far less sophisticated functionally than its predecessors the Surge and Charge HR, but it obviously wasn't made to take the place of the sportier trackers. Rather, it's the chic-looking device that still provides the bare bones of fitness tracking. Read on to find out whether the pretty little Alta is worth your time.

Fitbit Alta: Design and comfort

The basic Alta looks every bit like your typical fitness tracker. A small 128-by-36-pixel, 1.4-inch OLED screen sits in the middle of a quick-release band.

The concept is similar to the Blaze, though it's really the removable band that will probably draw users to the Alta since it means that you can swap in fancier accessories. The Classic models are what you'll get at the lower end of the price spectrum and look sporty in black, blue, plum and teal. Additional Classic bands are $29.95.

Then you have the $59.95 Luxe models in blush pink leather, graphite leather and a $99.95 stainless steel option plus the aforementioned designer brands coming soon.

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Alta bands come in three sizes to fit wrists of 14‚Äď17cm, 17‚Äď20.6cm and 20.6‚Äď23.6cm. The band itself is 15mm wide, which is far slimmer than the Charge devices.

Switching out the bands is really easy. Simply push and slide the quick-release then mix and match to your heart's content.

The clasp works slightly better than other Fitbits I've used ‚Äď I hated the one on the Flex ‚Äď but it's the same two button configuration. It seems like the company's made it easier to push into place though.

All in all, the Alta is actually a pretty sleek looking tracker despite its vanilla design. The Jawbone UP2 and UP3 are similar in looks but without the notification screen, which is where the Alta wins out a little bit. The Alta's display isn't much but in the end, it simply provides a bit more functionality.

Comfort-wise, the Alta has been rash free on my wrist, and I've worn it non-stop ‚Äď except for showering since it's not waterproof. Fitbit notes that while the Alta is resistant to splashes, rain and sweat, it's best to take off before hopping into the pool or shower.

Additionally, Alta's thin form factor means it doesn't get in the way of long sleeves and fits really well on my tiny wrists. In fact, I hardly notice it's there because it's so lightweight and unobtrusive.

Fitbit Alta: Features

Like your run of the mill trackers, the Fitbit Alta tracks your steps, distance, active time and calories burned in minutes using a three-axis accelerometer.

Certain activities are auto detected, using Fitbit's SmartTrack tech, and are added as workouts within the Fitbit app, as usual. It automatically tracks sleep, too.

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You can check your progress from your wrist by tapping the screen, though I found this to be frustrating as it's not very responsive. It would take a few hard raps on the tracker to show and got to a point where I felt like punching the thing. Other times it would work just fine, leaving the whole experience of checking stats annoyingly inconsistent.

However, you can tell the time easily enough as it's able to register the turn of your wrist quite well. To customize the face, you can choose from five vertical or five horizontal clock options. I found vertical worked best on top of my wrist and horizontal on bottom as it's easier to read.

Runners and those looking for more intense tracking will have to search elsewhere. There's no extra features such as GPS, optical heart rate monitor or stair climbing.

Fitbit Alta: Activity tracking

So how well does the Alta actually work? I used the wearable during SXSW in Austin and GDC in San Francisco, which involved a ton of walking on a daily basis. In general, it seemed to be on the sensitive side.

After wearing it alongside the Jawbone UP2, I noticed it'd be a 80 to a few hundred steps ahead. On one day, it was about a thousand steps ahead. More time is needed with the Alta to test out running, biking and other activities.

Sleep was finicky as well. For some reason, the first night I wore the Alta, it thought I woke up in the middle of the night and didn't really track properly. It tracked fine the next day but stopped tracking at 5am on Saturday, thinking I had woken up ‚Äď which I definitely did not do on a weekend.

One other thing that should be automatic is turning the display off at night. While tossing and turning the screen would randomly turn on and boy, that thing is bright.

The sleep charts aren't as refined as Jawbone's since they only show sleep, restlessness and wake. In comparison, Jawbone shows estimates of deep sleep, light sleep and REM. Still, that doesn't mean it's a completely accurate picture of your night since fitness trackers are only monitoring movement and can't always tell what various movements mean.

Fitbit Alta: Notifications

The notifications aren't as robust as other devices. You get three basic call, text and calendar notifications displayed on the Alta's screen accompanied by a short buzz.

