Fitbit Charge and Charge HR tips: Get more from your fitness tracker

Amp up the stats from your Fitbit activity tracker with these top tips

The Fitbit Charge 2 may be here and the Charge 3 in the works, but that doesn't mean that you should rule out the Fitbit Charge and the Charge HR if you're looking to pick up a fitness tracker for a bit less money.

Fitbit has kept the software updates flowing, which means there are still plenty of tips and tricks for getting more out of them. The depth of its fitness tracking is a big part of Fitbit's success.

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We've delved under the hood to find the not-so-obvious tweaks that help users go further and get fitter.

From tagging activities to boosting the accuracy of run-tracking, there's something here that every Fitbit user can benefit from.

Improve the accuracy

Fitbit Charge and Charge HR tips: Get more from your fitness tracker

While there's a lot more to the Fitbit Charge than simple step counting, the pedometer skills obviously play a big part ‚Äď so you'll want to make sure your walking is being tracked with as much accuracy as possible.

The first step is to make sure your Fitbit knows which wrist it's sitting on. You can select either dominant or non-dominant from within the app. Wearing your Charge on your dominant arm is fine, but the hardware needs to know so it can adjust its sensitivity to account for the extra motion it will experience during everyday wearing.

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The next step, literally, is to get the stride-length sorted. Your Charge will guess your average length based on your height and gender but you can guarantee better accuracy by changing this value under Personal Info on the Fitbit web portal to your exact length.

It's simple to measure your accurate length: go to a running track or somewhere that you know the exact distance of, count your steps as you walk that distance, and then divide the total distance taken by the number of steps to get your stride length.

Pair with your smartphone for GPS mode

Fitbit Charge and Charge HR tips: Get more from your fitness tracker

Fitbit's MobileRun mode uses GPS data to more accurately track your walks and runs, and also lets you control your music playlists from inside the app.

To use MobileRun, go into the app and select the Exercise from the home screen. Tap the stopwatch in the top right corner and you'll see a map of your location. Simply hit Start when you're ready to track your run.

The MobileRun feature uses the GPS connectivity of your smartphone to calculate distance, steps, active minutes and calories burned, and this data overrides your tracker's recordings.

Tag exercise

Thanks to a post-launch update, the Fitbit Surge and Charge HR can automatically detect when you're exercising, and will automatically log the session. You can then go through and tag these, be it a run in the park, a Zumba session or even just a power walk to the bus stop. Tagging will improve the accuracy of the session, and give your data more colour to look back on.

You may, however, find that your device is wrongly detecting certain exercise types. Fitbit recommends turning off the ones you don't want. For example, you might want to switch off Swim if you haven't got a trip to the pool planned. Switching off the unwanted ones also helps preserve battery life.

Connect to Strava

Strava is one of the world's best fitness platforms, especially for cyclists ‚Äď and now the two work seamlessly together. You can now connect the Fitbit and Strava app and share data both ways.

Go even further: How to use your Fitbit to lower your resting heart rate

Go for a cycle with Strava and have it count towards your Fitbit goals; cycle with the Fitbit Surge and have the activity logged in your Strava workouts list. It's virtually wearable technology Communism and we love it.

Never miss a step

We've all been there: you leave your Fitbit on charge and then you're half way to work and realise it's not on your arm. And now today is going to put a massive dent in your weekly average.

The answer is to set up MobileTrack and Multi-Tracker Support in your Fitbit app. MobileTrack uses your phone to track steps instead of your Fitbit, and the Multi-Tracker feature will seamlessly switch the two over when it realises you're walking around without your trusty tracker.

Understand heart rates

If you plumped for a Fitbit Charge HR, then don't let bad readings scupper your training sessions.

Firstly, don't wear it too tight, as the band can effect the blood flow, which can skew the results. However, too loose and the band can move about, which is also not good.

When you get your reading, there are some symbols to look out for.

'Fat burn' is a low level zone where your body starts torching calories. It's a deceptive term though as the cardio and peak bands will inevitably lead to more calories lost in the long run.

'Cardio' is the best zone for increasing cardiovascular fitness, and is the target zone for most workouts.

'Peak' is the limit of your physical activity, and can only be sustained for short bursts. Training in this zone will lift your anaerobic threshold, so your body can work more efficiently in the future, effectively getting you fitter.

