​Fitbit Charge skin irritation complaints still plague company

And we experienced it too...

Problems with skin irritation have come back to haunt Fitbit, with users of its new Charge device complaining of discomfort caused by the band.

We initially reported complaints back in December, when Fitbit was moved to release a statement advising users that it was a hygiene issue not the Charge and Charge HR band that was causing the issue. Well the problem hasn't gone away, and a be-scabbed user has collected the details of 200 other such victims, and brought the attention back to the issue.

Well, he can add us to the list. We also experienced a rash during the review of the Fitbit Charge HR. As we wrote in the review, it was isolated to just one of the Wareable team, but there's certainly an issue here.

Readers with good medium term memory will recall that the Fitbit Force was recalled last year, thanks to some nasty skin issues caused by adhesive used in the strap. In a statement Fitbit has said:

“The reactions we are seeing with Charge are not uncommon with jewelry or wearable devices that stay in contact with the skin for extended periods. According to our consulting dermatologists, they are likely from sweat, water, or soap being held against the skin under the device."

"We are encouraging anyone wearing an activity tracking wristband, regardless of the brand, to follow four key elements for maximum enjoyment: keep it clean, keep it dry, keep it loose, and give your wrist a break," he continued.

Having followed the advice and still suffered from this nasty irritation, it seems Fitbit's simple explanation may need a little more investigation.

Have you been affected by a rash from your Fitbit or other fitness tracker? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Aulli·

    I wear a BodyMedia device and it causes skin irritation - redness in the winter, blisters even in the summer - if I don't move it around a bit. My husband never got blisters, but he would get redness from his at times as well. I think it is somewhat endemic of the industry.

    • Fitdude·

      One week in to wearing the Fitbit charge hr I experienced a similar appearing rash. It definitely wasn't hygiene related. Too bad because I liked the product but had to return it. 

      • Eaglecrow·

        I was able to stop the irritation by placing a strip of cellophane tape on the tracker where it contacted my skin.

        • Neni·

          Did you put the tape all the way around the band or just on the back of the pulse tracker? Mine when I sync it, I can feel a little surge in my arm and am thinking maybe I am a little sensitive to the charge itself.

          • Rennschnecke·

            I put tape on the skin near the fastener but tempted to put something on the band.  I get rashes and blistering. I believe it is because the strap is so rigid.

            Wondering whether a cover would help. 

    • Dee·

      I bought my Fitbit HR to keep track of my exercise and weight loss and it seems to break out my wrist out and I'll switch to the other wrist and it's breaking it out still the same anyone out there know if you can get a replacement  from the company that won't give a real allergic reaction to your wrist

      • Suzie·

        I have had the same problem and I am going to return mine to Costco where I purchased it.  I like it and it was doing everything I wanted.  I have had mine since May 2015 and they may give you another one if you want.  I am returning it and hope that one day they will make one that does not cause a rash.  

    • sarahmounsey·

      My fitbit is also causing a rash that irritates me skin - love my FITBIT HR, but may not be able to wear it much longer!   It is certainly NOT a hygiene matter!   (What an insult!)   Disappointed because i really enjoy keeping track of my progress!   

      • LMo414·

        They are not insulting you by saying it is a hygiene matter. Has anyone that has gotten rashes tried to clean the band everyday? Being in contact with the band all day makes you sweat, even if you think it doesn't. That is considered a "hygiene" problem. Sweating on the band will irritate your skin the next day if you don't clean the band everyday.

  • lovelyvicki·

    Although I tend to desire stylish jewelry and the Meta 1looks as if it fits that bill, I am at a point in my life when getting into shape is very important to me.  As Betty Davis said, "Old age  is not for sissies".  So in taking a fresh look I like the Surge by Fitbit. Coupled with the Aria, I can see that this might be the right choice for me.

    • PRR8·

      The Garmin Vivofit 2 is also a fantastic option! Great features, battery life = 1year (never have to charge it). Jonathon Adler is coming out with a fashion line for the Vivofit2, so you can get in shape and be stylish (gold bands, silver bands, etc.)... 

      This is my pet peeve... all these devices are made to fit a man. They look horrible with professional work attire, cocktail dresses, etc. I am looking forward to seeing Adler's line. The Apple Watch has a size for women and changeable bands. But I, personally have been spoiled by not having to charge my Vivofit. 

      Good luck with whatever you get.

  • suejom66·

    I had the BodyMedia too and also had this problem. Then I used the Fitbit Flex for almost a year and had no problems. Now I'm using the Fitbit Charge HR and haven't had any problems with skin irritation bar the fact that it doesn't always synch. It seems that when I get moving again after I've been asleep or idle, it picks up again especially after moving for about 5 minutes. It can be frustrating but it's not a major issue because I can always check on the display of the tracker itself.

  • PRT940·

    After 2 months, I've had no skin issues with my Fitbit Charge HR.  But then again, I haven't done much sweating while wearing the band.  We'll see what happens once the heat and humidity of Summer comes (I live in MN).  

    • jkh·

      How are you doing with it now? I live in FL, and have had issues on and off since I got it several months ago. The heat and humidity I think have been the problem. I'm taking a break from it right now, to let my wrist heal. I hope yours is still doing fine. 

      • thatladyfrommn·

        I also live in Minnesota, I had no issues with it really when I first get it, It's not a hygiene thing because I keep it clean, I think it's from the part that holds down the extra length of strap like on a watch (I have the charge) because it's harder and less flexible than the actual band and the rash rub is always in the same spot where that stupid excess band holder thing is. I just took it off and already it feels better, just a poor design flaw in my opinion and they'd rather save on costs by blaming the consumer.

        • suejom66·

          Same here. I had mine for about 2 months before I sweating more and getting a rash. I get mine in the same place as you. I sometimes change it over to my other wrist at night. I have the apple watch sport too but I haven't had a problem with that strap and it's really comfortable but I like the competitiveness of the Fitbit.

  • Coleleej·

    I had the Fitbit flex and wore constantly with no issues, I bought the Fitbit chargeHR and have broke out in a red rash around the area of wearing it. I wear it loosely where it can be moved up and down wrist a little bit so not right, I clean it per instructions after exercise but yet have still broke out in a red itchy rash. To me it is sold as a wearable item such as a watch wich I have worn before with no irritation that is supose to track all day activity including sleep so why are we being told not to wear for a while if rash happens? Defeats the purpose of all day tracking and competition offered

  • glennda·

    I wore a Fitbit Flex for 9 months with no issues then all of a sudden I started breaking out with a red raised rash that looked similar to a burn. I really liked my activity tracker and would like to get another one. I would like to get the Fitbit Charge HR but I am afraid of reacting to the tracker again.

    • James_M·

      I have never had any issues with any wearable causing rashes of any sort however following exercise last night..... some sweat and that is one big rash! Charge HR hasn't excelled itself...

    • rita·

      Me too! Been almost a year of no problems, then I got a rash I didn't initially associate with my Fitbit Flex. Interestingly, my Flex is no longer working ... just about a week after the rash appeared. Makes me wonder if the imminent demise of my tracker caused the rash, although the rash is on the inside of my wrist rather than where the tracker rested. It has occurred to me that perhaps the clasp had some kind of coating which has since worn off.For the record, I don't wear my band in the shower, and my exercise program consists of walking, so not much moisture comes in contact with it. I would like to get the Charge but feel as Glennda does that I'm hesitating because of the rash potential.

    • woody·

      I had no trouble (rash) with original non-heart rate version of the Fitbit.  I just got the HR version and in 3 days I have a square rash on my wrist.  I will give it another day or so... if it continues I will return it and go back to my old 'rash free' fitbit. 

    • Gflem·

      I purchased a Fitbit Charger and got a blister after a month.  It resembles a burn and is very painful.  I stopped wearing it and am waiting to see what Fitbit is saying.  I did not get it wet, removed it daily and wre it very loosely.  I will be returning it if this is what happens.

  • Lynnsyahoo·

    I had the fitbit first gen and I was fine. For xmas I upgraded to the charge. I wore it loose as well but my pain was terribly bad. I could barley close

    My wrist. I thought I had carpel tunnel. The pain radiated and my whole arm would itch up to my shoulder. My hands began to swell and turn red as well. I got sick a lot. Took my fitbit off and everything went back to normal. It was really painful in my hand sharp pains in the wrist and hand. 

    I got sick as well and always felt tired. I think there is more to it than a rash. I am healthy and never sensative to anything else on my skin. 

    • Strangeindeed·

      Hi yes I too wore it on my left wrist and within a few days had the burn-like appearance where the charge is and also had pain in the wrist like it was bruised though you couldn't see any actual bruise. Changed wrists. Still get the burn-like mark but no pain. Very strange. I agree that there is something more sinister going on than merely an 'irritation.'

  • Niki·

    I get a rash from where the metal underneath (Where you plug it in to charge). The only metal I'm allergic to like this is Nickel. I have read the are advising users to "Take a break" but it happens as soon as I have had it on for a couple of hours. 

    • CuriousKitty·

      Same thing for me! I get a rash right where the metal things are, and at the bottom where the clasp is. Maybe I have a Nickel allergy?

  • Chatty·

    I have had the Fitbit Charge HR after upgrading from the FitBit One mid-January.  I workout 5-6  days a week and per the instructions make sure the wrist band is clean and dry. There are even period when I am not wearing when  I am sitting at my desk while it charges.  When I purchased I have small wrist and should have got the small but went with the large to ensure that I have the extra space with the band to wear it loose.  Yet after just about a month I have this really irritated red patch on left wrist.  As a device that is made to be worn all day this should not be happening. Not sure what to do at this point.

  • LaxMom·

    Had no problems with Flex and have no problems with my FB HR so far.

  • pamley·

    I just got my Fitbit Charge HR on Saturday and have a pretty severe rash on my right wrist already (less than 4 days).  I thought maybe I wrote it too snug,  so I'm wearing it looser on my left wrist today. I don't see a rash yet but I am feeling some skin sensitivity.  I am normally not sensitive to anything and have no allergies,  so this is odd for me.   

  • Patso·

    Same happened to me with my Jawbone Up, there is a whole blog on their website about their own user rashes..... - it's as Fitbit says, I changed the way I used it, cleaned it, and took off whilst washing up, and it was fine.  It's not isolated. If the journalist bothered to look on Google they'd find same user blogs for Garmin Vivofit & other brands (others here have posted about Body Media rashes). Wearable - we need journalism on how we should be wearing these devices with care, not taking a lump out of the market leader (it pains me to say that as a Jawbone fan!!), Fitbit have done more to get people off the sofa & moving and being more active than all the previous generation of products over the years put together.

  • Patso·

    Same happened to me with my Jawbone Up, there is a whole blog on their website about their own user rashes..... - it's as Fitbit says, I changed the way I used it, cleaned it, and took off whilst washing up, and it was fine. It's not isolated. If the journalist bothered to look on Google they'd find same user blogs for Garmin Vivofit & other brands (others here have posted about Body Media rashes). Wearable - we need journalism on how we should be wearing these devices with care, not taking a lump out of the market leader (it pains me to say that as a Jawbone fan!!), Fitbit have done more to get people off the sofa & moving and being more active than all the previous generation of products over the years put together.

  • Michelle·

    My son purchased a Charge with his Christmas money. It has been a very good thing for him, BUT  he has a rash on his arm. I just googled finally and didn't realize this has been an issue. I have the Flex no issues. He keeps it loose (that was our first check) and clean!  He is very responsible. The rash is not going away and is up his arm. I hate to have him quit the program. It has been really good for him. Will ask his doctor!

  • jules·

    After 2 years of wearing a Polar IV day in, and day out without incident, I recently switched to the Fitbit Charge HR. I've had it for less than a month without change to my daily routine, and I have a rash also. I'm very disappointed, because the Fitbit Charge HR is everything I want in a fitness product.... except for the rash.

  • Itsme·

    just bought the new Fitbit charge HR last week. I've worn it for 4 days, no real exercise that would have caused a sweat and have not gotten it wet. I found the band to be uncomfortable. I've had to charge it up every 36 hrs it seems. I now have a rectangle size red sore rash on the back of my wrist where the LED light area is and a round itchy sore welt on the inside wrist where the strap is. Will be taking back for a refund!!

  • Queenie·

    I've had my charge since yesterday, Feb.21. I've worn it for 10 hours no exercise and I have a red irritating rash. 

    • fbhoffman·

      I have had my FitBit charge about 3 months and I have suffered from irritation at the sides if the wrist. I am not sure but I think it may have left a permanent burn type scar on each side of my wrist were the rubber wristband touches the skin. I have not worn my FitBit for a few days and I an considering contracting FitBit about this. The only other way round the problem is to wrap leather round the rubber part of the strap. I personally thinks fitness tracker companies should offer straps with an option of different materials.

      • dmiller·

        I've had the same issue. Red, burn-like mark on the side of my wrist under the rubbery band not at the clasp or the sensor area. In fact I took it off and stopped wearing and my husband asked if I'd burned myself somehow. Now it's peeling just like a burn would have. I'm thinking of trying to make a cloth cover for it so I can continue to wear it after the spot heals up.

  • Richardsu·

    I've worn my new fitbit Charge Hr for a week now, taking it off only for showers. I have developed an unsightly rash on my wrist on the side where the holes are which almost looks like a burn. Fitbits claim that this is a common issue with all items of clothing worn on the wrist is absolute garbage. I have been wearing a watch on my left wrist that never comes off for year without any issue whatsoever. Take some responsibility and admit the issue is your problem Fitbit!!!!! Your advice to regularly remove the device is also ridiculour, especially if you are trying to track your fitness 24/7.

  • Blakwing·

    Add me to the list.
    I have a pretty nasty rash on the outside of my wrist.  I used to wear a watch all the time and never had an issue like this before.  I never showered with the band.. I take it off to wash my hands and always put it on dry and clean.

    So I don't know what is causing this..  But I'm only going to switch arms every time I charge it.

  • realtyeldon·

    I got the fitbit flex for xmas. It came with multiple bands.  No problems at first (2wks). Then I started getting rash on different areas of my wrist. I am sensitive to a few chemicals, cromium, nickel, and cobalt. 

         I still use the bands, however I change the color and wrist worn on regularly.  I believe nickel may be used to coat the clasp.  I believe Cobalt or Cromium may be used to dye the black and Navy colored bands.  This leaves me the light green band for most consistent use. 

       The discoloration rash could be heat, sweat, or residual chemicals. But a blistered rash would suggest a contact allergy reaction. 

    I suggest you have a qualified dermatologist perform a chemical patch test if problems persist.  You'd be amazed at what our modern world has done to our body's immunity devices.

          Fitness first, gadgets follow!!!!!!!! If tolerable.

    ps. Test is tolerable.

  • jason·

    I have developed a rash on the inside of my wrist after wearing the charge hr for 3 weeks. It does not appear where the metal buckle sits on the skin, it's where the solid part of the band sits. Very disappointed that I am unable to wear 24/7 to monitor my fitness. Will Fitbit offer to return for a refund? Have sent fitbit email advising of problem, will wait to see their response.

  • MotherHen·

    I wore my Charge for about a month without any problems.  Then suddenly I developed a dry red rash mark on my wrist.  I'm on day 2 of my break from my Charge without improvement to my "burn."

  • zoerascal·

    I used my Flex everyday for about 6 months, and loved it - no problems at all despite being prone to exzema. Now, I've had my Charge for about 6 weeks, my arms are completely clear of rash (unusual for this time of year, actually) - *except* for a band-sized width immediately under my charge. I only noticed it because I wear my Charge very loose (to avoid excess pressure / rubbing) and it had slipped up so I could see the rash under its typical placement. Im sad, because I love my fitbit. But wanted to add my voice since there are seemingly a lot of people with issues. Maybe it only bothers those of us who are prone to skin issues? Still not right though, and it was so expensive! (also, I wear hair elastics around my wrist every day, and have never had a problem with them, in the same place.)