Longer texts get cut off and you'll have to pull out your phone to read the whole message though. Unfortunately, you don't get third-party app alerts.

Reminders to move also pop up every hour with 250 step mini goals. Throughout the day, the numbers change to reflect how many steps you've taken. If you don't want to be constantly bothered, you can customize the reminders to start and end at specific times, and even days.

This is actually an entertaining, whimsical aspect of Alta that I didn't expect. I'm used to my Apple Watch yelling at me to stand, but Fitbit took a different approach. When the time comes, the Alta will vibrate once quickly then show a little character with a different message like "Feed me steps!" or "Still 145 more to go!" It's a small thing but appreciated nonetheless, and actually motivates me to take a break to walk around.

After completing your goal, the Alta freaks out in congratulatory bursts of buzzing and on-screen 'fireworks'.

Alta will show an image of a dead battery when it's running low on juice, which isn't the most helpful notification considering it tells you as it's dying. It makes more sense to let you know in percentages over time, or to even have an option to display it with the clock face. There's a battery indicator in the app, but seeing it on the Alta would be more useful.

Fitbit Alta: The app

If you've used a Fitbit before, the Alta app will look familiar since it's basically the same interface.

It's a fine ecosystem, full of social challenges with badges to earn, all clearly laid out and easy to use. You can also log food and water, and track your weight loss with a plan as well.

Each day is presented on the main screen, and you tap a metric to get a broader look at your performance. For example, tap on the sleep score for the day and you can take a look at your sleep over time, and filter by day, week or month.

Overall, Fitbit's app is one of its strong points. Easy to use and clear, it offers enough data without feeling overwhelming.

Initial setup however, is a crapshoot. I've experienced connection issues with two Fitbit devices now, including the Alta. It requires a bit of finagling for it to sync and work, sometimes requiring restarting the phone after deleting your other Fitbit devices. After that, syncing works perfectly fine.

Fitbit Alta
Wareable may get a commission

Fitbit Alta: Battery life

Fitbit notes that the battery life of the Alta should span five days depending on usage (a week is pretty standard for screen-less fitness trackers). I was able to get a whopping eight days from the gadget after only charging it once. That includes time spent at SXSW, where I hit 13,000‚Äď15,000 steps over four days, then a few days covering GDC.

The Alta also tracked my sleep and buzzed reminders to move when I was on planes or in sessions.

During the conference madness, I was barraged with text and calendar notifications as well though I didn't have email notifications turned on.

I did take it off for showers since it's only splash, sweat and rain resistant but that was about it.

The proprietary charger is again, different from the other Fitbit chargers. The Alta one is a clamp that connects to the back of the module. It's definitely more secure than other magnetic chargers.

Managing to make it a full week and a day on just one charge is quite impressive in my eyes, especially since I'm used to refueling smartwatches every couple of nights. The Alta screen is always off and it's not exactly a battery eater but my usage of smart devices during travel usually require lots of recharge time. I'm curious to find out whether the Alta can repeat this feat and will definitely wear it during my next bout of travel.

Fitbit Alta
By Fitbit
The Fitbit Alta doesn't break new ground but it remains one of the most stylish fitness trackers around ‚Äď especially for women looking for both form and functionality. It's also geared towards the casual lifestyle opposed to hardcore gym nuts and athletes. The Alta sits right below high-end trackers and right above budget devices, making it a tantalising purchase for those who want a customisable, sleek fitness tracker without breaking the bank, while maintaining general activity tracking abilities.

  • Stellar battery life
  • Movement reminders are useful
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear day and night
  • Module isn't very responsive to taps
  • Overly sensitive step tracker
  • No heart rate monitoring
  • No GPS
  • Not waterproof

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  • txfireant·

    I wonder if I should wait to see if Fitbit comes out with a Alta *HR*.

  • Hemkumar02·

    It is difficult to read in bright sunshine. Is there a brightness regulator on the settings?

    • l.prasuethsut·

      Sadly, no. I looked but didn't find any. There's also definitely no ambient light sensor.

  • Kayley·

    is there a trick to hook the band-I cannot push those damn pins through

    • bthasty·

      Have the same issue! I am thinking about sticking with my old Flex simply because of this and returning the Alta. not sure it is worth the $130. 