Check out our guide to heart rate training for more tips on applying these zones to your workouts.

Make use of Quick View

Fitbit updated both the Charge and Charge HR with Quick View, which lets you flick your wrist to check the display, meaning you don't have to press the button. Head into Settings > Devices to turn Quick View on, but be warned, you may find it draining your battery faster. So by the other hand (geddit?) you may also want to turn it off if you find yourself reaching for the charger a lot more than you'd like.

Set your own heart rate zone

Fitbit Charge and Charge HR tips: Get more from your fitness tracker

Want to set your own zones for heart rate training? Easy.

Log in to, and access settings in the top-right corner. Click 'Heart Rate Zones' and choose the min and max heart rate for your desired zone.

Sync your Charge HR to update your tracker with the new settings.

Save the battery

There's no need to have your Fitbit talking to your smartphone all day, every day. It will simply run down the battery.

To prevent this you'll want to make sure that All-Day Sync is switched off.

Simply tap on the Charge tab at the top of the app's homescreen and toggle All-Day Sync to the off position. Easy as that.

Find Fitbit friends via Facebook

Fitbit Charge and Charge HR tips: Get more from your fitness tracker

Fitbit is a really social platform, but you need some friends to get started. Luckily, you can trawl your Facebook friends to find people who also use Fitbit to compete against.

In the Friends tab in the Fitbit app press the "+" followed by Connect Facebook. You can then choose who to add, and who to leave safely muted in Facebook where they belong.

Get motivated with Challenges

It's all well and good smashing your steps goal every day, but in order to stay motivated, you need a bit of competition. That's where Fitbit's Challenges come in.

You'll find a Challenges button at the bottom of the app and there are usually five or six different options available with scenarios such as 'who can get the most steps today', or 'who can get the most steps over the weekend' on offer.

Up to 10 people can take part in each challenge with participants able to invite friends and colleagues to join in.

Customise the OLED display

Fitbit Charge and Charge HR tips: Get more from your fitness tracker

Within the Fitbit app it's possible to change the order of the homescreens on your Charge.

Simply tap your Charge device from the app's dashboard and select Customize Display. You'll then get a screen where you can turn on or off details for Clock, Steps, Distance, Calories and Floors.

You can also change the order that these appear on your Charge's OLED screen; putting the metric you consider the most important up front.

Choose a funky watch face

From within the Charge's and Charge HR's settings menu you can also select the Clock Face option and choose between the different designs that are on offer ‚Äď or turn off the clock altogether. Thanks to a later update, there are now more options to choose from.

Set up the correct time

There might be a few of you having problems with the Charge and Charge HR showing up the incorrect time. It's pretty easy to fix if you're having timing issues, but it can vary depending on what phone you're using. Fitbit has a pretty good breakdown for iPhone, Android and Windows users here.

The easiest thing to do is to head to the dashboard from a computer. Once logged in, click Settings and look for the modify timezone option in your personal info page. Change the time zone to the correct one, then sync your tracker and it should be updated.

Push yourself to climb stairs

Fitbit Charge and Charge HR tips: Get more from your fitness tracker

We've already told you that it makes sense to move metrics that mean more to you to the front of the queue but a sure way to get fit is to select Floors Climbed as the Main Goal ‚Äď especially if you're finding it easier and easier to reach your step targets.

Your Charge detects floors climbed using its altimeter, which is a sensor that calculates altitude based on atmospheric pressure. Stair climbing is a calorie-blasting cardio exercise that can be an integral part of a fit and healthy lifestyle. It is said that stair climbing burns more calories than both jogging and cycling.

Putting Floors Climbed as your Main Goal will incentivise you to skip the elevator more often and should see a quick and easy improvement in your fitness.

Lose weight with Fitbit

Fitbit Charge and Charge HR tips: Get more from your fitness tracker

This one has nothing to with the Charge device itself and is more concerned with the overall Fitbit ecosystem.

If one of your main reasons for buying a new fitness tracker was to lose weight then it's obviously important that you keep an eye on what you eat as well. The Fitbit app allows you to keep track of what you've eaten by logging your meals and snacks using its built-in food database. You can now localise that food database as well, with the UK version now available.

A better idea is to tap into our calorie counting app favourite MyFitnessPal, which has a considerably bigger food database when you compare it to Fitbit. Simply set up a MyFitnessPal account and link it to your Fitbit one in the web portal's settings.