  • kellyebme·

    After wearing my Fitbit Charge HR for about a month on my left wrist, I noticed a very nasty looking rash on my wrist when I took it off prior to a shower. It just appeared over night. It's been 2 weeks since the rash appeared. The scaling has stopped and it is no longer red and itchy but now it looks like a birthmark. I hope the mark fades. I switched to wearing the Fitbit on my right wrist now and no longer sleep with it on. Which sucks because I like to track my sleep pattern. 

  • Nancyeli·

    I just switched my fitbit charge to my right wrist the other day. Now my right wrist itches and is slightly red. Last year I had the recalled one and did develop a bumpy red rash. I was told there was nickle in the device which can cause reactions on those people with nickle allergies (I have a hard time wearing earrings due to this issue). I was told this last December that the new ones didn't contain anything that could cause a rash or itchy skin. I wear it lose enough to slide one finger under the band as instructed in the instruction manual.  Has anyone had a charge replaced or refunded by fitbit?

  • memphismom·

    I've had my Fitbit charge hr for about a month. I've worn my Fitbit daily with the exception of showers and washing my hands (I didn't want to risk it). I noticed a rash on the inside of my left wrist about 2 days ago. Flaky, itchy and peeling skin. It appears to be from the small band that says "Fitbit" that holds the wristband in place. 

    It would be nice for a resolution from the company regarding this issue. Many people have paid quite a bit of money for a device that their suggestion is to "take a break" from wearing it. Kinda defeats the purpose. 

    • fairls·

      I have just had a rash appear overnight from my fitbit charge HR - and agree, it's the spot where the loop would sit...I try and wear it at night to track my sleep, so having a break is tricky.

  • medicaljoe·

    I have the Fitbit Charge and have noticed the rash as well.more of a reddish rash that is itchy. My guess is it's the two metal probs in the band. I believe they have nickel in them. It's an allergic reaction possibly. 

  • Anna·

    I've have a wrist size well within the suggested circumference for the size small and I've developed bilateral irritation even though I'm following suggestions from the company.  I wear the tracker on the last hole, and it slides up and down my wrist it's so loose.  I haven't worn it at night for weeks and I clean it with soap and water every day.  I'm annoyed I just missed the 45-day return period and hoping they issue the much-needed recall of this thing.

  • Illogica·

    I've been wearing the Fitbit Charge HR for a month and realised this week that the red rectangle on my top left wrist wasn't going away... I have finally admitted I have the dreaded rash as well. However, i also didn't really clean the wristband much during the last month! Now I've bought the stuff they recommend to keep it clean, gently scrubbed the contacts with a soft toothbrush and plan to do that daily (or after exercise if I get too sweaty) and hope that improves things. And meanwhile, I am letting the rash heal - by moving the watch up to 'two finger widths' from the wrist bone. so far no rash developing there from contact with my (regularly cleaned) Charge HR!


    So, I am a watch enthusiast and as such have had a watch on my left wrist constantly for the last 10 years or so.  I have had irritations from time to time but nothing like what I woke up to yesterday on my right wrist where I wear the Charge HR.  I have two deep red marks on both sides of my wrist.  Additionally, my wrist feels inflamed and arthritic.  I have been wearing the device for the last 3 weeks.  I take the device off daily to shower and leave it off for the day when it requires charging.  I have had it off for 1 day now and the marks have not dissipated and the pain has not subsided.  Not sure I can definitively attribute the pain to the device but the marks are definitely correlated. 

  • reeses·

    Purchased for wearing everyday.  I work out daily and ensure I clean the device and when not working out wear somewhat loose.  I tighten it when I'm working out because I find if I don't it affects HR monitor.  Look today and rash is there.  I'll give it a break but this defeats why I purchased the device.  I took fitbit at face value when they reported to have fixed the issue but it appears that is not the case.  

  • breezy·

    So it's a fitness tracker that is meant to track your stats-including your workouts-but you're supposed to keep it clean and dry?  Sounds pretty contradictory to me.

  • mcoughlin·

    I have had my Charge HR for a little over 2 weeks. I too have gotten a rash. I work as a scientist and frequently wash my hands, so I thought it might be from water getting under it and staying against my skin? I started taking it off and trying my skin and the band thoroughly before putting it back on to no avail. I loosened it up a bit as well and still have contact dermatitis. I also get irritation from the little metal things that stick out from the buckle - which conveniently fell off today for absolutely no reason at all :(

  • redlacegypsy·

    I wore mine for only 4 days, followed all the instructions on how NOT to irritate the skin. Nope, I have a square shaped rash where the sensor was. I'll be returning to the Verizon store tomorrow. 

  • RBoyce9211·

    My wife Cheryl purchased a fitbit charge for me as a Xmas gift this past Christmas. I got around to installing the software and using the product in late January 2015 and have been wearing it on a daily basis ever since. I am 66 years old, I'm in excellent health and jog 3 to 4 miles two to three times per week when weather permits. I started out wearing my fitbit on my right (dominant) wrist in late January. Approximately 2 weeks ago I began to notice and feel slight discomfort in my outer wrist underneath the area where the display of the fitbit is. Upon further examinastion I noted a slight swelling and tenderness of my outer wristbone. I then compared my right wrist with my left wrist noting that the swelling was definitely there, (illustrations attached below). I continued to wear the fitbit for another couple of days, the swelling got worse, but I thought maybe this may not be attributable to the fitbit but maybe the signs of the onset of arthritus. At around the same time I started having slight pain on my left side going up and down stairs. This condition did not affect my ability to continue to jog.

    Thinking that this condition involving the fitbit might just be a fluke, a couple of days ago I tried removing the fitbit from my right wrist (which had slight swelling and joint inflammation) and placing it on my left wrist which was normal at the time. I continued to wear my wrist watch in a normal position around my left wrist. I placed the fitbit with it on my left forarm slightly behind my wristwatch, between my wristwatch and elbow. Today I noticed the same condition beginning to present itself with my left wrist so I discontinued wearing the fitbit altogether. I should also note that the condition of my right wrist in terms of its swelling and discomfort are beginning to subside.

    So my question is, have any other customers reported similar issues in using your product? Is it possible that my body is having an adverse reaction to radio waves, radiation, etc. being emitted from the fitbit? Although I love your product and its features, prudence dictates that I should error on the side of safety and postpone or entirely stop using it.  I e-mailed a copy of this inquiry a week ago, they immediately acknowledged receiipt but have yet to respond to my inquiry or offer a requested refund.

  • Danthony·

    My wife is a clean and hygiene freak...she has a nasty rash from the Fitbit...charge we purchased a month ago. There is an issue and FitBit needs to own up and resolve. 

  • Wendi·

    I was sick in bed for a day and a half and noticed a lot worse rash than what is shown in the pic in this article.  I'm wondering now if it was cause by the sweat of being sick?

  • PaulNorris·

    I was given a Fitbit charge as a birthday present and soon after wearing it I noticed a rash on my wrist. The rash subsides when I dint wear the Fitbit charge and I have been taking it off at night which invalidates the sleep monitoring. I do not normally have skin reactions and think there is a real problem with this strap.

  • Msd·

    after wearing the product for one day- I developed an irritation on my wrist - resembling a burn.  

  • sueseay·

    I have sores, like a burn, on my wrist where i wear the charge hr. I changed wrists and got it on the other wrist too. Put in on my ankle and got the same there -- what's up? This is not hygiene related.

  • Lifeguard·

    I called Fitbit to complain about experiencing this rash/burn. I also had the Force and experienced it. They said they'd refund me after I sent back the device. I asked if anyone else had complain about the Charge HR rash/burn and was told no... I searched the web and came across this site...

  • Linda·

    Yes, I have a rash on the wrist I wear the Charge HR.  I like the product - now what?  Any work arounds?

  • kellyjo·

    Hello! I am so shocked to find this. I have just submitted a long email to fitbit concerning just this. I wore my zip from fitbit and when the battery ran out I bought a new battery and it never worked again. So I loved this tracking of these products so much that I bought 2 flex's for my hubby and myself. We both loved them. I had 2 bands break off and apart right where it was connected at one end of the battery area. My hubby lost his on the golf course and that's that with his. But the worst thing of all? I wore mine 24/7. I only took it off to charge. I love it so much. However after 6 months to close to a year of wearing, I ended up breaking out with the most horrible rash, blisters, itching, and even bleeding. I know my situation was probably worse than most because I kept using it even though my wrists were raw. I kept changing wrists as one would get so bad I could not stand it and then switch. Next I was getting ready to have surgery on carpal tunnel on my wrists and my Dr. refused to do surgery until I was healed and clear of any open wounds. I had to have treatment for 2 months to clear it all up. The worst was directly on my wrists where the band wrapped around my wrists. But it ended up making blisters on my forearms and itchy rashes up both arms to my shoulders. My Dr. made me quit wearing the bands. I had to see a specialist. I thought maybe it was a little bit of nerves and stress due to being on leave from work and the upcoming surgeries. So I stopped wearing completely until after 1 surgery and then tried to wear it again. Same thing. Totally immediately the rashes and skin irritation. I kept wearing again until the Dr. stopped me again as I had 3 surgeries in 3 months. I really thought again maybe it was because of having all these surgeries. So I waited until surgeries in Sept. Oct. and Nov. were completely healed and tried for the last time to wear the fitbit. I am training for the mini marathon and I love this tracking program of the fitbit so much. Well again both wrists horrible. And the really strange bad thing? I had red rings around both wrists noticeable to people around me from the end of Jan. to just a short time ago about the beginning of March AFTER I had not even worn or been near the bands since Jan. Each time I have tried to wear again I have cleaned and dried the band thoroughly and tried to wear it more loosely. I didn't see to do that anywhere I just used common sense as I thought sweat and too tight of a band was possibly the issue???? But nothing works. I spent over $300 and now have nothing to show for it. :( But there's my story. Thanks for posting this. Kelly  

  • kellyjo·

    I already typed out a huge email explaining my huge problem. Your note said when I activated my account the email would show. Where is it? 

  • kellyjo·

    Please post my original posting. I had horrible issue on both arms up to my shoulders and had to see a skin specialist as my ortho Dr. would not operate on my carpal tunnel until my contact dermatitis was healed. Took over 2 months. I had blisters and even bleeding.  Stopped wearing and began again 3 different times. Please find my original post and post that. Thanks, Kelly

  • Kay·

    I've been wearing my fitbit charge hr for a couple weeks when I noticed something like a bug bite on the inside of my wrist where the clasp is. I didn't think much of it until I noticed it took the shape of Texas and was red. I assumed the bite was infected so one night I put antibacterial lotion and a bandaid on it. The next day it looked a little better but was still there so I wore a bandaid over it under the clasp. It went away almost completely, so I stopped wearing a band aid. Now it's back. I love the thing too much to stop wearing it completely. It doesn't hurt and I know how to make it go away, at least mostly. So I'll be taking it off every night and putting a band aid over it so it doesn't rub, and see how that goes. It stinks, but could be worse. If fashion has a price, then everything else does as well.

  • Kay·

    not sure if my original comment posted, so I'll try again. I had even wearing my fitbit charge hr for a few weeks when I noticed something that looked like a bug bite under the clasp. A day later, it took the shape of Texas. I figured the bite was infected so I put antibacterial cream and a band aid on it, and wore my fitbit as usual. The next day it looked better but was not completely gone, so I wore the band aid without the cream with the fitbit. It was almost completely gone when I stopped wearing a band aid, and now it is back. It doesn't hurt. It's just red. I love the little thing too much to stop wearing it, so I will take it off at night and wear a band aid, and see what happens. I hope it goes away.

  • kayjaywil·

    I've had my Charger HR about 3 weeks and I've gotten a blistery looking rash with peeling skin on the outter edges.  Love the device, hate the rash...

  • Tman77·

    My wife and have the charge hr and she has had no problems so far. Me on the other hand have. Once I started sweating and got hot with it I started to have problems. The rash never went a way quickly either and I even made sure I kept it clean. Moved it to other arm to give the rash arm a break then it happened to that arm... :( Now I am left to my iPhone doing the tracking so I dont loose points for health initiatives at work. Does anyone know if there is a number to call for this or just calling normal support?

  • chuggy23·

    I have had the Fitbit HR since they were released. and I just noticed a rash on my wrist. The only times I removed the band was during charging or showering.

  • Tclay·

    I have been wearing the Charge for a couple of months. I keep it dry, I wear it loose ... And I still developed a skin rash. Ugh! And I love it ... But I will ask for my money back now because it scares me. Darn it!

  • KFayal·

    I have a FitBit Surge that I bought the moment they sent out the email that it was ready for purchase.  I was also a FitBit Force user - although I NEVER had a rash from that device, I am constantly getting rashes from this Surge.  The problem is that I don't want to give up the accurate heartrate monitoring and GPS on this device that I just deal with it.  I also own a Garmin watch which has never given me a rash but it's bulky and the heartrate monitor requires that I wear the strap around my chest.  I wish there was something that could be done about this.  I contacted FitBit and they suggested that I return it since the rash I get lasts more than 7 days.  I have a case open, but I think they closed it since then.  I might just do it because I could use $250 on something else.

  • dobbycat1·

    I have had my Fitbit Charge HR for about a month and I love what it does, but not what it has started to do.  I am getting a rash similar to the one posted in the photo.  It doesn't hurt or itch, but it looks like a burn.  My sister said the same happened with her Fitbit Flex.

  • nd84·

    yep have experienced it myself, to the point where my skin pealed and just this week after two days wearing and I shower daily i have a new red wrist

  • bellyh·

    I put my Fit bit flex on Tuesday.  I felt no problems with it and on Friday I noticed little raised dots on the top of my hands, and now on one side of my face.  i had a bit of black on the side of my wrist that I assume wore off from my flex? It could of been my silver bracelets too as I had them on the same side and wore them with my flex.  I have taken the flex off this Am. I am waiting to see if this goes away without it on.  The flex is the only thing different that I have put on my wrist.  I don't have the common rash that fit bit users have though.  Do you or anybody think this is what it is from?

  • Albahayes·

    Add me to the list of those getting a rash! I have the charge hr and twice I've broken out in s square rash on my wrist. This despite proper cleaning of the fitbit, proper hygiene and loosening the strap. I use to wear my garmin watch non stop and never had this problem! Fitbit needs to figure out a different type of material that doesn't cause this issue.

  • KJL·

    I have had my fitbit charge HR since it came out and have had no issues until the last week, first me screen stopped working. I was able to fix that after googling for a fix. Now I have what appear to be burn marks where the charging prongs are. I wear mine tight when I work out because I can't stand it flinging up and down on my wrist but then I loosen it back up. I think it is happening when I sleep because I put too much pressure on it. So is there solution to not wear a sleep tracker when I sleep???? They need to figure out a fix.

  • snydlyjd·

    I had the Fitbit Force and never had any of the problems that were related to the recall and I lamented the recall of the Force.  I loved it!  I went on to purchase a Samsung Gear Fit and wore it for over six months awaiting the release of the Charge.  I've been using the Charge for just under a month and have been developing nasty rashes and skin loss to the point, I'm thinking of returning it to Fitbit for a refund.  What good is it, if I have to take it off for an hour or two a day?  

  • ybeckley·

    I developed a bad rash after ordering 3 new color bands for my fitbit.  The rash has now become permanent scarring.  It is ugly and still itches.

  • cherry·

    So glad to have found this page, I've previously had other fitness wristbands but never before experienced skin irritation. Since buying the charge hr my wrist has had an ever worsening rash on the underside. 

    I wear it loose, dry it and my wrist immediately if it gets wet or sweaty and take it off to "give my wrist a rest"...still getting a rash. It's not painful but it's rather unsightly and given how expensive this product is here in Australia I'd expect better quality and much better responses when customers alerted them to this issue.

    Poor formFitbit.


  • TazDevil·

    I broke out on my wrist after wearing the charge for about 3 weeks. I kept it clean as well as took it off each morning for a few hours. It's now been about 6 weeks since I've worn the product and I have 6 circle scars on my wrist that do not appear to be going away any time soon. I have never had any skin reaction or allergy in my 52 year life. I would like a recall and refund on this product. I am willing to send pictures to prove the reaction. 