    • Rogefed·

      yeah it's really hard to push the pins in fr

    • Graciea·

      try putting a tiny bit of oil on the holes - worked for me

    • l.prasuethsut·

      I found that the Alta's leather band worked easier but the classic one was more difficult to put on. 

      That said, perhaps try placing the strap with the pins on top of the strap with holes, then grabbing the bottom strap and pushing into the pins with your index and middle finger on either side. 

      It shouldn't be this irritating to put a wearable on but I've found it's a problem with several Fitbits (except the Surge which seems to work fine). Other trackers with pins seem to have this issue too though. 

      Hope this helps/makes sense.

    • Boppy·

      Don't know if you'll get this, but I have found a way to get the damn band on. I hook it where I need it on my wrist before I put it on. Then, I push the release button like I'm changing the band, but only one side. Turn your arm with the inside of your wrist up and place the Alta under, like you're putting any bracelet on. Now bring the band up and snap it down on the latch thing till it is snapped into place. I hate this band. I have 61 year-old hands and can't push the pins in. Hope this helps! Pam

      • TVMichelle·

        I'm having the same issues, but your idea is GENIUS!!!

      • Clare·

        Agree this is the most difficult band to do up regardless of how old your hands are. It's so frustrating that it's enough to not wear especially if you are in a hurry. Surely it cannot be that hard to design a band that works better! 

      • kkeyes·

        Thank you!! I have had my Fitbit Alta for 4 days and I was thinking I would return it, or exchange it for a tracker with a regular band, because it is so hard to put on.  This method has saved it.  I will share with friends!

      • DianeF·

        Great idea, Thank you for sharing, I have the Black Blue and purple, but only wear the leather because they are so hard to get on. 

    • ldresch·

      Flip it around and press it together on top of the wrist rather than below...

  • Bieganie·

    A very extensive review . I like it. Fitbit actually a good option for monitoring physical activity. Best regards, Kamil from Bieganie Uskrzydla

  • maslacak·

    Although the Alta is a big leap forward for Fitbit in terms of design, in terms of functionality it is fair to say that Fitbit is styling up what it already has on offer. This means that at its core, the Alta is not much different from other Fitbits ‚Äď there is no ground-breaking new technology on board. The Alta, however, shows that Fitbit has learned enough about design to compete with more stylish rivals.

    Automatic activity tracking is a huge plus. Just put the fitness tracker on, without worrying about pressing buttons or logging any activity.

    While it's comfortable and easy to use, the Alta doesn't go far beyond the basic capabilities of a fitness tracker. If, however, you're looking for a stylish fitness tracker from a recognised brand that does the essentials well, then this could be the device for you.

  • Jherman·

    I like the Alta but I don't think it tracks steps accurately. I wore my One at the same time (but it was not synced) and I was off by 2300 steps on my Alta.  I even went as far as to count my steps with each device (yes a little neurotic) but I want it to be accurate! The One was almost spot on while the Alta definitely was not. I was disappointed! 

  • Jherman·

    I don't think the Alta is accurate.  I have the One, so I wore them both for several days (I did not have synced together) and the Alta was 2300 steps behind.  I even went as far as to count my steps as I walked (yes a bit neurotic) but I wanted to know.  I like the Alta except for that reason. 

  • jeanr·

    How do I get it started? is the ba

    ttery already in?

    • l.prasuethsut·

      Yep, it's a rechargeable battery. There's also a USB charging cord should be in the box with your Alta. Plug that in and line the charger's pins up with the Alta and it should start charging. You can see above in the review for a photo of what it looks like. 

      Then download the free Fitbit app from the iOS or Android store on your phone to sync it all together - the app should provide directions from there.  

  • dog_posse·

    Love the slim design; like the reminders to get up an move. This is my third fitbit (had the flex and the charge HR) and this is the first one that has caused me to come up in a rash, even though I wear the band loosely and take it off for parts of every day. For now I'm wiping the band down with triclosan-free hand sanitizer daily and seeing if that helps. Anyone else getting rash from this model?

    • yankeelady·

      Yes, I have the same problem.  I have always gotten rashes from the metal backs of watches, so thought it was a similar issue.  It happens when the band gets tight on my arm, not where it is loose on my wrist.  I came to this website hoping for some suggestions to fix it.