If you're super serious about weight loss it might also be worth investing in the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales. That way, your weight and BMI are automatically tracked and synced within the Fitbit app.

How to reset Fitbit Charge HR and Charge

If all fails with your Fitbit and it crashes, or won't sync, don't panic. You can hard reset it at any time, which should sort the problem.

Should you choose to reset, all of your stored data, including the data not yet synced to your Fitbit app, will be deleted. These also include alarms and notifications. You'll need to set up your fitness tracker like you did when you first bought it.

To reset your Fitbit Charge or Charge HR, plug it into the charger and connect it to a working USB charging port. That could be on your computer or laptop.

Hold the button on the tracker for two seconds. Continue holding the button but now remove the charging cable. You should hold for an additional 7-9 seconds. Release the button and then immediately press it again.

You should see a couple of screens, the first flashes up the word ALT and then a white screen. Press the button after the white screen and you'll see the word VIBE. The tracker should vibrate. Press the button again and that'll take you to the Error screen. Let go of the button and turn it back on by pressing the button. You'll know the reset is successful if you see 0:00 on the display.

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  • SMcKim·

    I am waiting for the Fitbit Surge to come out.  I would like to know the actual release date of this product.  I can't wait to start using this device.  Early 2015 is all that I am hearing, but I would like an actual date.  I went to a lot of stores today looking for it until I went to Sportchek and they told me it is not released yet.  Today is my birthday and I wanted to get one.  If it is too late being released I may have to buy a different one but the Surge is the one that I really want.  Please give me an actual date.

    • Terramadre·

      The Surge is available now through REI.  I know the Charge HR is only available in black right now.  Not sure about the Surge.  Happy Birthday :)

    • Mason·

      How come ever since my charge hr battery  life  is  not  full the screen has been going  quick. But now when the battery  is  full it's still shows it really fast. Because I can't read my steps and all the other one exert my heart  rate

  • SuzyQ11·

    this was very helpful. ..i just got my fitbit charge and i am not sure how to track my sleep??? I told it i was going to sleep on the app but it didn't track. I thought i read where you can tap your charge unit and it knows you are asleep but how do i make it track and can you tap it to sleep.  I feel dumb right

    • p.lamkin·

      It should kick in automatically.

    • asdfasdf·

      The HR will auto detect based on movement and heart rate.   With the FLEX you have to manually turn it on (tap).

    • Misti·

      You have to tap the sleep button within the app on your phone. It will say sleeping now and then when you wake be sure to click the I'm awake button on your phone. Sync and it should read more appropriately.

  • quecmo·

    Does anyone know if there's a way to display the time all the time? I like the watch like feature but pushing the button all the time is a little annoying.

    • Itsmekiara·

      there is no way to display it all the time but if you double tap on the flat space below the screen it appears. I figured this out as a happy accident :) ~K

  • quecmo·

    Is there a way to display the time all the time? Pushing the button all day can be annoying. 

    • CupertinoRaider·

      You can tap the device twice and it should shoe the time.

    • MB1314·

      Answer pertains to the Charge HR...If u can connect to your Fitbit app and keep your device in sync, there is an option under charge HR for customise display. In here you select the clock and it should show it all the time as default and other options would be invoked when you press the side button on yr Fitbit.

      • Chefy·

        that won't keep the clock on all the time!!

  • wesco·


  • wesco·

    my  step tracking is off sometimes,       my i-phone is sometimes different from my tablet

  • Rebeccarose77·

    are there any apps that will sync with the charge hr to show live hr monitoring on my smart phone while in working out?

  • j.stables·

    Hi Rebecca.

    The Fitbit Charge HR doesn't have ANT+, so you can't plug it into apps like you can with Basis Peak, Mio Fuse or chest straps, unfortunately.

    RunKeeper does share some 24 hour data with Fitbit, so you could try that. Not sure how much detail you'll get.

  • DavidJ·

    Great write up and educating I learned things about my Fitbit I didn't knowThank you for that

    However; I tried to "hard reset" my charge using these instructions but it didn't change a thing.

    I would like to completely reset my Fitbit charge that I have only used for 3 days so I can exchange for the Charge HR

    If anyone has any information please let me know.