  • Snowbrdr·

    I have a fitbit charge hr and started getting a small rash after 2+ weeks of continual wearing, except for showers.  Mine seems smaller and appears directly over the loop that holds the extra wrist strap.  That seems to be the part that is in most continual contact for me.  It is very likely that sweat aspiration is trapped by the rubber and held there, causing a bacterial problem.  I am just throwing it out there because mine does not look like the rash I have seen others with.  Mine looks more like a small boil or large pimple (with no head).

  • john68·

    it got me too. 

  • gr2026·

    I have the same problem now. nice looking rash from wearing the Fitbit Charge HR. I will stop wearing it for a while and see what happens.

  • Lion3·

    I also have the Fitbit charge and have devoloped a nasty red scaly rash under the top of the  band, , have tried to loosen the band and see how that goes. Like the Fitbit but not the rash it brings , think it needs to be investigated! 

  • Itchyrash·

    I had the Fitbit Flex for about 9 months before I started getting a rash. I even stopped wearing it for several months and put it back on yesterday and I have an itchy rash from where I had it on for about 12 hours. It is very frustrating as I bought this to help me track my steps but now I can't wear it. 

  • wright75·

    my fitbit hr has caused a rash on both wrists. Originally I thought maybe I was wearing it to tight so I switched it to my other wrist. I clean it everyday, don't wear it too clode to the skin and still the same issue. I hope I can return it. 


    I got my flex for fathers day 2014. I had no trouble until I had been wearing it 6 months. Then I got a rash. I moved it to my other wrist, and more rash. When the weather got cool, I started wearing long sleeved T's and putting on the outside of the cuff. No more rash. Recently my Flex band broke, and I had to get a new one. The weather warmed, and I started wearing short sleeved T's, and the rash returned. I thought they maybe the new band might solve the problem, and there is a problem. I may have to give up my Flex.  

  • CGG·

    My wife bought me a Fitbit surge in March, 2015.  Developed a rash on my left wrist after two weeks; switched to the right and developed a rash after a week.  Will follow the remedial measures recommended, but after reading the comment thread, I'm not optimistic--which is a shame, because its a wonderful (and expensive) device.

  • DEW·

    i have a fit bit flex and every time I wear it I get a rash.  It's like little blisters.

  • Aceback·

    I just purchased the Charge HR (purchased it in January but it was backordered until last week, as I got the plum colored one).  Had it for only 3 days, taking off for showers, no real sweating took place, and this morning woke up with a rash (blisters that itched) - it was isolated to the sides and underneath my wrist, the top part (where the plastic part is, was rash free).  I'm so bummed, waited so long to get this one in, i love the look of it, and now this.

  • S-J·

    I've had a HR charge for two months now and not too much of and issue, following the advice keeping it clean etc.

    Yesterday I cut my lawn wearing it and it's the first time I've done anything that has caused me to sweat .... I HAVE A HUGE BURN on the underside and side of my wrist!!! I'm using a hydro cream and I've changed wrists with the product.

    I'm glad I'm not alone, but I'm really bothered about how my skin will react to it when the summer arrives. As much as I love it, I'm wondering if I should use my polar hrm for exercise!!

    I'm really disappointed as I shouldnt have a painful burn from a product (its the strap not the monitor) that I've paid a lot of money for, I've never has any issue with my polar hrm and the chest strap would get sweaty from a workout and I would never have any irritation! Heaven knows how long the burn will last as its bee there for 5 days and now and not gone ....

  • Lunafish24·

    My first bump/blister appeared today after a month of wearing. I had read this so I have been careful to clean the band and give my wrist a break when I am not active. My blister is on the top of my wrist. I have the Charge. I am not generally sensitive to jewelry.

  • Moonbeam·

    I made it less than 20 hours with my new Fitbit Charge HR...rash under the rate tracker and on the part that you tuck the band into...Plan to return it tonight...and so disappointed. I am not allergic or sensitive to any other things.  :-(

  • Nelson·

    I owned the fitbit flex with no issues at all...I do not have sensitive skin

    Purchased the Fitbit Charge HR... Have a very nasty looking rash...It is not a hygiene issue

    I do not wear it tight and I keep it dry

    If I take if off and or not wear it at night i don't get the resting heart rate or the all day/night tracking

    I've tried using some coconut oil on the rash

    my rash is getting worse, not better

    Im returning it, even though I really like all the features

  • blake·

    I have been wearing my Fitbit one for several years.  If its not tight it seems to be ok.  However I place it on my sock & now I have burn marks on my leg, once time it even left a blister.  Needless to say I have moved it back to an area that does not come into a tight fit.

  • KyIrish·

    I've had the Fitbit Charge for one week and just developed an itchy rash from it today. Not happy at all. 


    My Fitbit  Charge HR was ordered on Feb. 16 at ATT Store. When it arrived I began wearing it but was careful to swap it back and forth ( and choose dominant and non dominant arms). Then it seemed I was used to it and wore it with no problem but still switched it for good measure occasionally.

    It was disappointing that they only had the large which I was initially advised would be the right size per the chart on the box. I have to wear it in the last or next to last notch to make it small enough for me - but even that did not deter me. I am an active 68 year old female btw.

    There are a few other glitches and recently I have received messages from the website "It isn't you it's us"!?? Well I always blame myself so that is nice to know.

    But this week my wrists began breaking out a bit and I switched the fitbit to the other non dominant arm early yesterday and it REALLY made a rash on the right arm.  I took a picture. That was yesterday afternoon. I switched it back because the left arm looked clear by then. At bath time I could see a bit of irritation on the left arm so I left it off overnight. In the middle of the night when I let the dog out,  the right arm rash was still very visible. Now (almost noon) it is so light if I did not point it out - you would not know. 

    I think this is unacceptable - especially since it is not just me. I want my money back or to switch to something that does not cause a rash. The trade off is NOT worth a rash!

    I think the neatest thing about the Charge HR was the heart beat monitor. I really like being able to track that as I sleep and exercise (which I do). When it worked correctly and synced with My Fitness Pal, etc. I was fairly pleased. However I could do the  functions except for resting heart rate and sleep without it if I went to the trouble. I wasn't using the steps yet

    I hope Fitbit can correct this problem and the other ones I mentioned, and THAT ATT will be helpful when I try to return it today.

  • stephhayes227·

    I have been getting sores and rashes if I don't take my Fitbit Charge off at night. I picked the charge so I could track my sleep which now I can't 

  • punkymonkey·

    I have never had any skin issues..........never had contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or anything like that. I was even a soldier in the jungles of SE Asia.........and never had any problems due to sweat, dirt, bacteria, etc. Now I buy a Fitbit Charge HR and have a buckle shaped mess on the underside of my wrist and the same impression on my face where I was apparently resting while sleeping..........just great!! It is responding to cortisone treatment from the drugstore, but has not gone away in 5 days..........might have to visit a Dermatologist...............have had the thing over a couple of weeks.........BestBuy probably won't take back. Thanks Fitbit. (I think it is the nickel in the buckle)

  • NurseCKoop·

    I had a nasty rash develop from my charge on my non dominant hand.  I switched my fitbit to my dominant hand and the same rash developed. I don't wear my fitbit too tight, so that is not the issue. I clean (and dry) my charge almost daily. I decided to downgrade and get a Flex because I haven't heard of that many instances of skin irritation, plus you can switch out bands every once and a while.

  • stefanie·

    Yes, I have the irritation on my wrist -- now both.  Just as one wrist is healing the other that I switched the fitbit too is now beginning to break out.  What to do???

  • Jaydee·

    I have had my Fitbit charge for a few months now and I constantly get rash in vicinity of the strap ...the bizarre thing to me is it isn't underneath the strap where you would expect it to be but 1/4 to 1/2inch further forward. I am bearing with it as I do find the device very useful. The black plastic covering below the face on the wrist band has also become loose and peeled back so wondered if it may be a reaction to the adhesive that joins the rubber and plastic ....may have to save up for an I-watch instead as am sure Apple will not have these issues!!

  • Vulcan·

    Same thing.....rash on one side....change to the other wrist and unless I'm careful to clean it the rash comes back.......

  • brandim·

    I love using my fitbit chargeHR but have to take 2 week breaks for my wrist to scab over and heal. While I realize this is a total first world problem, it still sucks. 

  • psaw·

    Yup, I do get the rash.   Started to alternate wrists, then the rashes would show up faster on that wrist than the time it took the other one to heal.  My wife made a sleave for the thing.  I shouldn't have to do that but I really like the feedback and the Heart Rate capabilities.  No problems since.  Can keep it on my wrist for extended periods of time now and no issues.  It's not about the hygiene, or tightness, its about the material.   I have kept my G-Shock watch on my wrist since I was a teenager.  I have rarely taken it off for close to 20 years, never clean it and wear it as tight as I want to.  What the hell?  Pick some time tested materials next time.  

  • Dusty·

    Add me to list of people with rashes from the flex.  I've been wearing it a week and took it off (as always) to take a shower.  My forearm is red about 4" past the band, not under it.  There is a clear line where the band stops and the rash begins.  It doesn't itch or bother me in any way other than the fact that it is very red.  I haven't put the flex back on yet...I would like this redness to go away...it's been a couple hours with no change...yet.

  • Justsilver·

    I have had the Fitbit for 10 months.  My rash is so bad that my skin is bleeding and the affected area burns.  I wear it very loose and it goes away when I take it off but as soon as I put it back on, the rash comes back.  What is the point of  having it if I have to take it off for days or even weeks. At this point, I am in too much pain to wear it anymore.    I think it is insulting to say it is a hygiene problem.  

  • steveb·

    One week with my Surge and I have a red mark easily defined where the bad goes. It is starting to blister up. I love the data it gives me. Can't stand the irritation. Fitbit messed something up with this one.

  • parestailor·

    I've been using my Fitbit HR since launch. I've boxed with it, put myself through high intensity tactical training (HITT), trained with it during Muay Thai and compound training. 

    The only time i take it off is when i shower and in that time i charge it up. I AM ABSOLUTELY FINE, NO SKIN RASH NOTHING!  

    Tip: Look after your skin, apply moisturiser and wash and scrub thoroughly. Take your vitamins and minerals to support your skin from the inside.

    • lilblackduk·

      Not everyone reacts to the same allergens. Taking care of ones skin has nothing to do with allergic reactions. It is arrogant and completely self-absorbed of you to suggest that just because YOU don't get an allergic reaction,when other people do it's because they're not clean and that they don't take care of themselves. 

  • Billy·

    Both my wife and I have the Fitbit Charge HR.  Both of us have skin irritations from the Fitbit.  I have even moved it to the other arm and the same thing happen to it.  I'm now trying to wear the fitbit 24 hours per arm to see if that will help.  For the price of this unit, I would have expected better.  

  • Need2getfitmom·

    I react to EVERYTHING (grommets in pants, fabric softener, perfume, scented laundry soap, bandage adhesive, and the list goes on) so I was scared I would react to my Fitbit HR. I clean it with Cetaphil Cleanser (listed as one of the two acceptable cleansers and is what I normally use for cleansing) and wear NO lotion on my wrist (Cetaphil lotion is also the only lotion I can use) where it is and have had zero problem. My interest is a bit piqued though because I have developed two little "freckles" right where the two LEDs shine. Since I wear it except when I am in the shower or washing dishes (that's also when I charge and clean it) I figured they were actually just skin that was not depressed. Then I realized the HR part is completely smooth. Don't know if it is coincidence or some way my skin is reacting.

  • lilblackduk·

    I received my Fitbit charge 2 days ago. Yesterday, after wearing it for about 24 hours, I developed a mass of quarter inch hives under the band. Thinking there was maybe some chemical residue from manufacturing that might be causing the reaction, I washed my arm and the band with soap, and I applied hydrocortisone to the area, wrapped my wrist in a scrap of an old cotton sheet, donned my Fitbit over the sheet and went to sleep. In the morning, the hives were gone - just some redness left. So after showering and wiping the band with alcohol to be safe, I put it back on and went to work. After a few hours I was vaguely aware of itching but, absorbed in what I was doing, ignored it. By 3, the itch was not ignorable. Sure enough, hives again. So I did a search to see what the band was made of and if anyone else had ever had this problem. I have no allergies that I know of so I'm pretty alarmed. Hives are one step away from anaphylaxis. Whatever is in the Fitbit band should be banned. I'm sending a letter to the FDA to investigate and I'm returning the product.

  • LeslieHugo·

    I developed the rash last year from the nickel alloy charging port on the back of the Fitbit Force, so I returned it and got my money back.  I haven't tried another Fitbit product since then.  I've been wearing the Garmin Vivofit for about 6 months with no issues!

  • rolyo·

    Yes I have the same complaint! I have been wearing the Charge HR for 24 hours and my skin is breaking in to a rash. My boyfriend used it for a couple of hours before I started using it as I wasn't home and he wanted to try it out and he told me today he started developing a rash where he wore it, too. I can't believe this seems to be relatively common, I can't see this being a simple hygiene issue like fitbit insists... have they not learned from past mistakes?

  • Pathuish·

    My rash started after wearing the Charge a month. It looks just like the picture. I'm trying to move it around a bit on my wrist, but another rash begins in that area.  

  • jtc4262·

    When I saw the reference to adhesives it finally made sense!  I am allergic to certain adhesives in bandaids and surgical tape - not the material, just the adhesive.  So it makes sense that if fitbit uses same adhesive I would get this same itchy, red rash.  What a shame!

    Thanks for the info!

  • Stella·

    I have had the Fitbit Charge for 6 days.  I started wearing it on my left hand and after the second day I developed a rash on my wrist.  I thought it was poison ivy so I switched it to my right hand.  Today is the 6th day and my rash hasn't cleared up and now I have a deep ache in my right hand that shoots up my ring finger.  Wondering if wearing this is going to cause long-lasting health problems.  

  • Gary·

    I recently purchased the "new" FitBit Surge and after less than three weeks of 24/7 use have developed the dreaded red rash! At first, I assumed I was wearing it too tight (although if I backed it off one notch it didn't register my heart beat) until I went on line and found several articles dealing with this exact issue. Thank you very much for that information. I too will report my rash to FitBit although, it appears that will fall on deaf ears.

  • mels300zx·

    I started using the Fitbit Charge HR on April 18, 2015.  I regularly washed the band with the recommended mild soap, Cetaphil.  My skin was fine for about 10 days, then the rash and irritation started only where my skin contacts the band.  Add me to the list of FitBit users that have skin irritation due to the band. 

  • GrahamW·

    I have switched from a Jawbone UP24 to a Charge HR.  Now I have the skin rash which was never the case with my old Sony or Jawbone.

  • Mindo·

    woe mine for 2 weeks, taking it off to bathe and charge, got a rash today, I. Have not been cleaning the band everyday though, so not sure. Never had an issue with the flex, but am now with the charge HR. 

  • kbartels29·

    i too have been getting a rash. Is there nickel in the clasp? That seems to be the area I am getting the rash in. 

  • Clang·

    I have had a ChargeHR for four months.  I followed all instructions: taking it off for showers, etc. I developed a square red rash a week ago, and took it off immediately.  Have not had it on my wrist since but my skin has not yet healed.  This product should be recalled.  

  • Niryana·

    I have a rash from wearing this for 3 weeks or so. I have followed the instructions - make sure to dry the area if it gets wet, the band is loose enough. Likely the material they use for their product is not meant for close contact to skin! I've worn a watch for a long period of time before - different material - didn't have a rash. Clearly they need to look into this. I'm considering returning my FitBit Charge which bums me out.

  • June·

    I am IN LOVE with my Fitbit Charge.  However, last week I, too, started getting the skin irritation on my wrist.  I decided that I would give that arm a break and switch to my other wrist, but after one night, my other wrist surprisingly had the same problem!  Before my Fitbit, I had a Garmin Vivofit.  That never gave me skin irritation.  As mentioned before, I love my Fitbit, and all of the settings it has. I do not want to turn mine back in, but I may have to.