    • ddsmelser·

      I do not know the model I have (one of the basics) but an returning it as it is not going to fit my needs ~ while reading paperwork for how to sync it which I never did find (glad to read that you need to download the app for better instructions) I saw the band has NICKEL in it. This is a common allergic metal for many in jewelry especially earrings but I would not have thought with this type of band there would be a reason for putting nickel in them! Perhaps it has to do with regulations where they are manufactured ~ no restrictions & maybe it is cheaper for added strength & durability (just a guess)!

  • janmarie1012·

    I have been using the Fitbit Alta for one week....previously used "One" for 3 years.  Very disappointed in the Alta, it stops tracking steps and I cannot get it to start again.  Also know that the step count is not accurate.

  • Jane33·

    Disappointed with the alto . I seemed to be cruising with my steps and was a little dubious about the accuracy so have worn my UP2 at the same time . Up to 1000 steps more recorded on the alta so not at all accurate

  • Hazel-Brown·

    I got my fitbit yesterday. This morning I was walking around my town. I was crossing an intersection and I was taking off my sweater. My fitbit alta unclipped and fell in the road. Luckily the driver had noticed and let me know. - I haven't had any more clip problems. The device is hard to turn on but I am getting the hang of it. I would probally rate this at most 4 stars. 

  • skenia·

    Using my Alta for three days now. I've been biking to work on daily basis (10km), but my Alta doesn't autorecord this as a bikeride. Anyone else with this?

    Is there an app that connects with the fitbit app, so I could track bikerides and add them to my fitbit (or the other way around)?

    • Topol·

      If you're wearing a tracker on your wrist while bicycling, it's not going to register any movement. Try wearing it on your ankle.

  • sez_2904·

    I recently purchased my first FitBit to track my exercise. I do a good mixture of cardio and strength so really wanted to target what was most beneficial. I purchased an Alta, being the newest product on the market so thought it would have the most advanced technology. I have to say I am majorly disappointed. I am yet to understand why this product is more expensive than some of the other products however it does not track heart rate? It is impossible to get an accurate reading of calories without heart rate monitor as it does not detect strength training. All this is, is a very expensive step counter, and not what I expected at all! Very disappointed with the $200 I spent on this product!!

    • brazi2·

      You probably should have researched the product more to find out its features. It's more expensive because it's the newest and the slimmest, most fashion forward of the bunch.  Each of their products provides different features. Sorry, but it's your fault for buying something expensive without researching if it's the right product for you.

  • fb_102079·

    We bought 3 Altas so my husband, my son and I could all "compete" and track our steps.  Pretty disappointed. One unit will not sync at all.  Two units will not get texts at all .  Step count is horrible off. I love the idea and would not mind steps being off some but not for this price.  I love the idea of an app we can all check.  Pro:  It can tell when we are at the park walking and calculates correct activity timer. Same for when my husband cut the lawn, it knew he was having a continuous activity.  My son loves it,  In the end, I think I will be returning them. Too high for what you get. And worst feature - the clasp!  Stupid difficult!

  • CuseMom·

    Hello. My Flex won't count steps when pushing a grocery cart, since my arm is not swinging. The Charge will, but it's just too big. I've taken to wearing the Flex on my ankle. Will the Alta have the same problem when worn on the wrist? Thx. 

    • Sirius·

      Just how much time do you spend pushing a grocery cart?  Maybe that's the real problem...

      • chloetini_2·

        thanks for the laugh....seriously best comment on a board. ever.

      • chloetini_2·

        baahahaha! thanks for the laugh! :-) i just picture someone walking around a day with a grocery cart checking their steps. all. day.

    • Boppy·

      It doesn't track gardening as an activity either. I move all over the place and end up with nothing to show for it on the Alta. The shopping basket issue I solved by pulling the cart along side me as I shop. Sounds dumb maybe, but I'm not about to lose all the steps grocery shopping. I'm in there for awhile and it's a big store.

    • Quilter·

      I put my Flex in my pocket when I'm grocery shopping.  Don't know if the step count is accurate, but at least it's not zero steps for the time spent pushing the cart.