  • Elfone·

    Are there any tips to make the Fitbit charge more accurate when exercising? It logs floors while I'm working out and doesn't calculate calories burned accurately. I did 60 min of Zumba yesterday which usually burns about 600- 700 calories and it logged me as having gone 20 floors and only 340 cal burned. 

    • Jimmy·

      Mine does the same thing. I contacted Fitbit and they sent me a new one. I just got it so I will see that if it does better than my last one. At one point my old one counted up to 94 floors while on a treadmill with 7% incline.

    • newuser123·

      no way does zumba burn 600-700 kcal... Not unless you weigh like 30 stone and seriously,seriously go for it. Body Attack only just burns that and that class is at least twice the intensity of zumba. Your fitbit sounds accurate to me.

      • AngieBee·

        for your information Zumba can burn from 500 calories up to 1000!  Yes way!!  Have you tried it?

        • Newwatcher·

          The exact expenditure depends on a number of different variables, including exact weight, muscle content, fitness level and more. That said, burning 700-1000 calories in an hour is VERY unrealistic.

      • Chefy·

        That depends on a few factors, but the average is between 500 to 1,000 calories per hour of Zumba. That might seem like a long time, but it's not when you consider just how much fun you'll have during those 60 minutes

      • LovetheSun·

        I've tracked my heart rate with a Polar heart rate monitor several times during Zumba and based on my height, weight, and heart rate, it estimates anywhere from 400 to 700 calories in a 1hr class, depending on how intense the instructor/choreography are. I tend to go ALL OUT, though. 

    • Soo·

      Just curious how you figured on 600-700 calories burned in zumba.

  • Ronny·

    I got my Charge HR the first try on a treadmill early today. I used the GPS mode (MobileRun), and i did not get any steps be counted in the App, it just showed me 0.00 mi distance after actually 2 mi running. Sad, I think it just simply because the GPS thought I didn't move even a inch......Actually, the Charge HR did count my steps and distance during my running, but after sync, the data in the App override the data in my Charge HR, 2 miles just gone with wind......

    • little·

      that's because you used GPS when you're standing still on a treadmill? GPS uses satellites to track where you are. on a treadmill, no matter how far you run you're still in the same place.

    • Chefy·

      when I treadmill I place my fit bit against my ankle and hold it in place with my sock. It counts steps pretty accurately and if you have your setting to auto detect activities it will even log the exercise as such

  • prvn·

    how to hardreset fitbit charge hr

    • NoReply·

      Plug the charging cable into the FitBit Charge HR.

      Plug the other end into your computer.

      Hold the button for 3 seconds then unplug the charging cable (while still holding the button)

      Continue holding the button for about 7 more seconds. 

      (So between steps 1 and 2, you've basically held the button down for at least 10 without releasing it)

      Release the button again, then press it a few times to advance to a screen that says "ERROR 0X01" or something like that. 

      Hold the button down again until you see "ERASE" on the screen. Then release the button and the device will reset to factory settings.

      • FitNess·

        Thank you very much!  That procedure worked for me for both the Charge HR and the Charge.  I am in awe of your brilliance!

  • jtklemick·

    I just got the Fitbit Charge yesterday. I went for a 5km run this am and my steps and distance did not calculate. Is this because i did not have my phone with me?  If this is the case, is there a way to set it up so that i dont have to take my phone on my runs?

  • RunMom2·

    I run mostly on a treadmill or do the elliptical. I was given a Charge HR as a gift - I counts maybe one half of the distance that I do. Is there any way to manually enter the distance ran, etc into the fitbit. Seems like a expensive piece of equipment just to wear for counting steps during the day - that's not exercise to me. If I return it, is there a way to reset it and delete my account. The concept is great but not everyone can run/walk outside.

  • Ladder1·

    charge will only hold a charge for about 5hrs. Cleaned contacts and reset the device. Any ideas?

    • tanya627·

      Yes, call Fitbit and report the problem.  From my experience, they will replace the device.

  • Fezza·


    I have tracked my exercise, and I have named it boot camp, instead of weights. How can I change it? 

  • Grandma·

    Can you turn any of the fitbits off? When I ride my Harley it adds tons of steps and flights of stairs. It would be nice if I could turn it off while I am riding and then record steps when I am not on the bike.