  • tahitigirl·

    I discovered a rash today from my Fitbit Charge HR. I've been wearing it for about a month now and this is the first time I've had a problem. I decided to Google it and voila, there's your article. Kinda dumb that they suggest taking it off for a few days when I got it to track my steps and sleep. 

  • Tanaja·

    I've had my Fitbit Charge HR for a few months now and haven't experienced any issues until today. I have a perfect square of a red, skin peeling rash that's in the exact place as the serial number and model on my watch. It feels like a chemical burn. I've cleaned my watch band many times. I love my fitbit but it looks like I won't be able to wear it until it heals.

  • Light·

    I bought the Fitbit Charge HR in March and was very satisfied with the product. However,after eight or so weeks I developed a rash where the band had been worn. In no way was this hygiene related. Alas,I lost the device on a flight and after one week without the device the rash disappeared. A friend has experienced a similar problem. Had I not lost the Fitbit I would have had to stop using it as the rash was becoming most uncomfortable. I shall not replace the Fitbit but wait until a model appears with a different band. I should stress that the band did not get wet nor was there soap on the band. It was always removed when washing and my wrist was thoroughly dried. 

  • Wren·

    I've owned my Fitbit Charge HR for 8 weeks.  I keep it clean, make sure my wrist is dry and don't wear it too tight.  For seven weeks it has caused no problem, but suddenly I've started a rash - red and itchy and now peeling.  I've had to remove it to let the area heal.  The rash is along the soft inside part of my wrist mainly, but also on the outer side as well.  I'm so disappointed as now I can't record how far I walk or how well I sleep.  

    Fitbit should recall these watches and replace them with a non-irritant material.  What use are they when they can't be worn?  How do I get my money back?

  • mkay·

    Fitbit lovers!!! I found a solution to the Charge HR rash issue!! My acupuncturist said my rash definitely looked like a medal allergy, treated me and it is going away! Even better I had this brilliant idea to go to my jeweler ask if I could somehow get that nickel metal clasp off and replace it with anything else, didn't care what it looks like. He found a part in the back that was almost identical but made of stainless steel, didn't even charge me and I've been wearing it again for days with no irritation!!!! Once I had the rash, I couldn't even have it on for a few minutes without it causing irritation so I think we're all good and the best part is I still have my amazing charge HR!

  • brhudson·

    My Charge HR left me with skin irritation.  I followed the "wear" suggestion, but it was to no avail.  I have emailed, called, and tweeted Fitbit.  Their response has been very disappointing.

  • MeowMix96·

    I too have experienced skin irritation from my Fitbit Charge HR. Let me start by saying that I am not one of those people with sensitive skin issues and have never had any irritation from any kind of makeup, lotion, cleanser, fake jewelry, etc. Also I own a Jawbone UP24 and wore it for over a year and never had a skin problem. Let me also say that I love the Fitbit Charge HR and love doing challenges with my friends. I'm very sad that I have had to discontinue use after trying to correct the issue by being sure to cleanse the band and my wrist with the proper cleanser, by drying my wrist and band after washing my hands, by giving my wrist at least an hour without the band every day AND when I did have a rash I used topical cream and didn't wear the band until the rash was completely gone for 3 days. And now after wearing it for only 12 hours the rash is back and in the same spot. I sent a message to Fitbit and hope that they will do something to at least try to correct the issue. I'm staying hopeful for now. 

  • Stellathecat·

    I had a Fitbit one for 2 years and wore it inside my right front jeans pocket. No problems at all.  Then I lost it and replaced it with a Fitbit zip.  After about 4 weeks of daily wearing I have VERY sore skin all around the right front and back of my abdomen.  It feels exactly like a burn.  I can barely tolerate clothes touching the skin, But there is no rash or redness!  The soreness radiates out from the exact spot I wear the Zip.  The Zip does not touch my skin, but it is obviously affecting it somehow.  Is it the wifi? Battery/electrical charge?   I will not wear a Fitbit again.  If it affects my skin so dramatically, what is it doing to my internal organs? 

  • feebeejay·

    I too have a fitbit Charge HR, and have developed a rash on the underside of the band (at the inside and outside of my wrist) - not related to where the metal clasp sits, only the rubber band. The rash is in two places, looks a bit like a burn, and leaves flaky skin residue on the underside of the band.  I take it off when I shower, clean and dry every day, and wear to track sleep.  I also used to have a fitbit flex and I think this used to do a similar thing, but lost it and forgot about it, until I bought the Charge HR and remembered once I started developing a rash again.  As someone else mentioned, this device is meant to be worn to provide an all day kind of measure, as well as track sleep, so just when are you meant to take it off for rashes to clear up??? I paid for a device that I thought was quality - and kind of expensive.  I used to wear a polar HR device, and never had this issue with that, and wore it for years until it died. not particularly happy and don't know what to do with this device now. I purchased in February or March this year and developed a rash only a few weeks in. I've been persevering, and now experimenting with releasing the band so its looser - but that kind of defeats the purpose of having it record accurately, right??? not happy :(

  • Genny206·

    It's a problem for me.  I had a rash, the rash went away and things seemed to be good for a bit, but It's returned.  I wish I knew what to do....I really like my Fitbit Charge HR, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to try to return it.

  • angeleyez·

    I recently got the fitbit charge hr through my sprint store.. I hadnt had it 2 wks and broke out in a rash. I wore it lose, kept it clean and would take it off from time to time.. but I still had the rash from it.. I contacted sprint and they would do nothing since past my 14 day policy with them. So I was informed to contact the manufacturing company.. if nothing is done then ive lost the money I have put into this product.

  • meredit·

    I'm so grateful to find this discussion group. Like many who posted I wore the Flex for several months with no problems. The first sign of trouble was a rash similar to one of the photos. Thought it was a recurrence of eczema from years back. It's getting worse and spreading toward my thumb now. Thumb pain preceded that and I thought I had a sprain. After reading the posts I suspect they're related so will try alternating wrists each day and see what happens. 

  • drymkeprsgrl·

    I am currently having a Skin reaction with my charge hr. I don't wear it in the shower, I wash and dry it after a workout and I am still having reactions.  I looked at some of the pictures online and mine look just like theirs,  I'm just black.  I have contacted the company so we will see what happens. 

  • aikinurse·

    Had the FitBit Charge HR for about 2 months and developed a pretty nasty rash.  Bummed. Loved it but can't wear it anymore.  I sweat with it a lot but always cleaned it off and showered after working out.  

  • Ash·

    I Have a fitbit flex and didn't get the rash until I changed my wrist band. I usually wore a blue one, changed to an orange one & a Slate coloured one, these caused me problems back wearing a blue one all OK for the moment.

  • rmsimmons31·

    I purchased my Fitbit chargehr last month, April 2015, and loved the experience until I gotta rash on my left arm after about two weeks of wear. I thought it was strange because I hadn't done any heavy working out and I kept it clean and dry after working out or washing my hands/dishes. I switched wrists to let my left wrist heal and about a week into wearing it on my right wrist I noticed a similar rash developing but took the band off right away and began to apply hydrocortisone cream. I was in the middle of a challenge so because the rash on my left wrist was no longer raised, and only had the scar from the rash, I put it back on and after a couple of days it was itching again and I started to feel tingling sensations in my fingers and my whole hand felt weird, so I took it off and tats when I googled Fitbit charger rash and realized I was not alone. I called the company and they asked me to not wear the device and mailed me a fedex label to return it and said they will send me a refund check. I've been asking several of my friends and family who have the flex if they've had any issues and they have not. So I may consider getting agley brcause I really enjoyed the tracking of my fitness goals and encouraging others while being encouraged to get my workouts in by being in the challenges. It would be nice to get a coupon or some incentive for my inconvenience if I decide to purchase another product from Fitbit.

  • VixcB·

    I bought the fitBit charge HR and it appears after three weeks of use i have a burn where the heart rate sensor was in contact with my skin. I took the charge off every day when i showered and periodically through out the day to give my arm air and clean the device. i am very hesitant to put it back on because i still have a mark after not wearing it for almost a month. 

  • fitbitwearer·

    I can wear the Fibit Flex for about 30 seconds and get red marks on my wrists. I was told it was a hygiene issue but I explained I can't wear it for even a minute without a reaction. The company is supposed to return my call today. We'll see.

    • Me2·

      I also got a rush with in 5mins , both wrists.

  • fbhoffman·

    I have had the FitBit Surge for 3 months and I have had irritation at the sides of my wrist which has left a burn type mark on the side of my wrist. I have the feeling that the scar maybe permanent. I am thinking of contacting FitBit about this. I have not worn the device for a few days but the way to solve the problem is to wear leather or bandage type material under the rubber part of the wristband. Fitness tracker companies only have to offer wristbands with an option of different materials and the problem is solved for the majority of uses.

  • steph81·

    I had no issues dutduring my first 3 weeks, however on week 4 i now have what onky can be described as burn marks on 50% of my wrist. I haven't worn it for 2 days and if anything they are getting worse 

  • cwhittaker53·

    I have been a Fitbit HR wearer since March 2015.  It is now May 24th and I have not worn my tracker for about two weeks due to a pretty nasty rash!  This was surprising because I have worn the Body Media for 3-4 years then moved to Garmin Vivosmart and recently moved to Fitbit HR.  might have to go back to Vivosmart!

  • Anish·

    I got the FitBit Charge HR last week and from day one I have a irritation in my skin where I wear the FitBit. I expected a better product for the price paid for it.

  • danagrubbs·

    Been using the HR for several months, have to take it off and switch wrists frequently. I love the features and the feedback it gives me, but I now have permanent red spots on both of my wrists. The redness will slowly subside and after about a week will diminish completely leaving what looks like a dry patch or healed burn. Even after they appear to be healed they quickly return after wearing the tracker, even for a short time. Thinking of trying to line the inside of the armband with moleskin. Rather disappointed in FitBit's response to such a wide spread problem.

  • jillbutton·

    I am so disappointed in this product.  I love the fitbit HR, however, the band fried my skin.  My skin actually fried itself to the band.  It had nothing to do with hygiene.  I tried wearing it on my other wrist and the same thing happened.  You would thing after the issue with the Force they would have fixed this problem.  

  • Lwhitaker·

    Suffering currently from a rash under the wristband. My suspicion is that it's fungal. I put anti fungal cream on it a few weeks ago, and it started to go away. But iididn't continue using the cream, and it's back worse than ever. 

  • justducky·

    I have been wearing the Fitbit Flex since they first came out, always with the original or a replacement black band, and had not trouble with skin irrtatation [and I wore it 24/7 when not charging, including in the shower and hot tub].  Replacement black bands were back ordered on their site, so I ordered the trio of colored bands.  I am now trying to wear the orange one and it keeps giving me a rash.  The dark blue one didn't, but here's something interesting: when I switched to the dark blue, it had a different clasp that I did not like, so I used the one from the black band.  When I switched to the orange band, I used the newer style of clasp that came with it.  So there are a couple of variables here that could be influencing my experience, 1) the color if the band and, 2) the different material in the later clasp.

  • MSHMiami·

    I've been wearing a Fitbit Charge HR for five weeks and am experiencing itching on my wrist. There's no redness or obvious irritation, but my skin itches so much I have to regularly use a cortisone cream. I find Fitbit's advice to not wear it so much ridiculous -- the tracker is designed to be worn continuously. Rather than give absurd device like, they should be looking for a remedy to this issue and make it available to those of us who are having a problem.

  • dashingirish·

    I got a Charge for Christmas. I never shower or bathe in it. I don't wear it every night. I wear it loose. I wipe it down. No problems with the product until the weather got warm. This morning I have a red, raised rash on the underside of my wrist. Nothing on the top of my wrist where the face of the Charge is. The rash is the width of the Charge strap. I am guessing that sweat + plasticky, rubbery, vinylish strap = rash, which is hardly surprising. What's surprising is that a plasticky, rubbery, vinylish strap is used on a product that is supposed to be worn 24/7. Even worn loosely, once the wrist gets sweaty the strap sticks to the skin. I think it is a poor design - especially as FitBit had complaints about the strap causing rashes on earlier products.

  • texasbonfire·

    I just ordered the FitBit CHR and expect it to arrive today and I am concerned with the rash talked about.  Here's something people may consider that I discovered while wearing other types of fitness bands on my wrist. Some soaps have additives in them (D**e, Car**s, big box generic liquid soaps) that can encourage rashes when wearing synthetic devices anywhere. Just by chance, while I was at a "Food" store that is known for organic stuff, I decided to try all-natural goats milk soap just because I thought it would be a cool, organic thing to do. Irritation caused by sweating and/or basic contact with synthetic fitness items stopped. While this may not be a solution for everyone, it may be worth checking out. And as a side note, my 83 y.o. father is diabetic and was having skin issues. My mom  was purchasing Car**s and he was using in the shower it to moisturize his skin. Being the cool, organic daughter and at a loss for things to gift them, I made a basket of organic health/beauty care items. When he switched to goats milk soap, within a week his skin saw 90% improvement. After a couple of months, my mom noticed no more UTI symptoms since she stopped bathing with the other soap and was only using goats milk soap. Again, it is only a thought and I know some people are simply going to be sensitive to synthetic and/or nickel items. Good luck!!

  • andman·

    Three weeks in and the rash has appeared..... Three days off and it's healing slowly but still very visible....never had any skin problems before..... anywhere... !!

    I will also be complaining to fitbit

  • healthymomamy·

    I recently got the Surge.  I was loving it until it started to leave blisters on my wrist.  First just one or two, but now it's all around my wrist.  I take it off regularly, i wipe it off with sanitary wipe to sanitize it everytime i remove it.  I also don't wear it tight.  

  • easternskywatch·

    I had a recalled Fitbit and I personally had no problem with it but returned it when recalled. I recently bought the charge and have developed an itching rash when I use it. I wear it loose and had no problem for the first few months but now it has become rather chronic even when taking it off at night

  • lordsfords·

    I have the Charge HR. I've only had it for two weeks and have a terrible, itchy rash. I take it off each night to give my wrist a break. The thing is, I'd like to be able to track my sleep like it's designed to do. I'm not sure what to do. I may have to return it for a refund. Of course you're going to sweat underneath it. It's a band made to track your activity for goodness sake. haha. Very disappointing.

  • lsadasivan·

    I got my Fitbit Flex as a gift from my company for completing 5 years of employment in April 2015.  I have been wearing it every day, I remove it when I take bath, never wetted the band. Did wear at night for tracking sleep, but after almost 1 month of wearing, I started getting the itches and rashes. Stopped wearing at night.  I never used it for any excercise regimes, simple walking is my daily exercise. No chance of any sweat!!!.  I have taken the pictures of the rashes for my records..

    I wear gold bangles and wrist watches regularly, have had no issues of rashes on my wrist!  I do not think these rashes are related to wearing jewelry type- rash.  I think something about the rubber strap of the Fitbit Flex product that triggered the rash on my writst!

  • caz·

    I have had my fit bit flex for about 3 months now and in the last week it is begun to cause irritation. the skin where it had been is really inflamed and it is actually becoming more difficult to keep wearing it.  i wasn't aware of the problem until i began to look for strap issues. i was looking for a more comfortable strap to avoid the rubbing..... thinking it was me... but this thread make it look like its not just me!!!!!

    • Sable·

      I bought my first fitbit flex in August 2014 and had it replaced due to technical issues in March 2015. The replacement caused a bad two-inch red skin irritation on my left forearm. Obviously, the company has opted to use lower-end materials for higher profits. Very disappointed! It's time for me to try the competition's fitness band.

  • bevaaron·

    I brought FitBit Charge too and experience bad burn problem on my arm.  Loved the device but it left bad mark area on my arm.  Had to return it.

  • Eve08B·

    I purchased my FitBit Charge HR in March and had no issues until recently.  Two days ago a rash appeared in the area where the "plastic loop" that holds the extra band in place is.  Never worn it in the shower, have mostly walked and rarely worked out to the point of perspiration.  I've switched to my right arm in hopes that it will heal.