  • spartanrob·

    I am disappointed on the weakness of the vibrations. It is half as strong as the UP3. Slept right through the alarm this morning. Never happened on the UP3

  • Beth·

    I have had a fitbit Charge for a year and quickly found myself motivated to move more - life changing! I received an Alta as a gift, and was very impressed with the design and the features, however, the step count is WAY off (20%). I contacted Fitbit-support who suggested I restart the device- which we did 3 times- and this morning I rechecked, comparing it to my iPhone and charge, and unfortunately it is still off by 20-25%. The Charge, though less attractive, is more accurate- the Alta is an inferior product, and if Fitbit were smart they would recall the device, issue a refund to all their consumers, and go back to the drawing board. READ ALL THE REVIEWS AND MESSAGE BOARDS BEFORE BUYING THIS PRODUCT

    • aeneal1·

      I bought my first FitBit Charge over a year ago. In less than 6 months, the band came off and they sent a replacement. Same thing happened to my replacement 9 months later (this was with regular use...hadn't even been working out).  I contacted FitBit and they were gonna make me buy a replacement. After complaining they said they will send me an Alta for free. I will receive it in a couple days. Based on all the reviews I read, it sounds like I'm not gonna like this. Can someone say Apple iWatch. Lol.

  • aakman·

    It looks so much like a Pivotal Living. Are they related? 

  • bkozy·

    i was on phone 40 min with help and could not sync it to my samsung ...s4...kept having bluetooth problems...but the rep. got it to sync with my computor...i ask him how am i going to use it on my phone?..his response dont need to check it all day just check it on computor when you get home....what an idiot...needless to say i went back to my jawbone up...gave my daughter the funky alta...hope it syncs on her phone...but i couldnt beleive the reps. response for not using my cell phone...sigh

  • Unhappycamper·

    I had my Fitbit Alta for less than a month, I lost it in the middle of the day due to the dodgy clasp. Wrote to Fitbit about this and looked on the forums. They had offered other people replacements in my situation, which clearly indicates that they recognise it is an issue. All they offered me was a 25% discount, which I can say with certainty I will never use.

    This is my second Fitbit after having the Fitbit HR, which like my friends who both had the same model, disfigured and ended up breaking. Unfortunately by the time my partner found the receipt I had lost it (because I moved house) so I couldn't return it. So in total I have wasted close to $400 on Fitbits poorly designed products. Never again. 

  • UnhappyInAustin·

    I'm returning my Alta.  I cannot push in the pins without practically busting a wrist vein. Ain't nobody got time for that.   And Fitbit....I love the stylish design but why the hell didn't you just add the HR feature and jack up the price a few bucks?  I would have paid.  Thanks, but I'm going back to my Apple Watch. 

  • Marty·

    I absolutely dislike Tha Alta. It was a gift for Mother's Day and I have only been able to wear it about 3 times. Impossible to snap band closed.  I have tried to make holes bigger but they just close up again. The sleep records are very inaccurate.  I loved my jawbone and wish I had received another. 

  • Lana·

    I hate my fitbit alta. I go to the gym, run for 30 minutes on a treadmill, take zumba and body work plus abs classes. After 2 hours and 30 min at the gym my fitbit says I have been active for 20 minutes.

  • bmk8·

    I have been wearing a Garmin Vivosmart watch for the last year and a half and the pixels are starting to die out making it hard to read it. So, this has sparked my interest in the Fitbit Alta. They are pretty identical in size which is great because I have freakishly small wrists. The Garmin watch has smart notifications like text, incoming calls, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. I tell it when I am going to sleep and it tracks my sleep until I turn off the setting. It will also automatically track my sleep if I forget to set it but, if I get a notification on my phone the watch notify's me unlike when I set it and it does not disturb my sleep. With the activity tracker, It will record times for me which is great because I am a runner. Although I find it's not the most accurate thing in the world considering I ran a half marathon and it said I ran 16 miles instead...I I guess I was expecting the same kind of features or better ones for the Alta and am extremely disappointed that it lacks a lot of what I have with my Vivosmart. I love the style of the Alta much more and the interchangeable bands is a great feature, it just lacks so much. Does anyone know if there will eventually be an update for the Alta that will give it more notification settings then just the basics (text, calling, calendar)? 