    • amberloop·

      hey no you can not turn off the fitbit..... ive tried and it didnt work if you dont want the fitbit the add steps then the only way is to take it off  

    • CLG·

      I know this is an old question, but perhaps I can help someone else- add exercise as Driving during the time you were driving (you'll have to do it after the fact so pay attention to the start and stop times) and it should erase these steps and floors.

  • joohnycz·


    can someone tell me if Fitbit Charge HR can warn me if I'm out of selected HR zone? Like silent alarm using vibration. Now I use some HR monitor with chest belt, where I can set desired HR zone and if I'm out of this zone, it beeps.


  • Moose41·

    My Fitbit Charge HR, rarely records my sleep. I have it charged, on my wrist etc. 

    My I phone and IPad both use the same Fitbit app. I have trying to keep them near my bed, I have placed them in another room. My home has the best of WIfi reception. So what's wrong? 

    I have it on "all day sync" - Help please


    • Echo·

      You can tell it to start recording sleep in the app - go to Dashboard>Sleep>+ sign in top right corner (android)>"Begin Sleep Now"

  • Rhodia·

    I am an old lady - 70 plus and got fitbit HR as a gift. I just want to use the wristband and want nothing to do with computers, syncing or setting up anything. Just want to know how to read the symbols after my daily walk. Can anyone please help?????

    • Maki·

      Hi Rhodia, just use the button on the left side of the screen to cycle through the time, your steps, steps, heart rate, and calories burned. HTH!

  • H2OBRAT·

    I have the Fitbit Charge. The last two days that I have went for a run and completed it, hitting the finish button on my phone. It states not enough data to record workout - or something like that. Why?  I never had that issue before on my runs. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thanks in advance 

  • ontwerp73·

    is it possible to get live hr data streaming into run keeper ,runtastic, endomodo or strata?

    Already have a mio fuse which is perfect. The surge will be my new experiment upgrading from Tomtom multi sport....

  • Hetlasytens·

    A few weeks ago I completed an update that I received on my app. After the update I am now able to view the time simply by raising my arm up to viewing level and the time automatically appears. This was a nice feature added from the update. I know of others that have the same model as mine, Charge HR, but they have not received an update nor is there an update on their app via the Apple App Store. How can they get this update?

  • cynthiag730·

    My fitbit resets at midnight daily as it should, however, the calories are always around 277-280 and I'm not wearing it to sleep. Is this producing an "average" number of cals burned during sleep for my weight/height? I don't understand why it doesn't fully clear out the calories.

    • TattyDon·

      yes, it takes your daily calorie burn and averages that out over the day, hence when you wake up you will have already burned calories. In theory if you did nothing extra all day, you should end up with your base calorie burn...

  • kbooker02·

    I really liked the design and color (plum) of my Charge HR. I especially like that I can review the stats from the watch, my Android phone, and my Windows tablet. However, what is the point of stats if the fitbit app is just going to freeze whenever I try to track a run? It's really annoying and I think I am going to take it back. Even though I don't know which product I would switch to.

    • Newwatcher·

      And what is the point of your post if you are just whining?

  • kbooker02·

    I really like the design and color (plum) of my Charge HR. I especially like that I can review the stats from the watch, my Android phone, and my Windows tablet. However, what is the point of stats if the fitbit app is just going to freeze whenever I try to track a run? It's really annoying and I think I am going to take it back. Even though I don't know which product I would switch to.

  • Dustiegirl·

    Can you do a challenge if you have a Charge HR and your friend has a Charge ?

    • FallenArch·

      Yes, you can challenge no matter the device.  My friend has a Flex and I have a Charge, we challenge each other all the time.

      • amberloop·

        yes my sister has the fitbit flex and i have the charge hr and we do the challanges all the time 

  • hape2sew·

    y Fitbit charge HR says it can't save my sleep log because one already exists for that date, when no sleep log has already been saved. Can someone help please?

  • queendv·

    I have had my Fitbit HR for 4 months.  The first two months I loved it and my walks were tracked accurately. The last couple of months the GPS tracker on the Fitbit phone app isn't tracking accurately at all.  When I walk 3 miles it will show 6.  I have tried resetting my Fitbit with no change.  I know it isn't my phone because the SHealth app works accurately.  Are there any updates or tips for the Fitbit app to make it track more accurately?

  • Kp23·

    why does my brand new unworn Fitbit charge say I have walked 108 steps and how do I reset it to zero?