  • dam7805·

    i have always been a fitbit fan but I too now have the itchy burning rash right where the metal part of the band hits my wrist.  I had to return one last year and now the charge hr is doing the same thing,  Had a jawbone and didnt have a problem.  I have to say that I am extremely disappointed since I thought the problem had been fixed.  

  • emmygate43·

    I had the Charge HR for 4 days and got a really bad skin rash.  The rash was round, and peeling.  I took it off and cleaned my wrist with hot soapy water, applied Cortisone cream to the affected area, and cleaned my FitBit as specified in the cleaning instructions that came with my Charge HR.  I did not put the device back on for 2 days, and continued to apply Cortisone cream three times daily.  Once the rash seemed to disappear, I started wearing my Charge HR again.  After ONE day, I got hives all over the underside and a few on the upper side of my left wrist.  This cannot be a hygiene issue since I clean my wrist AND my device properly every day.  I am only allergic to nickel when it comes to jewelry or other watches, but this device gave me a rash in places that nickel is not present on the device.  I am very upset, because I love everything the HR has to offer.  I had the FitBit Flex and never had any issues.  I think I will go back to wearing my Flex and ask the company for a refund or a device that has been fixed.    

  • emmygate43·

    I had the Charge HR for 4 days and got a really bad skin rash. The rash was round, and peeling. I took it off and cleaned my wrist with hot soapy water, applied Cortisone cream to the affected area, and cleaned my FitBit as specified in the cleaning instructions that came with my Charge HR. I did not put the device back on for 2 days, and continued to apply Cortisone cream three times daily. Once the rash seemed to disappear, I started wearing my Charge HR again. After ONE day, I got hives all over the underside and a few on the upper side of my left wrist. This cannot be a hygiene issue since I clean my wrist AND my device properly every day. I am only allergic to nickel when it comes to jewelry or other watches, but this device gave me a rash in places that nickel is not present on the device. I am very upset, because I love everything the HR has to offer. I had the FitBit Flex and never had any issues. I think I will go back to wearing my Flex and ask the company for a refund or a device that has been fixed.

    • Ouch1·

      similar story really. I love the tech, but after 4 days have a red rash and peeling where the buckle ties. I've swapped arms and after one day a similar issue. I clean both my wrists and the Fitbit several times a day. No watch or bangle has ever had this affect. However I have had flare ups with cheaper metal earring in the past, indicating that I have acidic/ sensitive skin. I've applied for a refund....watch this space.

      Any comments welcome on a substitute - Apple watch maybe?

  • stephyod·

    I had a fitbit Force for more than a year and I did not have a single rash or problem with skin irritation... and I wore that thing maniacally. But I complied with the recall and sent it in, mostly so I could get the Charge (not HR). Well, I'm just a few months in to wearing my Charge and I have developed a nasty rash (and now open sore) on the inside of my wrist. I wish I could get my Force back :(

  • Zuru67·

    I too am seeing regular redness and soreness from using my fitbit charge HR. In general I find that this is worst in hot weather. I now switch arms regularly and also clean the fitbit wrist strap with alcohol gel to ensure that it is not harbouring any nasty bugs. Also keeping my skin clean and dry as much as is possible seems to help. It is after all a rubberised strap and this will always have some issues with some users. Maybe fitbit can release a natural compound type wrist strap such as leather which we can buy,

  • saraw·

    Another rash victim here! What is Fitbit doing about this? There should be a voluntary recall and refund for anyone who is having skin issues.

  • Txsgranny·

    After about 5 weeks of using the Fitbit Charge HR, it produced a severe rash on the wrist that was so sore it was more like a burn. The rash was in the area of strap near the clasp. Changing to the other arm started a rash there. Wearing it on the shoe seemed to be the only option. A week ago my husband applied a layer electrical to the inside of the strap and the rash hasn't returned.

  • Pen-And-Paper·

    After having my Fitbit Flex for about six months, I started having this issue. My dad had a horrible reaction, and mine was minor. I tried to just keep it clean from then on out, but it kept happening. Now, I refuse to use Fitbit at all, but I can't find any other tracker that fits my needs. 

  • Kellyb·

    I have a Fitbit charge HR and have the same issue

  • Alberg30·

    I got a red rash covering ~70% of the palm side of the wrist 2 days ago.  It's still there and very slowly fading.  Its the same shape as the Charge band I was wearing.  It looks like a 2nd degree burn, but doesn't feel that bad, just a slight itch.  I've had the Charge for ~ 5 months and this happened ~3 months ago to a lesser extent.  I was wearing a rubber watch wrist band on the other wrist continuously at the same time I was wearing the Charge.  There's no rash there.

  • Tedi·

    Have same problem as all above with skin rashes on my wrist after using my Fitbit surge for 1 months. I think they should recall it till someone gets skin cancer because of this device!!!

  • HelenO·

    Fitbit Charge HR user here.  And yes, scraped-up patch on my right wrist like the one pictured on the person's left wrist above.  I didn't get it immediately, which is interesting.  I just saw it the other day and was moved to look it up, wondering, is this the legendary Fitbit "rash"?  Apparently it is.  Sigh. :-(

    Also, whenever I have my Charge HR on my right wrist, I also have a Swatch watch with plastic/rubber band on my left -- and there's NO issue on that wrist at all, just the Fitbit wrist.  Fitbit, talk to Swatch and ask how they do it.

  • billyz·

    Sounds like there are several different types of rashes that people are experiencing. Some get sort of a burn at the charger terminals, some on the buckle. My Fitbit Charge HR gives me rashes only on the rubber, but especially on the section of rubber with the holes on it. I can still see the first rash it gave me, because that time, it went deep and has taken forever to heal completely. Now, I've got minor rashes 5 inches up the wrists on both arms. 

    I've experimented with sticking cloth tape onto the device, so the rubber doesn't make contact with the skin, and that works, sort of, but the tape's not made for that, and sweats off easily.

    My current solution is to use a wrist sweatband, and cut a hole on the top of the wrist where the heart-rate sensor is, then put the Fitbit on on top of that. If it works, and it should, great. One thing it's not, though, is a fashion statement. In fact, it looks kind of stupid. But I'll take it, because I like the thing so much. It does a great job of motivating me to walk a lot. Fitbit seems to have their act together in many ways, but not this one. How they could have made the same mistake again after the first recall is completely beyond me.

  • RobinJ·

    It's frustrating to get the rash with my Fitbit HR because I really like the tracker and how it encourages me to get my steps in.  Also wear it lose, keep it dry (and my skin dry) and clean.  It's definitely the material the tracker is made from that causes the rash.  Would love a recall from Fitbit so we could at least get another fitbit device that doesn't cause me to breakout.

  • Starplayer63·

    Got my Fitbit Charge in April and I wore it on my right wrist as I'm right handed, I take it off to shower and wear it loose, after a few w

  • glancy·

    Thought id commented before, bought about a month ago, first 2 weeks, caused rash due to day to day sweaty skin building up around the base of my wrist (similar to how foot fungus appears) - was going to send it back but found a lady who makes custom spandex strap covers for all/most fitbit devices in washington (USA) and im awaiting my order before i try it out as i feel the fit bit is a valueable piece of monitoring equipment - should be here in a week or so - since ive not used it my wrist is healing up.. so we will see.... - Ric (Manchester, UK)

  • Mack·

    Have worn the Charge HR for months now, taking off only for showers.  Love it, no sign of any skin irritation of any kind.  I find it to be very comfortable too, better than most watches.  Most importantly, it has helped me fuel and sustain the motivation that has led to a 40 lb weight loss.

  • PRR8·

    To the author of this article, I would be interested in knowing what people are doing about the rash? Maybe you could do a followup article? 

    Do they request a refund from Fitbit? Do they report it to the Consumer Product Protection Agency (CPSC)? Do they go to a Doctor? Do they continue to wear the device? Change arms? I would be interested in knowing how posters are handling this.

    • punkymonkey·

      I went to Doctor 3x, cortisone.........it went away. I ret. Fitbit HR to Fitbit in S.F., they gave me my money back. I am done with that particular device.

  • RickSmock·

    I am also experiencing the burn-like red areas on my wrist from my Charge HR. I wash it every day when I take it off for showering. I disagree with the hygiene statement. I did not experience the same issue with a Garmin wrist device that I wore for over a year. These burns have appeared in just weeks after wearing this Fitbit Charge HR. And they are in the same location and same in appearance as several pics from other users. 

  • lizterr·

    Wore fitbit for a couple of hours rash itching started straight away, change wrists same again. kept dry never worn in shower, wear it loose, got infection and swelling. Stopped wearing it for a week started again within an hour itching already. Wear a rubber band watch on wrist for 2 years never bothered me. Very disappointed. couldnt believe reading all these reports wish i had read them first, although my skin is not sensitive so would of still bought one.

  • mcbklb·

    I have had my Fitbit Charge HR and am experiencing bumps, red and very, very itchy. I took it off and put it back on after a couple of days and the rash is still there, very itchy. I paid a lot for this and I wish they made it so you could change out the band. I guess I will have to return it and get my money back. Oh well. Nice try... 

  • Terri·

    I have had my fitbit charge for awhile - thought it was the clasp closing the band making my wrist break out- I was wondering if there is a band cover or something - still want to use my fitbit - thanks

  • connie9797·

    My husband and I both began wearing our Fitbit's in May and for the first couple of weeks, everything was fine. Then I got a rash, similar to the picture so I began wearing it on my other arm and taking it off at night - no luck - after a few days, a rash appeared on my right arm. Since my left arm had not yet healed, I quit wearing the Fitbit for a couple of weeks. 

    I've  put a piece of cloth under the Fitbit and that worked for two days; then the itching and rash re-appeared.

    My husband was able to wear his Fitbit for over a month before he began experiencing the itching and rash.

    Sadly, we've both quit wearing the Fitbit's.

    Good-bye $s!

  • stacybreaker·

    I have had my Fitbit charge HR for a few months now. I keep it clean so it's not a hygiene issue. I have developed a  peeling red itchy rash. Makes me sad.

  • plessans·

    I have had my Fitbit charge HR for 1 month and 9 days.  I have only taken it off to shower.  I have developed a skin irritation, but it doesn't it like some of the other users.  I can clearly see flakes of skin on the band where it contacts the affected area.

  • Calin14·

    Wore my fitbit flex for a day and got a rash already.  I don't have the receipt, can I return it??

  • Trisha4au1·

    Yes, after several weeks I noticed a rash on both sides of my wrist from my Fitbit Charge.  I love the Charge but hate this rash!  I stopped wearing it at night and used some of my daughter's steroid eczema crème to try and clear it up...it's almost gone.  However, I had switched my Fitbit to my other arm and am now getting a rash on that arm!  Very disappointing to google this and find out that this is an ongoing problem.  Wish I had known that before purchasing!

  • Blondyeoman·

    I had my Charge HR for about three weeks before I started to get a rash on my wrist, near the tab that is used to keep the extra band held down.  I switched wrists... And then read on Pinterest where someone covered their Fitbit charge with fabric washi tape.  I found some cute poka dot washi fabric tape on Amazon.  It FEELS better!  The rubber band doesn't stick to my arm anymore since the washi tape is covering it.  I hope I don't develop a rash still, since I couldn't figure out how to cover the tab part.  The bigger issue I have is the screen.  It scratches WAY too easily.  Luckily I contacted Fitbit & they sent me a brand new one, and didn't ask for the old one back.  So now I have 2.  I wear my scratched one most of the time so I don't bang up my new one.  The screen protectors on Amazon only stay on for two days before they fall off.  Serious design flaws... Rashes & scratches...

  • tmurray1321·

    worked outside with it on my wrist and fell asleep for the night.  woke up and took a shower but didn't clean off the surge.  By lunch time I had a red irritation on the pinky side of my wrist.

    its a hygiene issue for sure but because the band doesn't breathe it accelerates the problem.

  • BrookeAlbrecht·

    I own a Fitbit Charge. I love love love it, but after about 6 months of wearing it (and washing/drying/giving my wrist a rest), I started getting the skin irritations. I don't wear it anymore because of the rash it gives me, and I'm devastated. I love my Fitbit, but not enough to get gross skin irritations on my wrists. 

  • WarholsMarilyn·

    i have the Charge HR and I have been getting a rash from it. I take it off for at least an hour everyday when I shower and to give my arm a rest. I wipe down the band at this point daily and I am still getting a rash. I need to switch wrists every so often to let the rashes heal.

  • Lexi·

    I had a severe eczema reaction after 24 hours of wear. I don't think it is a hygiene issue as I can wear a watch (metal face) with a leather strap for 24 hours with no reaction. I got the reaction whilst taking antihistamines three times daily for hay fever, so despite liking the product, I will never purchase one. Fortunately, I discovered the reaction whilst borrowing my husbands band so no loss of money. Great product, but for me it is unwearable.

  • Ajay·


    I also got itchy skin rashes on my left wrist after I put on fitbit charge hr fr 2 days and nights. Today I had to switch it to right hand while waiting for left hand to recover

    Wasn't aware it was happening to many other people

  • Drea·

    I received a FITBIT HR for my anniversary and after a week I noticed a red rash on my arm underneath where I had been wearing the watch. I thought maybe the watch was too small so I exchanged it for a large only to have the same thing happened on the opposite arm. I am so disappointed especially since I have really enjoyed wearing the FITBIT HR and challenges I received from my friends. I am very sad that this has caused a rash and I am not able to wear the FITBIT Hr. I wish something could be done to fix the problem.

  • AaaJoey·

    Yes, my Fitbit charge has given me a rash now after approximately 2 months of wearing it.  I lost a layer of skin! Obviously by this thread it is not a rare occurence.

  • monkeyfish·

    This problem isn't just about the wrist bands. I have a FitBit Zip that I prefer to wear clipped inside my bra since on my waist band 1. looks stupid and 2.  is easily knocked off.  The device caused irritation that looked like a chemical burn and stayed red for weeks after I stopped wearing it.  I then tried simply putting the Zip in my pocket, and it caused the same rash through the pocket of whatever pants I wore, including jeans, at the top of my thigh.  

    I'm seriously frustrated. I love being able to track my movement, but I don't understand what is so toxic in these things that they cause such severe issues.

  • redred·

    I purchased a Fitbit Flex this spring. Didn't have problem with the original band. Purchased the Fitbit replacement bands and that's when the problems began. About 2 weeks ago, I developed a itchy, burn like rash on my wrist (all the way around) and am assuming it is from the band. I haven't worn it much. Guess I'll put the original band back on and see what happens. Not happy about this matter.

  • vman·

    I was reading this and I thought about my Charge HR, I did not think there was a problem that I was aware. So I started to look closely under the band. My skin was red in an area and it was all flaky looking then I rubbed the red area and skin started flaking off. I thought man, this looks bad. I figured I should try to clean the area and the watch. When I took the watch off there was white paste in the inside of the band. I was like what in the world is going on here, is this my skin cells? I then remembered that I brush my teeth with my right hand and the tooth paste some times runs down the tooth brush and down my right arm. Any way I was relieved so I decided to clean the watch and the red area on my skin, OMG this set off a chemical reaction and my wrist was dissolved in front of my eyes. My hand fell on the floor I screamed in horror! But not all is lost as my hand makes a great paper weight and converstation starter. 

  • lindafly·

    I just started wearing a fitbit charge HR and after about 18 hours had a burn on my arm under the fitbit sensors.  I've had no adverse reaction to the band, but am worried about what the sensor is doing...

  • Janene·

    I went without my fitbit yesterday, and noticed a burn like rash where it normally sits on my wrist (under the little green flashing sensor lights).  It worries me a bit.  Could this be a burn from the sensor?

  • Sammiij·

    I've had my Fitbit charge HR since Feb 2015. I work out 5 days a week and I sweat a fair bit and I only started to get a red spot on wrist under where the band sits about 3 months ago. Over the past few months it has gone away and come back. At first it looked like sunburn and it peeled but now it looks like I have burnt my wrist. 

    Over the past few weeks it has spread right around my wrist. I make sure I have a break daily from wearing it, I alternate wrists and clean it every day. I make sure to have a break after showers and wear it loose. 