    • Jewelz·

      I feel the exact same way. I had the garmin vivid smart also and loved it. It was very comfortable and battery life was great. I loved many of the option you had on them like the dimming, able to set what you want your notifications to come such as where it vibrates and lights up to display who and the message, have it vibrate and just show you have a notification or just imports the message privately with no vibration which is nice if you are in a quiet room for a meeting, and there was its own notification spot on the garmin display unlike what I am seeing on the Alta. I bought this because the display looked very crisp and easy to read compared to how my garmin was. Also a big selling factor was how it seemed much like the Garmin vivosmart but it's not! Fitbit needs to upgrade there features! Only 3 things I have found better is the reading of the display, how it doesn't have to light up every time you do get a notification but just when you turn the wrist or double tap the screen, and then how you can change out the bands is very nice. I hope that Fitbit does a better update to there notification and  adding adjustable lighting features would be great .

  • ARick64·

    This Fitbit Alta is very poorly designed. That stupid band with those stupid push pins.....Who in the heck thought of that?  What a stupid design!  After my Fitbit literally fell off of my arm without me realizing it, and then having to spend two hours finding it (and spending $$ on an app to do so), I got a bread twist-tie and jimmy-rigged it on my band so that the stupid thing will stay on until the clips that I have ordered from Amazon arrive.  Yet more $$ that I have had to spend on this stupid Fitbit.  So not only does my Fitbit not look stylish, IT LOOKS STUPID!!!  

    Have you noticed that Stupid is the key word here???!!!  

    • kickas1·

      What clips?  I'm interested in that:)

  • cribbins88·

    So my fiance got me the alta for my birthday 3 weeks ago, Absolutely loved it. It pretty much did everything I need as someone who is not heavy into fitness but like to stay in shape and visit the gym 3+times per week

    Anyway, after going for a jog I arrived home to realize that the band was missing. Of course tried to retrace my steps but to no avail. I had my doubts about the band when I first put it on as the hole and clicker seemed very small and easily opened, but I figured if it wasn't secure then fitbit would have known about it and made the proper adjustments. How wrong I was.

    I have contacted customer support but it seems because I bought the fitbit in Hong Kong they cannot help me (not sure why?) I did go into the shop to enquire about purchasing another one and the shop owner said that he has peolpe coming in every day for replacements, the exact same problem as mine. It seems Alta has a major flaw with the band and when doing physical exercise you will need to constantly check your wrist to make sure the thing hasn't slipped off.

    I understand that losing a product is kind of the customers fault but surely the customer should not have to worry about her fitness tracker faling off when they partake in fitness based activities. Fitbit should take some responsibility for that as I'm sure they know of the Alta's issues.

    Well anyway, my phone tells me that the fitbit is registering 2000 steps per day so at least someone is getting some use out of it. Perhaps when he/she loses it then it will somehow find it's way crossing my path again. I'll hold off buying a new fitbit for now

  • ritac·

    recently purchased the alta in May and a spring on the charger snapped already. Holding the charger on with a rubber band until the new charger I ordered on Amazon arrives. Not happy, also the alta does not record accurate sleep time, WAY OFF!

  • Regina414·

    Bought my Alta in March and one month later I felt a burning on my wrist and realized it was the Alta which was so hot that I pulled it off.  After a few more heated minutes it cooled down and there was no more battery life - would not charge was just dead.  Fortunately, it was replaced immediately but my second Alta after two months needs recharging almost every day. I have doubts about the batteries on these devices and am thinking that mayber Garmin is a better product.  This is too expensive for all of these issues.  Maybe it came out before all of the kinks were worked out.

  • Sweetiesmum·

    we bought the Fitbit Alta recently for our young son. He loves it. The slim design is key for him as being young he has a very small wrist. He's also a tween who's very fashion conscious and he has sensory sensitivities i.e. He won't wear long sleeves or long pants cos they feel funny ( also his friends won't wear them either. It's a peer thing)  and he used to refuse to wear a watch so the Alta is perfect for him. Other kids like them too. Parents like them to track their kids poor sleep in a general way precision is not so critical. we do the band up for him. iM thinking  of asking for one for myself for Christmas  

  • Terence·

    Fitbit alta the design is good,the problem is the band its very,very,very hard to clip or closed it,i hope they make a better one .

  • Beth2·

    I am really disappointed with the Fitbit products. First I bought an Alta, enticed by its relatively attractive design and that it was presumably the newest and therefore most advanced item in the product line (I was naive). I found it pretty useless as a watch -- it is not responsive to taps but pops on when I am in bed trying to sleep -- and I hate having to charge it every 5 days. Next within a couple of months the unit is scratched and so messy looking I don't even want to wear it. Finally this hulking bulky piece of metal and rubber does not have basic fitness features! It does not measure heart rate or even track floors climbed.  I did not realize my cell phone tracks steps, floors and distance automatically. If I had know about the cell phone app I already had I would not have wasted my money on a fitbit.

