Fitbit is bestselling wearable brand, winning over Apple Watches

Fitbit dominates wearbles market according to latest analyst report
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Wearables are officially no longer a passing fad. They're here to stay and it looks like Fitbit is the biggest name to beat.

According to IDC, Fitbit is "the undisputed worldwide leader of wearable devices." The company's Q3 sales went from 22.2% up to 29.5% in Q4 and will likely continue to rise with the introduction of the Fitbit Blaze and Fibit Alta.

In comparison, Apple's shipment volumes for the period "grew only slightly" from the previous quarter.

A previous report done by Canalys noted that Apple moved 12 million watches in 2015 - making it by far the market leader - but only in the smartwatch category.

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Canalys then stated that, "Across the entire wearable bands segment, Fitbit led all vendors in Q4, followed by Apple and Xiaomi."

So there you have it. Despite the rash of complaints about Fitbit's trackers (pun intended), it's still the top dog to beat. That may not last for too long though.

Fitbit also needs watch out for these guys

Xiaomi, Samsung and Garmin round out the top five best selling wrist-ware. Xiaomi has smartly targeted the budget buyers with affordable fitness trackers like the Mi Band Pulse but accuracy must be improved otherwise a cheap tracker might be seen as too cheap. IDC also points out its low cost isn't "enough to stand out against the crowded market."

Samsung has inched out Garmin for fourth place thanks to the Gear S2. The bezel, guys, it's the bezel. It's a great addition to a lovely watch but Tizen may be scaring off fans of Android Wear. That should be great for the veteran watchmaker Garmin though. Its line of gadgets are sportier and aimed at the hardcore athletes who will stick with a brand they know to be reliable.

But the wrist isn't all that's going to dominate the market in the future. IDC predicts we'll see more smart clothing, footwear and eyewear as the industry grows.

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