    So I'm doing all the right things that Fitbit is telling everyone yet it's still happening to people. Hmmm interesting. Think they need to do some more investigating. 

  • NeutralMind·

    I purchased the fitbit last Monday (today is Sunday) and wore it for two days before I started getting very bad reaction on my arm. I switched the fitbit to my left arm and now I have the same reaction on my left arm. Since I only wore it for such a short period of time, it can't possibly be from poor hygiene. I am a very clean person and cleaned my fitbit daily when I wore it for the five days I did! I posted a photo of my arm on twitter and all I got from fitbit support was for me not to wear it! Crazy. 

  • calvin·

    The fitbit charge has caused rash and some blistering on my wrist. I love the tracking community but having to not wear it for periods of times pretty much defeats the purpose. I have already returned the force previously and disappointed in the companies lack of honesty regarding the product.

  • Jarrod·

    I recieved a Fitbit Charge HR as a gift 2 months ago. I've worn it in Australia and Thailand without problem but upon arriving in France the band has caused this burn like irritation. I wear it day and night and in the shower but ensure I dry under it thoughly. I am disappointed as the rash is taking several days to heal.

  • odonna·

    I have been wearing the fitbit flex since last Christmas when received as a gift.  I noticed some itchy feeling and little bumps maybe a couple of months after wearing.  At first I thought it was from my watch, so I stopped wearing that, but when it didn't go away I figured it was from the fitbit.  It was annoying  at first but recently it has gotten worse and it looks like I may be scarred on one wrist.  I switched wrists and it only took one day for a horrible rash to breakout on the other wrist (wish I could upload pictures).  I always wear the fitbit loosely, don't wear it to exercise (sweaty exercise like hot yoga), never wear to shower or swim and still got this burning hot rash on my wrist that looks like it may scar.  I will have to switch to a tracker that provides a different wrist band material.  

  • Fitbitter·

    I have developed a rash from the fitbit. I have put Neosporine on it for a few days. The rash remains. I bought cheesecloth to put between my skin and the fitbit. I hope this works.

  • LisaPA·

    I am a Physician Assistant of 9 years.  I have dealt with many dermatologic issues of my patients over the years.  My husband bought me a fitbit charge HR for my birthday a month ago.  A colleague of mine had gotten one the month before.  When I got mine she complained of a bad rash/burn on the inside of her wrist and had to stop wearing hers.  A month later and now I am having the same skin irritation on the inside of my wrist (the palmar aspect or surface).  It seems to be directly where the keeper (aka looper) touches the skin.  I am also experiencing a rash on the outside of the wrist where the charge pins are located.  I find it incredible that the company that makes a product that is meant to monitor my heart rate, sleep and sweat producing exercise 24/7 wants me keep it clean, dry, and to take it off to "give my wrist a break"  I see I'm not the only person dealing with this issue.  I definitely want my money back!  Let me know when the class action lawsuits begin...I hope the scaring goes away

  • LisaPA·

    I am a Physician Assistant of 9 years. I have dealt with many dermatologic issues of my patients over the years. My husband bought me a fitbit charge HR for my birthday a month ago. A colleague of mine had gotten one the month before. When I got mine she complained of a bad rash/burn on the inside of her wrist and had to stop wearing hers. A month later and now I am having the same skin irritation on the inside of my wrist (the palmar aspect or surface). It seems to be directly where the keeper (aka looper) touches the skin. I am also experiencing a rash on the outside of the wrist where the charge pins are located. I find it incredible that the company that makes a product that is meant to monitor my heart rate, sleep and sweat producing exercise 24/7 wants me keep it clean, dry, and to take it off to "give my wrist a break" I see I'm not the only person dealing with this issue. I definitely want my money back! Let me know when the class action lawsuits begin...I hope the scaring goes away

  • Silrosriv·

    I have been having the same reaction as in the picture. I wear my charge hr loose, clean it, don't shower with it, and sometimes wear it on my ankle. This has not helped avoiding the rash on my wrist. However, I can actually attribute it to my metal allergy. They should've made the claps from surgical steel.

  • Svenjen3·

    I also have the fitbit charge hr.  I developed a rash within the first month of wearing it.  I then tried wearing it on the other wrist and yep, another rash!  It's not a hygiene issue-I keep both my wrists and fitbit clean and dry, wear it loosely and take it off for showers and for charging.  I really enjoy the features of this device and would like to keep using it but I definitely don't enjoy the uncomfortable burn-like rash it gives me.  I am also not inclined to recommend it to anyone due to this issue.  Hopefully they can come up with a better band and offer replacements.  Seems to be a large amount of people who have also had this issue.

  • Ghost959·

    Hi, Had to stop using the fitbit HR becuase i develop a burn mark right under the green led's.

  • nicolet·

    2 days ago i got mine FitBit Charge HR. This morning i woke up with pain on my wrist, it seems red and has small blisters with "water"? in it. I'm thinking now about to send it back...i don't know what to do, i like the functionality of the charge hr, but if it stays then i will send it back for sure...

  • Junebugnrn·

    After 2.5 months of no issues, this morning I woke up and felt pain beneath my HR. Sure enough it was a burn and is still there and painful after ten hours (I've switched wrists until it heals). I feel at fault because not only was the heart rate monitor set on the side of my wrist, it was also a notch too tight. Plus it is the warmest time of the year and it is possible I was sweaty while sleeping. I may stop wearing the HR at night for precaution. I still love my Fitbit. :)

  • maternalunit·

    I recently purchased the Fitbit Charge, after wearing the device about 3 days I began to develop a rash. I'm no scientist but I believe the rash is from the rubber used to make the band. I get the same type of rash when I try to wear those wrist bands with slogans that are made of rubber.

    I never had that problem with my nike fuel band, which I had for three years before the display stopped working.

    I'm trying to decide if I should just exchange the fitbit for something else.

  • yherrera28·

    I bought the LG watch last year and wore it just as much as I wear my fitbit now, and never had a rash or burn.  Now with the Fitbit Charge I have an ugly red burn on my wrist.  I always keep it clean, always dry and take it off once in a while, yet I still have this ugly red burn mark.  I don't wear my watch 24/7 but either way, what's the point of having a watch track all of our activities, exercise and sleep if we can't wear it all the time??? 

  • Dawn1·

    I have a fit bit surge.  I was fine for the first month, then I have little burn like marks on my wrist.  It's almost like the little green lazer lights that detect your heartrate are burning my wrists.  I can't wear it .  It hurts.

  • hemgie·

    Well, I'm on my 3rd week using the Fitbit SURGE which is the most expensive. I start to notice blisters at the location where the watch sits. Hopefully it goes away as I love my Fitbit. I did some reading today online and want to make sure the Fitbit is kept clean underneath as it's been 3 weeks now and only today cleaned some dirt it got stuck under the device which could be the cause for the blisters. Interestingly I haven't read anything negative about the SURGE. So hopefully Fitbit is teaching me to be more hygienic also. :-)

  • MamaJan·

    Similar to other FITBIT fans, loved the FITBIT Flex, never a problem, no skin irritation. Helped reinforce and track positive lifestyle changes I need to make for optimal health.

    Got Charge HR in Spring 2015, love its functionality and more data it provides. However, immediately commented to my partner - this plastic feels different/less comfortable than Flex material - is it the broader band width? is it the profile design of where it rests on my wrist? 

    With FITBIT Flex, I rarely took it off, however with Charge HR, it's off everyday during showers, dishes, swimming, rain storm, etc. Looser spot, let it rest advice did not help.

    Similar to two other comments, my rash is always in one place - it does not spread. My square postage-stamp rash sits where the buckle closure hits my wrist - so the problem is either a) nickel metal skin reaction b) plastic reaction caused by rubbing from the harder plastic band strap holder piece, or c) both. 

    My skin solution:  Apply Desitin or other active high zinc-content skin/diaper cream (2-4x/day). Reduces inflammation, itchiness, and starts to heal up the peeling skin layers fast!

    Final concerns:  will it leave me a permanent scar? Are there other harmful reactions I'm NOT aware of?

  • Camille·

    I have been breaking out with a large red blister/rash on the inside of whichever wrist I wear it on. It is not where any metal part touches my wrist. I never broke out from the previous version. I don't wear it to sleep and take it off regularly to clean it. :( 

  • bmaynard1017·

    I just noticed today that I have a rash on the inside of my wrist. I just got this three weeks ago and I am going to clean it and wear it after the rash disappears and if it reappears, I think we all need to take it a step further. I'm not a talker, I am a doer...so Fitbit you will need to put up or shut up! 

  • rckoegel·

    The looper/loop/keeper is def the issue for me. It's a harder plastic and I'm currently looking to replace it with a silicone version; which can be bought online.

    I read once that the original issue, that caused the recall, was a metal can mponent in the band... Like nickel particles in the plastic. I assume that's the issue here, though it's probably not nickel; I've never had a problem with nickel.

    Also, moisture is probably what encourages the irritation. I'm in a hot and humid locale, and I sweat often, daily. But I clean often too and switch wrists every couple of days. I've had my HR for a few months, the rash only goes away completely after a week without contact, but a week is too long for wearing steadily on one wrist.

    It doesn't kill ya, but it irritates. Fitbit should probably swap out the loops for something that is known to not have issues!

  • matkatang50·

    Yes, I also have developed a nasty rash on my wrist.  I have the charge and was fine for at least a couple of months, then bang the rash came on.  It was and still is, a little painful and quite itchy.  I am using a cream called (SUDOCREM) which is mainly used for nappy rash and the like.  It is slowly and I mean slowly getting better I think.  It's not as itchy know, but there is like a burn scar, hoping that heals also.  I'd say it is definitely related to the metal on the band, as this is the only area I have the rash. 

  • johno·

    I have had the Charge HR for about a month, and I have had two nasty rashes. They look like a mix between poison ivy, a zit, and a blister. The last one popped and liquid came out. I have no idea if it is caused by the band or the sensor. 

  • Aleksa·

    I didn't do my research before getting Fitbit Charge HR few days ago (September 2015.). I have just noticed a very bad rash on the inside of the wrist, and web search got me here. Something is wrong with this device. I own and wear a couple of other watches, from a cheap $15 casio to Apple Watch, but I have never had any rash from wearing them, sometimes for weeks without taking them off. I wanted to like this device but I'll have to return it.

  • forgipper·

    It was going well. Had the Charge for about a month or so and today I noticed a burn/rash-type looking thing on my wrist. It looks pretty darn much like the one you have pictured. I have loved the device and have not had a problem...until today...when I noticed two red splotches. Now what?

  • shealer·

    I got my rash last week.  I NEVER got a rash with the Garmin Vivofit.  I have NEVER received a rash by wearing bracelets or a watch.  I've tried loosening the Fitbit (I believe it's a Charge HR model), but that didn't help.  The rash came back.  What is the company going to do about it, and where else do I need to complain?  Is taking the device off really a solution if it's meant to track sleep and steps throughout the day and night??

  • drinkglory·

    I wear a Gear s and have owned the other Samsung Gears no problem. I got the Fitbit Charge Hr to see my heart rate any time I wanted. Within a few days It started to make my wrist brake out. So I changed the location and cleaned it more often even changed with my Gear S hand. Also stopped wearing it at night as well. No luck I have to return it. I am disappointed because for the most part I liked it. I was disappointed by there software not letting me set my goals. I have medical problems that hinder my mobility so for me walking 3k to 5k is like a marathon but no way to change that.

  • Shanaki·

    have had my Fitbit Charge HR for less than 48 hours and now have what feels like a burn with a bruise on top! Very painful, and no, I wasn't wearing it too tight. Very disappointing as I was loving the technology but am unable to wear it due to the pain. Will be returning it asap!

  • DozyDeb·

    i love my fit bit hr. but had the rash it givea me. i blister and burn.  i clean it two/three times a day and it has made no difference. I don't wear it to bed and I change where I wear it all the time but that makes no difference too. Fit bit need to do something. I am considering changing to a Samsung as do not get a rash from it. I am disappointed in the product for this reason only. 

  • cmkphotogirl·

    I have been wearing the Fitbit Charge HR on and off since I purchased it in June.  Within a week of purchase, while I followed the tips to keep it dry and clean, I still get irritation, big bright red patches all around my wrist.  I switch it back and forth now to see if that would help, but now I have a rash on both wrists.  I love the product, but hate the rash.   

    Fitbit really needs to do something about this problem.

  • electrica77·

    I purchased the Charge HR a couple of months ago. I was absolutely delighted with it, so much so that I persuaded 3 friends to buy one too. In the last month, I've been itching under the band, so I loosened it, cleaned it and started wearing it less often, sometimes taking it off for whole days. It's never been worn in the shower, and in the last month I have done no exercise with it on, as I had fallen off the running wagon somewhat, and don't wear it for pole fitness as it would get caught on the pole. I noticed it was a bit red, but thought no more of it. Tonight the itching was unbearable, so I took it off, and I have two red welts on either side of my wrist, that look like chemical burns. One side has swollen like a huge hive or insect sting, into a lump that is clearly visible, they are sore, red, inflamed and hot, and I can clearly see that a layer of skin has been taken off.

    I am disappointed because I checked what the fitbit was made of before I bought it, as I do have sensitive skin and can break out in hives from contact irritation from rough fabrics or sometimes nickel (less so these days, and the buckle here has caused me no issues, the burns are on either side of the buckle), but nothing like this. The only time I've ever reacted to something this badly was a particular washing powder that brought me out in blisters, and a face cream I had an instant reaction to. I have become gradually allergic to things over time before, and I think that has happened here. Once I'm allergic, that's it, and I will react badly quickly.

    In my opinion, this is definitely an allergic reaction, not a hygiene issue. I've worn a watch every day for long periods of time before, and never experienced a reaction. I know my skin well enough to know when I'm having a reaction. In fact the other day I broke out in hives on that arm for what seemed like no reason, but I'm now wondering if the fitbit caused that.

    I will be writing to them with pictures and asking for a full refund. I'm unfortunately outside of the return period, but this isn't acceptable for such an expensive purchase.

  • jccampb·

    went to my dermatologist this week on another matter, she looked at my wrists and immediately said "they must be using nickel in the catch material, nickel is a very common allergen. "

  • Phoebe·

    I had a Fitbit flex for over a year with no issues, I changed to the charge hr and was getting blisters almost day 1. It was removed for showers and washing dishes daily, kept dry when worn, worn lose enough to move as per instructions but I still ended up with blisters all the way around my wrist.

  • Jenncohomes·

    I have had the Fitbit charge HR for less than a week, I wore it all day 2x and I noticed that I was feeling a slight burning sensation on my wrist.  I do have fair skin and tend to be sensitive.  I believe the green lights for HR monitoring is causing this.  I am not sure if I will keep it or not, I am thinking it cannot be a good thing to feel a burning sensation at all.  I am really only using for workouts but it is nice to wear all day for the full functionality.  

  • Gia·

    I've been wearing the Fitbit charge for 2 months,  but have been wearing it non stop for the past week other than showers to monitor my sleep pattern. My skin wear the bottom of the band is had a rash that looks like a skin burn.  It doesn't hurt,  but it's unsightly and very frustrating. 

  • Josie-alice·

    I just googled to see if I was the only person experiencing a skin rash! I have a Fitbit flex for 2 years wore it every day no problems at all I've had my charge for 3 weeks and my wrist is red raw! Medical advise has needed to be seemed.. 

  • Pilznar·

    Yep - I wore a friend's Charge for less than a week to see if this was something I wanted to buy.  Five days into use a rash developed - 2 inches long and the entire width of the band.  That was two weeks ago.  The rash persists, but I think it is healing.  I have a picture, but I am unable to include it in the comment section here. I'm glad I borrowed instead of bought.  This is now off my Christmas list. 

  • erh1960·

    got a Fitbit Charge HR and on day three had a bad rash on the outer half of my wrist. Not the buckle area. Not due to metal. Don't workout to the point of sweating. It's cold weather now. No sweat issue. Was snugg, but not super tight. Just returned for an XL to see if looser helps. Plus I'll try using opposite wrist while sleeping. If the rash continues I'll return it to Fitbit and try a Surge. The Surge seems to be a different material. Softer. 