    I also bought a scale -- I always have my guest weights on my profile. Try measuing the weight of other things like suitcases is not easy. Who is this fat person??? Never mind just show me the wieght!

  • Craftdee·

    I am so disappointed with my Fitbit Alta... it was a gift so asking for the receipt for refund is awkward or it would have gone back by now

    It looks okay, works as a watch, but the stats for Active Minutes" and even steps taken are so unreliable as to be not worth having. eg I walked briskly for 45 minutes the last time I wore it, it showed 45 active minutes then went to 6 minutes when I synced with the app.

    It does it every day.  Every time you sync your stats at best show at lower than you've done,  at worse disappear altogether.  If you write down what you've done you get a good idea of how many minutes you've been active... and you don't need a $200 gizmo to do that, just a pencil!

    I've been on the fitbit forum regarding this issue, I am one of the contributors of the 19 PAGES of comments re the same thing dating back to March... clearly Fitbit don't care that they are serving up this rubbish. 

    As I've said there, I have a $200 watch with a plastic strap - if that's what you want buy a Fitbit Alta, if you want something that actually TRACKS your FITNESS get something else

  • JanetJB·

    FitBit replaced my Charge with the Alta. After about a year my Charge no longer held a charge for more than 24 hours. I offered to pay the difference on the Charge HR but the company refused. Now, I am stuck with this Alta that you just about have to beat to get the screen to come on. Plus, I cannot seem to be able to put it on without help which is problematic when my household is either at work or school. I am seriously unhappy with the Alta.

  • Aktroup·

    I actually am VERY disappointed with my Fitbit. It never stays on. Do NOT get the FitBit charge because the wrist strap does not stay strapped. It has fallen off and Iv lose it MANY times. One time at work I literally sat on the train, walked to work, sat at my desk all day, and went to leave the office to walk to the train and it was gone. It falls off when you: 075 a backpack on, take a shirt off, I don't know maybe just sit there and do nothing and you'll be lucky to still have it on by the end of the day. Worst $115 purchase ever. 

  • JDonk·

    Avoid fitbit! I bought a fitbit charge for my wife at dick smith. The first one did not work straight out of the box, would not charge at all. Dick smith replaced immediately, same day as purchase. A few months later the new one stopped charging. Again, Dick Smith replaced with a brand new item. Now, 9 months later, this 3rd fitbit charge will not charge, the battery will not charge.

    Subsequently, Dick Smith has closed down in my area so I can not return for a refund.

    I contacted Fitbit, who are saying the original purchase is out of warranty but they will replace with the same model, but will not refund. They don't have enough faith in their own product to give a warranty on the brand new replacement fitbit charge thats only 9 months old!! I asked if the replacement they are willing to send will have a warranty but they didi not reply.

    They also will not allow me to pay the difference to upgrade to a better model!!

    Well, if you ask me thats pretty poor, they should write a book on how to lose customers because thats what they've done in this situation. Not only me but everyone I know I tell how bad the product is and the lack of faith they have in their product. I strongly recommend buying a more reputable brand.

    Fitbit is a waste of money and you will more than likely be disappointed.

  • Minidiscogirl·

    I got the FitBit Alta as a replacement for my Charge that broke while under warranty (well, just the button broke off, the tracker still worked). Apparently they only make the Charge HR now and not the regular Charge I had, so they offered me the Alta instead. I liked the sleeker appearance and the ability to swap bands, making it much more fashionable. At first I was a little disappointed that it did not track floors climbed like the Charge did, but honestly, that part of the tracking had been way off - often telling me I'd climbed more than 200 flights in a day! The sleep tracking seems way off, but I found that true of the Charge as well. (Jawbone UP tracked sleep really well in my opinion - but I had too many other issues with their bands) My main complaint about the Alta is that the first time I dropped it, it broke! I was putting it on my wrist and my hand slipped and it fell to the wood floor - probably about a 3-4 foot drop. It did not crack or scratch or anything, it just quit working. They are replacing it for me under the warranty, but that still seems crazy to me. I am only 5'6" tall - a fall to the floor from my wrist should not break it!