  • Greyhoundgal·

    I've worn my Fitbit Charge HR for 3 months without any problems but over the last 2 weeks I have developed a very itchy patch on my wrist.  I have not worn my Fitbit for a week and the rash went.  I have put my Fitbit back on and the rash has come back straight away.

  • Lucia·

    Add me to the list of people who had a reaction from the Fitbit Charge HR. I've never had a skin reaction to anything in my life. Wore BodyMedia arm band for a year with no problems. I do not have sensitive skin. I followed all recommendations for the Fitbit but woke up to a wrist burn. I'm bummed. Love this device!

  • cbwflag·

    Yes...I had a FitBit Charge that didn't cause a problem.  The little button broke after about 10 months and FitBit replaced my Charge (yay for them!)  The new one has caused a sore spot on the inside of my left wrist on the thumb side.  I quite wearing it at least two weeks ago and have been using anti-fungal cream and antibiotic ointment on it and it isn't clearing up.  I'd like to go back to wearing it but won't until I'm fully healed.  Not quite as itchy now, but still quite red, dry, and scaly looking.

  • Rachael·

    I had battery issues with my first fitbit so had to have a new one sent to me, this week I have noticed burn like marks under the bracelet. I get similar from wearing watches but i thought that was the metal. My previous fitbit didn't cause the burns. I have tried to have the band looser  utility it gets caught on everything!  Today's red burn mark is taking ages to go down. 

  • michelle14·

    Same reaction here. I have worn other trackers as well as watches with similar style bands for years and never experienced a reaction like this. Kept it loose, dry, and cleaned the band often and still had awful patches on my wrist. Really disappointing as I love the device. 

  • karenwhoa·

    I too am having an allergic reaction and I've only been wearing it for 3 days. I've yet to get anything from the band or charging port tho. The itchy bumps (in a line) are coming from where the metal clasp is touching my skin. I could be reacting to whatever it's made out of. I took an antihistamine yesterday and didn't wear it for more than an hour and they are still there. Today I haven't worn it at all and I applied some hydrocortisone, it feels better but I can still see and feel slightly inflamed red bumps. Any suggestions?

  • healthfirst11·

    I have owned and have been wearing my Fitbit Charge HR since mid September 2015. I just noticed yesterday a very strange mark/burn/rash on the top part of my wrist where the piece that has the 2 blinking green lights on the back of the tracker rests/sits. I keep my Fitbit clean and dry at all times. Because it is important for me also track my sleep, I wear it while sleeping as well (only take it off to clean it and shower). I'm concerned about this mark and would hate to have to stop wearing it because I know it has played a huge part in my loosing the 25lbs. that I've lost since I've started wearing it. I'm completely bummed about this - sad face/tear.

  • Ahmad·

    I wear a fitbit charge HR and it causes skin irritation. Is it so difficult to make safe products? I think, they knew about allergic reactions caused by their products. why they don't offer the fitbit user allergy free bands?

  • itchyinfl·

    I purchased the Fitbit Surge a couple of months ago.  I have recently noticed a quarter sized, raised, inflamed rash where the band sits....not the metal backing behind the face.  I stopped wearing it for a week and it went away.  However, I recently put it back on and the large rash reappeared. I do not sleep with it on.  I will spend another week being very diligent about keeping my skin clean through the day and not getting any water under the band and see what happens. 

  • sswong·

    Wow!  I thought it was only me.  I bought my Fitbit Charge HR back on 11/4/15 and started to wear it right away to see if I liked the product or not.  I had no initial problem with it originally except that it made a deep impression on my wrist wear I was wearing it.  After loosening it, I noticed I had a slight "bruised" feeling in that area.  Nevertheless, I kept consistently wearing it and then a rash started, but I ignored it til finally this week I took it off because of the irritable rash and blister I got from it.  I decided to Google to see if this was a problem and to my surprised, I found many complaints against it.  At this point, I am not able to return it as it has passed the trial period, so I am wondering is there a recall on this product?

  • Jacq10·

    I have a strange nickel allergy, not only do I get a reaction at the site of the nickel contact, but also the skin around my chin begins to itch and break out! Not only can I not wear jewellery but such as metal rivets on jeans need to be covered with tape to avoid direct skin contact. I had the Fitbit flex less than a week ago, and wearing it constantly ( not too tight) has caused my chin to break out! There's no metal in the strap, so there must be some nickel in the sensor.

    • Yvonner·

      My entire body is itching since I've started wearing it, my wrist has only one small sore on it, and it itches there too. It started in my wrist and is on my chest, arms,  back,  and even my legs get itchy. It's miserable.  I don't know if it's the silver band of the electronic part reading your numbers. I wrote Fitbit last week from work, hopefully they will refund it with a nickle free option. I love all the great features but feel like I'm poisoning my body from the way I feel from wearing it.  I'll see what my email says when I get back to work. I hope the company stands with their customers. 

  • Beetle·

    Just gave away my fitbit charge HR with warning to receiver.  This product causes rashes and peeling itchy skin.  All recommendations followed as published by Fitbit but both wrists breakout when worn.  

  • waunakee123·

    I also developed a rash from my FitBit Charge HR. I have a red scaly patch about the size of a quarter with blisters on my wrist just below the thumb that just won't go away even after 2 weeks of not wearing it. I did not get much satisfaction by calling customer service. Their recommendation? Wash the band with Aquafina water.
    This was a gift so I am not out any money, but still very disappointed!

  • gloria·

    it's soooo hilarious!... I normally get a rash from everything... even polyester! the Charge HR is one thing I didn't get a rash from... go figure.

    I've worn it constantly, and about one hour free of it every day. I do wipe it down with isopropyl wipes every couple of days or so.


  • grapeeyes·

    I have developed a nasty rash from my Fitbit Charge HR.   I put it on clean dry skin.  I even washed the band daily with rubbing alcohol.  I know that certain bandages with latex give me the same irritation, maybe it has latex in it.

  • dtryles·

    I used the Fitbit Flex for a few years with no issues whatsoever. Then switched to the Charge HR and within days developed a rash right around the buckle area. I tried the other wrist and the same thing happened. It's not tight on my wrist either. 

  • lesleaver·

    i bought my fitbit charge in march 2015 i wore it for about 8 months with regular cleaning in warm soapy water, and a good rinse off, but i got a rash all the way around right wrist, it was irritable and was drying up my skin, it took 4 months for this to clear, so in january 2016 i started to wear it again, within 2 days the rash appeared again this time more irritable and red, so i wont be able to wear this fitbit abain unless the band can be replaced with something that doesnt casue a rash,

  • skewlgirl2002·


    I've had my fitbit flex for 6 months now. I wore it most of the time occasionally taking breaks from it. The last month I started getting rashes in my left wrist all around the area I wear the device. I since switched to my right & now have rashes on both wrists that won't go away. I have always used proper maintenance & clean the device & even change out bands regularly which are all fitbit brands. I've been thinking about going to the doc too. I need ointment or something. Just wanted my info heard by someone. Seems that this is common.

  • Purplecat·

    I have used a fitbit for 2.5 years. The Flex I had never gave me an issue. I upgraded to a Charge HR in May 2015 and was ok for a few months. Then I noticed a red square rash on my wrist where the sliding buckle to hold the strap down is located.  I made sure to never get it wet, disinfect it after working out, etc.  I stopped wearing it to bed- which is asinine because that's one of the features I actually used- but I wanted to see if that helped and it did. Eventually the issue would occur in a few hours of wearing it.... I made the band so loose it couldn't read my heart rate- another feature I wanted. Learned the rash is actually occuring where the imprint is on the inside of the band... I think whatever this thing is made of breaks down, and causes the rashes.  I emailed fitbit and they issued an IMMEDIATE FULL REFUND and paid for return shipping. I miss my fitbit and it's only been a few days. I may go back to Flex, or go Up3.

  • JoB·

    I purchased a Fitbit Charge HR. Cannot connect to my Samsung S5 phone and after wearing it for a few weeks, my wrist broke out in a very large blister which broke and left me with a nasty burn like sore on my wrist. I've never worn it in the shower and have kept the band very clean and dry. I've had it too long to return it but certainly not long enough to get $150 worth of use out of it. What a waste!

  • lkrlawyer·

    called Fitbit the other day. I was told it has to do with nickel in the buckle. 

  • mamafaye·

    I get red burn like marks on my wrist. I keep the fir bit loose. Take it off for an hour once a day. Wash the band regularly and never wear it near water. So four tips are used but still getting the marks. I get it on one wrist. Move the fit bit to the other arm and the mark heals in the time it takes to get a mark on the other wrist! Planning to call them about it! 

  • Yvonner·

    I received the Fitbit HR for Christmas. My wrist has a small rash, however, it's almost like I have hives on my whole body. It itches like I've been around cats, which u am allergic to. It's been almost a month And I took it off last night because I think my skin will start bleeding soon in my chest area. I'm think allergic to Nickle. It's miserable. The sad thing is I've just been suffering because it definitely motivates me to take more steps everyday but I'm just miserable. As of today, I just can't wear it anymore. 

  • helcat·

    I clean my device daily with an antiseptic wipe and still break out.  I will try alternating days when wearing my device.

  • Stacey·

    I too experience redness on my wrist from some parts of the band where it rubs mostly on the edges of my wrists. They don't take long to heal but they look really nasty but don't hurt or are itchy. I had a feeling it was from sweat and the rubbery silicon they use to make the band. Haven't worn it for a week or so to let my wrist heal. That's the only problem I have with the HR.

  • ColinLye·

    I purchased my Fitbit Surge HR in October 2015 and very quickly struggled with a rash.  It only appears to affect the area in contact with the strap and not the sensor itself.

    I now do not wear it at night, or in the shower and alternate the wrists.  Doing this enables me to wear it for about 10 days after which I need to remove it altogether to allow both wrists to recover.

    I regularly wear a watch in its place and never have this issue,  It certainly is not a hygiene issue.  I have tried regularly cleaning the Fitbit strap with both soap and hygienic alcohol based sterilizers.  Neither made any difference.

    I only persist with the product in the hope that someone will develop a leather (natural) replace strap.

    Not found anything yet.

  • cdb·

    My wrist has broken out in red welts and red irritation.  It's sore and itches.  The irritation occurs on the underside of the wrist where the strap buckles. 

  • tcsckc4·

    All of these complaints are the same as mine. I keep the fit bit clean. Of course I take it off when I shower. I've started taking if off each night but that defeats the purpose of tracking my sleep. The red, itchy burn went away the first time I went without the fitbit for a day, but it came back a week later, but this time the redness is still here 4 days later. If sweating with it on is the problem, what's the point in using it? Disappointing. I just emailed fitbit today. I'll wait for a response. 

  • jneal826·

    Yes I have recorded a rash on my wrist from wearing the fitbit charge HR.  I love the device but the yeah that I have is terrible.  I think I will have to join the law suit against the fitbit.

  • Mamacas2·

    I have the fitbit charge hr in purple. I wear it all the time unless it it charging. I wear it loose as recommended and wash it everyday when i take it off to shower and fully dry both the watch and my arm before putting it back on. I also try to wear it on different spots on my wrist, but I keep getting small almost pimple like bumps on the back of my wrist. Wish I could post a pic.

  • Jptomkat·

    I've had minr for three weeks and had to stop wearing it due to a red burning rash ...loose higher on my wrist didn't help a d for the amount of times I had to take it off to charge shouldn't be happening a t all! ! Not work 150.00 at all

  • Tpf·

    I got a Fitbit HR for Christmas and within a week my arm looked like the picture displayed at the beginning of this article. I took it off several times a day to clean it, but no matter what I tried my arm got worse. Gave it to my husband and he has no issues. 

  • TomH·

    I have a Fitbit Flex and wore it day and night with the original strap and then the blue and red straps from the pack of three as they wore out with no problems. When I tried the green strap I got a rash round my wrist within a couple of months. I have no history of skin problems and have worn watches with a variety of bands for 60 years with no problems. I contacted Fitbit to ask if there were any chemical differences between the coloured bands. They said no and that the problem was one of hygeine or wearing it too tight. I switched to the other wrist, still using the green band and in a couple of months had a rash there. This time I was very careful to remove the Flex each time I washed my hands, stopped wearing it at night, and made sure it was slack. These precautions made no difference. In the meantime, the rash on my original wrist has vanished even though I wore a watch over it. Something in the chemistry of either the strap or the Flex itself, possibly the connections for charging, is causing the rash and Fitbit is obviously doing nothing about it. I will never buy any other product from Fitbit and I would advise others to do the same. If you have shares, sell them. This is a company that is going to fold in the not too distant future. It charges a good price for products that are clearly poisoning the wearers and refuses to do anything about it. Those that do not get a rash are simply lucky, or they may be suffering in a way that has no surface manifestation. 

  • Emmae·

    I have only worn my fitbit for 26 hours (I've removed it for washing up and showering three times in this timescale) and my wrist has 2 solid areas of redness.  Between them is what appears to be a rash. I'm concerned about wearing it any longer as the red areas resemble minor burns. I repositioned it several times but it made no difference.  Its clean and so is my skin! 

  • HenryL·

    I had worn the Fitbit Charge for about 3 weeks with no problem until one morning I woke up with a rash on my wrist, I  used to take it off only to shower and tried to wear it loose all the time, I suppose after washing hands before bed, wetness got stuck and caused the irritation, my rash didn't itch or hurt but just to be sure I applied anti-fungal cream and it vanished in a week or so. I had worn watches without a problem for many years so, I asked for a refund and have not worn it since I got the rash. 

  • Dinca·

    I received my Fitbit Flex for Christmas 2014 & wear it 24/7 except when showering or charging. I never had a problem until October 2015 when I developed a red itchy rash inside my wrist. I switched it to the other wrist & the rash VERY slowly cleared with topical cortisone to treat the itch. Then I got a rash inside the second wrist. I'm now wearing the Flex over long sleeves for the winter & am thinking of making some sort of cloth band to go under it. The rash is definitely not from sweat or moisture & I'm thinking it may be an allergy to whatever material the clasp is made of.

  • Long-Islander·

    I also developed an itchy rash on my wrist after wearing my Fitbit. I then switched it to the other wrist and developed the same problem. Finally, I decided to put it in my front pocket since it would not be touching my skin and walking data still registered this way. You guessed it, I developed a rash on my upper thigh where the Fitbit was in my pocket. Clearly the device wasn't even touching my skin, so "hygiene" was NOT the problem!! After I stopped using it, it took several months for the rashes to finally disappear! I tested it again 6 months later and the same thing happened. I can't for the life of me figure out what it is emanating that would generate a rash through clothing. Very disappointed.

  • Katiewestberry·

    I have started breaking out around my wrist where I wear my Fitbit Charge HR. I have cleaned it and even used rubbing alcohol to try to stop it. It's nasty and my only complaint about my Fitbit. 


    Hi I got a rash from the band holder for the excess strap. after removing this from the Fitbit Charge HR the rash has been disappearing and there are no new itchy spots forming. It has M5-4 written on it.

  • Tammy·

    I have worn my Fitbit hr non stop since December. I work out,wash dishes and sleep with my Fitbit on. I only take off to shower or charge. I have had no issues other than keeping the Fitbit clean. I tend to have exzema in the winter but I've suffered no rashes or blisters whatsoever.  

  • Jaswal·

    I just purchased Fitbit Blaze and have skin irritation problem right under the buckle. I have been wearing the Casio pathfinder watches for years when on vacation all day long and In the water and never had such issues. I found this post searching for skin issue with Fitbit Blaze original rubber strap. Anyone else has this issue?

    • CBPNC·

      YES! But my rash was around the entire band but worse at the buckle, and the free loop. I also have never had this issue with any previous watch.

  • CBPNC·

    I just got a Blaze yesterday. I wore it to bed last night. Woke up with a rash. 