  • Slimming1·

    received my Alta today but I only moved my arm in the air and the steps jumped up by 7steps


    The leather band isnt worth it. It wears way too easily. Hasn't even been a year and its already wearing down on the edges. What a waste. 

  • GoWyo·

    I was getting gifted just 5days ago this Fitbit 2 at work it came off and I found it the floor....tonight it fell off again and lost it!!!! Tried tracking, iwas syncing but didn't find it....needless to say not happy...strapping is terrible, leaves me wonder if I had a defective band.  Wish it had sound!!

  • Theresa·

    I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but the Fitbit is easy to respond to your taps when you tap in the right location. That exact location is the lower end of the screen. 

  • Cosmo112·

    My daughter is a teenage athlete.   She originally got a fitbit Charge and was very happy with it but over time the wristband broke.   I called Fitbit and discussed the issue with them.   Since they were no longer making the Charge, they talked me into getting her an Alta.   The Alta was a piece of junk.   Initially, we had an issue with it syncing properly to measure steps - which is why you get them in the first place.   The screen was harder to read on the product AND the device does not have a stopwatch which is a critical element for teenage athletes when in training.    When I called Fitbit regarding several issues including a broken screen (which happened within two weeks of receiving it and NOT physical abuse to the product), they told me they would only replace it with another Alta - a far inferior product than the Charge.   They only offered me a discount if I wanted to upgrade to a Charge 2 and that discount could not be used with the sales prices so in essence, they gave me NOTHING.    I would not recommend the ALTA to anyone due to its limited features.   I am disappointed in the way the problem was resolved by Fitbit.  

  • JudyC·

    I hate my Fitbit Alta.  I made the mistake of buying the limited edition gold coloured one from the website along with the bracelet.  The Fitbit itself needs a good beating to get the display to show.  The wrist strap that came with it is difficult to do up  and the gold bracelet keeps coming apart and I have finally lost the pin that holds the clasp shut.  The whole thing was a huge waste of money.

  • altasucks·

    The wristband on the Alta is awful and it doesn't feel secure. for the price of these I can't

    believe they didn't afford to put a band like the Blaze. It is still an expensive buy.  I hate the band and will not recommend this to anyone. 

  • Jae·

    i bought my fitbit in end of November as a christmas gift.  For first 2 months, the fully charged fit bit lasted 5 days, however, after 2 months of wearing the fitibt, the fully chraged fit bit lasts 2 days or less.  Is it going to continue to go down to 1 day of use after full charge? 1/2 day use after full charge?

  • MSN·

    Agreed regarding getting the band on.  I struggle every morning to push those pins.  Great workarounds, though.   Next time I will think twice about buying a product that does not have a good old fashioned strap like most watches.

  • TS09·

    Just been given an Alta, and not been able to do it up at all by myself. Have had to ask my husband to do it, and even then he struggled and I end up with a bruised wrist. Ok, keep it on all the time? I wore it the first night I had it but it threatened to rip the bedclothes every time I turned over, so took it off the other nights. Might try the other method suggested of detaching the wristband near the main part of the device itself.

  • LRC·

    I have been very pleased with my Fitbit Alta (once I got used to the band). I have had it a little over a year, at first the battery lasted 5 to 7 days...after the last 2 updates it lasts about 2 days. Hope there will be an update to fix this problem.

  • scotty35·

    I really enjoy my fit bit Alta.  However, has anyone felt like it restricts there breathing, for example when I remove it from my wrist it feels like a breath of fresh air or like I can breath better. You will not notice sometimes until you remove at night.... Sometimes I feel restricted when its on, I don't put it on tight.  It just feels a little weird with a change of breathing, I been feeling this for quite sometime. I have had a Fit bit for over 3 years... I truly enjoy the motivation of loosing weight and continuing healthy habits each day. Overall the fit bit is great. Just concerned.

  • hollylmo·

    My Alta will no longer hold a charge.  It has already been replaced once due to a battery issue and I was just told that they will not replace it a second time (even though it is the same problem and is obviously a defect). I should also note that my Alta is less than 2 years old. They provided me with a list of ways to limit my battery use and told me that I can buy another Alta.  I will never buy another product from them.