  • scollette·
    • ive had my charge hr for about two months. I've experienced the rash twice now. The last was the worse. I had a patient ask today if it was a burn. Nasty, itchy, burny, red raised rash all the way around my wrist
  • lcallinan·

    I have been wearing the Fitbit Charge HR and it looks like I have a burn on my wrist. I take my fitbit off daily and keep the area dry and clean, cleaned the band as well as suggested by the website and to no avail. Now what?

  • Jinks·

    I have had a Fitbit Charger HR for a little under a year and it has just started to bother me I have a small red swelling on my wrist witch irritates and is sore, have always kept it clean as suggested what can I do about this. I have never suffered from allergies before so can only put it down to the strap. 

  • Geawiel·

    Holy hell!  I was thinking it was just me!  I bought a Charge HR a year ago.  It took me a long time to get accustomed to the band enough for it not to make me itch 24/7.  If I don't wear it for a day, I have to start all over again with the itch.  If I sweat even a little or it is a bit warm out, it itches like bad clothing.  Right now it is sitting on my desk because the band got some engine oil on it during an oil change.  I cleaned it thoroughly and it still itches like crazy.  I was searching, thinking maybe I didn't clean it well enough.  I guess I'll have to come up with something.  I wonder if talcum powder will help?

  • Owls·

    I got the Fitbit Charge HR for Christmas.  I loved it and had no problems with it.....until a few weeks ago when my wrist started breaking out. Now, it's HUGE and itchy.  I have had a few reactions before from things like wearing cheap earrings when I was younger, but never like this.  It looks like a second degree burn. I hate that it's doing this.  I love tracking my progress when I work out, during the day when I walk and when I sleep.  I wish they would make a cloth band for it, but I don't know if that would last or not. I just know I can't wear it like this!

  • Jjk·

    The metal buckle on the strap seems to be the source of the skin irritation. Since Fitbit is silent on the metal used I believe they have chosen to use a low grade metal. This Fitbit is heading back to the return counter.

  • lkw·

    Everytime I try to  wear fitbit  charge I have experienced a rash it is loose on arm, it happens in a very short amount of time and is difficult to get rid off takes a few days to a week!!!

  • connpa·

    I have a Fitbit ChargeHR  I wore it almost 24/7 for about 6 weeks but started to get a rash and small infected bumps.   I had been cleaning the band every day with rubbing alcohol and switching wrists.   I quite wearing it 3 weeks ago and I am still getting the bumps.  They are moving around my wrist.  I still have a red scaly scar from the first area.  I'm afraid I may have a permanent scar.  Guess I will have to go to the dr as this is not clearing up even after 3 weeks of not wearing the fitbit.    I used to wear a Smart watch during the day all the time without too much trouble.  

  • FB_Doug·

    I also have a rash on my right wrist.  My wrist started to itch after a couple weeks wearing the FitBit Charge HR.  I always took it off before a shower which was every couple days due to exercise.  I stopped wearing it 2 weeks ago because it caused a nasty rash. Still have the marks, haven't put it back on since.  I should have read the comments on the product BEFORE I bought it....

  • Linda12883·

    i got my fitbit charge hr in december and get a red rash from it...sometimes my skin peels from it..b4 i wasnt taking it off unless to charge...but i now take it off every night to try to minimize the rash...i also have a scar from where the skin peeled off.

  • Minnie·

    I have had a similar complaint of a burn on my wrist glad I'm not alone but sorry we all have to suffer from this. I have also had a problem with my thumb it seems the muscles are stiffening up and cramping I have stopped wearing my Fit Bit HR to see if it will go away or if there is another reason for it please let me know if anyone else has had this problem too. 

  • EmmaS·

    I've had this issue too regarding my fitbit charge. I developed an allergy to the metal in the clasp over time, despite washing the band regularly & thoroughly so that it stayed clean. Fitbit were pretty good about it though - offering me a full refund even though i've had it for quite awhile before the issue occured.

  • Fit-Mama·

    Although I followed FitBit's hygiene instructions, I initially had rash issues with both the Flex and Charge HR.  Now, for some reason, I no longer react.  And I essentially wear it all the time except to charge or in the shower.

  • Country-girl·

    this past Wednesday I noticed stinging irritation on skin under Fitbit charge HR, next day area raised, itching. Took off left wrist & placed on rt wrist. Put cortisone cream on area which eased itch. Friday larger area affected. Today slight irritation on rt wrist. Stopped wearing Fitbit completely. Researched online & saw where others had this same issue. Will see my doctor on Monday. I was only wearing my Fitbit day time, never @ night.

  • dearmuimui·

    I have the Fitbit Charge with HR.  I was actively wearing it for about 3 months last year for a fitness challenge at work.  I did noticed slight red marks on my wrist but more importantly, I felt some pain my wrist.  I couldn't say for sure if it was due to wearing the Fitbit because I was also typing a lot for work.  However, after I stopped wearing it, the pain on my wrist went away.  I really think the blinking green light detecting the heart rate constantly is causing more damage than we know.  I stopped wearing the Fitbit completely.       

  • mcavender·

    I have a fit bit Force i get a  rash from it even after washing the Force with soap and water as suggested

  • shon·

    i just bought a fitbit blaze. I replaced it with a watch that I have been wearing for awhile with no issues. I have many watches. After 3 days of wearing the blaze I got a serious rash which woke me up because it felt burnt. Whatever is in that rubbery band, its not good for human contact. Fortunately the band from my previous watch fits the blaze. I have my blaze on my other wrist currently until the gross painful rash on my left wrist heals. Boourns!!

  • Yep·

    me too! Got a Fitbit charge and the buckle is driving me crazy, it reminds of a watch I once had that I had to put nail varnish on to stop it irritating.

    It's a real pain as I don't want to get rid of it as it works well. I take it off every day and I have jewellery that fits the same that never bothers me. It's only the buckle....

  • cpichot·

    I have been using a Surge for a couple of months now.  I clean it at least daily and only gets wet from sweat but dry otherwise and I wear it loose.  I have developed a 1"x1" red area on my wrist.  Full width of the band.  What has been your experience in contacting Fitbit regarding the rash issue with the Surge?

  • Joslynwhite·

    my fit bit Alta that I have had for months and wear every day has burned my skin

  • Peaches·
    • I have the FITBIT SURGE and have been using it for about 3 to 4 months. I clean mine regularly but yet I've gotten an itchy irritating rash right where the band rubs on my skin. I've had to quit wearing it twice because of the rash. Have pictures to prove it. 
  • VS11·

    I ended up with the same rash on my wrist. I changed it to the other wrist 

  • Bvanpelt·

    I had a fitbit flex last year and it gave me a super gnarly rash/blister on my arm. I stopp3d wearing it for a little while and once it healed a little I tried again. Once it happened a second time I threw it in a drawer and never touched it again. Sad to see a 99$ product go to waste. Plus there's still a small scar where it happened.

  • Jemaclaz·

    Yes! I had Fitbit HR and wore it for about a month before I got the rash. It went down pretty quickly when I stopped wearing it but as soon as I put it back on it would flare up again! Eventually had to stop wearing the thing cos my wrist was too sore and dry like eczema. Thought it was just me that was allergic to it but turns out I'm not alone!

  • Bex·

    I had this same issue. Christmas just gone I bought the Charge and within a couple of weeks had blisters etc from the metal clips on the clasp. I contacted Fitbit & they sent me the advice about cleaning it etc. I changed wrist & got the same issue so contacted them again & they told me to cut it up, send them photos & they did a bank transfer. They were very good about the refund but I'm now unsure about getting a different tracker in case it happens again.

  • Dez·

    I had the exact same thing.  I was able to wear it for almost a year with no issues and then developed irritation that looks almost like a burn.  I switched arms, but had the same issue.  Very disappointed as I really like the product

  • LucyBanks·

    I've suffered major rashes/eczema since wearing my Fit Bit HR Charge. I give my wrist a break and often swap from left to right every time I charge my Fit Bit. As much as I love my Fit Bit, it gives me great disappointment when I have to look at my wrists. They look horrendous.  

  • Lrannie·

    I have had to stop wearing my Fitbit. I tried backing it with moleskin with no success. A pretty expensive toy that I can't use. I, of course, received no reply when I complained to the company.

  • nikki·

    I have not ever had an issue with allergic reactions to jewelry, watches, or anything else I have owned...but the Fitbit every time causes an allergic reaction. I do not wear it when I wash my hands, or overnight...I change arms frequently...and it still causes an allergic reaction. What a disappointment...I have this device that I simply cannot use and the company won't offer any condolences...

  • jbaby·

    I wore my fitbit HR for about 6 months without ever having issues. I quit wearing it for a couple months and just put it back on, and I started getting irritation and itching as soon as I put it on. I noticed that there was a white powder around the back of the fitbit when I took it back out, but didn't think much of it. When I started itching I wiped down the fitbit with alcohol, but there still seems to be an issue wearing it.
    Now I wonder if there is a battery corrosion issue - the white powder looks very similar to the residue that builds up on a battery that has been sitting in a kids toy for too long. Corrosion would explain why many people have not had an issue for a long time and then it suddenly starts. It would also explain why it is more of a burn than a rash.

  • Yelena·

    I bought Fitbit Blaze three weeks ago and got swelling and burn like appearance on top part of my wrist. It's definitely not skin irritation and it's much bigger issues with device. Will call Fitbit and maybe go to Consumer Protection for advise.

  • Storm·

    I have been wearing a black band charge for some time with no issue at all, then I swapped to a tangerine band Charge HR and within a couple of days had a sever rash.    I took the HR off and then got a new one, blue band and have worn that fine and without issue for some months now.   Whatever it was, it was definitely to do with the colour of the band in my case (dye?)

  • Woochiemama·

    I wear a Fitbit One and it is causing a severely itchy rash. I have it on both sides now even though I started clipping it to a tank top rather than my bra strap. I'm worried because I'm having surgery soon and the doctor asked about allergies to latex, acrylic or adhesives. 

  • Edy·

    that's stupid the company said keep ur fitbit loose but if u keep it loose it won't track ur heart rate

  • stacie123·

    I recently started getting irritation from my fitbit Alta, and reported it to the company. In their statement back to me, they accounted it as a hygiene issue and not an issue with their product and recommended that I discontinue use of the fitbit and to use one of their tag trackers. I refused this offer because the clip on ones don't have the features I would like. Otherwise, the company refused to take any action and just gave me a claim number. Pfft.

    The rash I got started out looking like pimples under the tracker and band, so I removed it and applied to the other arm. Once the pimple like area went away I reapplied the band and kept it significantly looser (now it basically dangles off my arm), and this time it appeared as more of a sunburn like area of redness and much larger. There's not pain associated with it, but still super weird. Also, may I add that I have been wearing this tracker for almost 3 months with no issues whatsoever until recently. I think Fitbit needs to take more action into this matter!

  • Zanto·

    I have been using my fitbit surge for about 3 months and have ended up with the same rash on my wrist

  • martcole·

    My original bracelets for my flex were fine, but the replacements sent by fitbit have been the problem.

    Interesting that I have been wearing a $8 casio watch for 5 years that neither breaks or need replacing or gives me a rash

  • martcole·

    I was not getting the rash on the original fitbit flex straps but they were crap and fell apart as have others but the replacements from fitbit more recently have given me the rash.

    Interestingly to me is that I have been wearing, for 5 years, an $8 casio watch that the strap has neither broken or needed replacing or given me a rash and I rarely removed it.  How does this work?!!

  • paxtonsuraci·

    I bought a Fitbit Alta in June and just recently have notice a rash on the top of my wrist in the same location of the charging port on the back of the watch. I only take the watch off to shower, charge, and clean it. Before my Fitbit I owned a Vivo Fitband and never experienced any sort of rash and I never took the watch off because it was water proof and didn't need charging. 

  • IamRu·

    Bought a Fitbit Blaze and getting bad rashes on my wrists. Highly disappointed.

  • Diso·

    i received my Fitbit HR as a Xmas present.  I wore it for just 2 days before a red and itchy patch of blisters appeared on outside of my wrist.  I did not get it wet, I do not sweat much but wore it day and night.  The rash took several days to go and i will try again but am very disappointed as it is likely to recur

  • CathyS·

    fitbit HR. I have had it for about 2months. Yesterday I noticed a square blister on my wrist exactly where the sensor touches my skin. 

    I clean the band daily and make sure my arm is completely dry after a shower before I put the Fitbit back on. 

    I am now keeping it on my beltloop. It at least keeps track of movement but not my heart rate. 

    After reading other issues reported, I am afraid to put it back on my arm.

  • Boycie·

    wearing my Fitbit has caused and inflamed itchy red rash on my wrist! Very disappointed was top of the range and now can't wear it.

  • Karchie·

    I have the fitbit charge. I have had it for the least year or so but I just recently noticed a itchy rash on my wrist.

  • Welshdragon28·

    I have a charge HR I have had it for 1 month and the rash on my arm is getting worse, it has nothing to do with hygiene.

    Would I be able to send it back does anybody know 

  • Ant·

    I have worn my fit bit charge 2 for a month and now have a scar where I have worn it skin looks wrinkle and I bath with out it on and now I'm concerned if it can cause skin cancer. 

  • DaniD·

    I purchased a Fitbit Charge HR. A week into wearing it, I had a small red itchy rash on my wrist. I assumed it was also from the sweat and it not being very dry in that area however, it's definitely not just that. I got rid of the Charge HR and have not been wearing it for 1 year now and this rash is permanent. It will not go away. It is so dry and itchy no matter what I try. I have used everything from vitamin E oil, coconut oil, lotrimin, etc.. It's become such a problem, I can't wear any watches or anything on my left wrist... anyone have any suggestions on something I can do to help it go away?

  • kmeicke·

    I also experienced a red bumpy rash from wearing Fitbit Charge. I think water may have been part of the problem since water may have remained under the band after hand washing. I didn't wear the Fitbit for over a month because it took that long to get  rid of the rash. I tried OTC antibacterial ointment,  but it had no effect. I used other OTC products for rashes and again, no effect. When I had my tattoo re-colored, the person told me to use Curel Ultra Healing hand cream for a few weeks and it healed beautifully. So I decided to give it a try. It worked! It was the only product that came close to healing the rashes. I am back to wearing my Fitbit Charge II and so far, no problems. But I am very careful about drying under the band.  

  • DJLucky·

    I have a Fitbit Charge2 and it is breaking out my wrist on the inside.  Taking it off and cleaning has not helped.  I think it is the small smooth piece that you slide the excess part of the band into after you buckle it that may be causing the irritation.  That slide is smooth unlike the rest of the band and that is exactly where I am breaking out.  I have covered that piece with cellophane tape all the way around and will see if that helps.

  • Shortcake·

    My arm was burn twice with my fitbit, I kept it clean and instructed, gave my arm a rest from it and when I started back wearing it I was burn in another area of my wrist this time much worst, I have a scar on my wrist from it.  Call fitbit, they apologize for what I was going through they did send my a label to sent it back and they are reimbursing me for my fitbit.

  • MStaab·

    Persistent itch 4 months later? My wrist was itchy while I wore the fitbit charge, only on the buckle side, but it's been 4 -5 months since I've put it on and my wrist is still almost constantly extremely itchy, sometimes unbearably so, though there's no visible rash unless I lose control and scratch a ton. Anyone else? Any answers on this? Does anyone know the metals used for clasp?

  • zannieweikel·

    It amazes me how Fitbit continues to call this an "irritation". Their wristband did cause an irritation, I had to purchase a new wristband as the one that came with the Charge 2 resulted in a severe rash on my wrist. The issue that is most concerning though, is the burns (these are NOT rashes) I am getting from the Fitbit itself. This is not a rash, this is a burn. CPSC found that sweat in the charger caused a chemical reaction that produced a toxic compound which results in a skin burn the shape of the charging port. Exposing sweat to an electric charge would produce toxic compounds like sodium hydroxide, which could very severely burn your skin. It seems Fitbit has been dismissive of this theory, even though the complaints keep rolling in for burns on the wrists. Fitbit charges a lot of money for the Charge 2. It would be nice if they would take the burn complaints a little more seriously. I now have a permenant scar from the burns the Charge 2 caused.