  • Jpa·

    I like the fact that I can customize the display so that it shows what I want and I don't have to see the data I don't care about. I also like the fact that I can put in the data in the order I want to see it in when I tap it. But why can't I customize the display for when it's tracking my exercise?

  • bkfobbe·

    Anyone having issue with the Fitbit charge un snapping?  I have lost 2 already and on my 3rd one because it un snaps... especially when I put a jacket on or something and I don't realize it until I go to look at the steps. I love it but do not want to purchase yet another one... 

    • Kimsect·

      I've luckily found it twice now after unsnapping from my wrist.  Freaks me out when about 15 min later I realize my wrist is bare (I've only had my Charge for three weeks).  One time it was while packing a box to ship and another time when I was searching for something in my backpack. Now I'm worried all the time.

  • lemh38·

    I received  an Fitbit Charge for mothers day this year, I can still charge it on my computer but by time I wake up the next day its flat again.  Can someone suggest what the problem might be?

    • kookemomster·

      make sure the connector to the Fitbit Charge it firmly in and when you set it down it still shows its charging, this happens to me all the time, I plug it in and the next time I check it, no charging went on, then I wiggled the strap that is connected to the Charge and it started back up. Just make sure you don't move it once it shows its charging

  • Marque·

    The last couple of days my Fitbit has been logging two sleep logs for the same day.  They are two different times.  Was just wondering if this has happened to s tone else and what could be the reason for it.

  • Jwolfsho·

    Does the Fitbit Charge HR come in size XL ?  We cannot find one.

    • wasanhm·

      Only online in the official Fitbit Store.  I just bought one this morning.

  • Karen4·

    Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong?  if I use the GPS on my fitbit charge when I take a walk it doubles my miles and steps because the gps and the fitbit are both tracking them.  If I use the map my walk app and enter the miles, time, etc manually it still adds more steps so actually I am getting double steps either way for my walk.  How am I supposed to do this? 

  • kookemomster·

    where do I find the total lifetime of miles on my steps, I know I can find the monthly miles but have searched for the total tally and have found nothing.

  • kookemomster·

    when going to the Fitbit site, where can I find total miles that I stepped on my Charge since I started using it, the app only shows weekly info, I want total to date information?

  • fairyball·

    Hi I have been using my fitbit hr for quite a few months now,i have a fast heartrate and take meds to reduce it,however when I have it on while I am asleep m heart rate will drop to 70/80 beats and then it stops recording hr and when it starts recording again my heart rate is 130/140 beats,also wake up gasping for breath and choking,plus have cold sweats and feel nauseous,should I be concerned that I may have sleep apnea or does this happen to anyone else.This has been regularly happening about twice a week but in the last 5 nights it has happened for four of those nights. 

    • Winstie·

      I have no idea why it stops recording so I hope the company or someone techy replies to that question.  As to your waking with 130-140 BPM and gasping for breath, please see a cardiologist as soon as possible and describe your symptoms.  There is sometimes a link between sleep apnea and onset of rapid, irregular heart beats.  Your doctor may order a Holter (continuous recording electrocardiogram) heart monitor or other diagnostic tests.  Please pursue this.  Best of luck.

  • MaggeeZee·

    How do you keep the fitbit so the time is always on and you can look at it all the time?

  • Millie·

    I have had fitbit charge for a couple of months, it worked fine for awhile, but now it is clocking up an average of 200 to 300 floors climbed a day, even when I am just walking around my home. I have received all these awards which I haven't earned.

    Is there any way of fixing this problem?

  • AzitaS·

    Hi. I just got the fitbit Charge HR as Christmas gift. I charged it overnight and have been trying to get it to turn on for couple hours but doesn't work. I also have the app opened. Any suggestions?

    • CLG·

      I know it's been a while since you asked this question, but in case someone else has run into this (I have too and this worked for me), you need to manually restart the device most likely. Directions from Fitbit's site:

      Plug your charging cable into the USB port and insert the other end into the port on the back of your Fitbit Charge HR‚ĄĘ. Your Charge HR will begin charging. Press and hold the button for 10 to 12 seconds until you see the Fitbit icon and a version number (e.g. "V30"). Let go of the button. Unplug your tracker from the charging cable.
  • 1234·

    hello my Fitbit charge hr is clocking steps whilst I am sat working at a till is there a reason for this, am I doing something wrong or is it faulty?

  • Yeslowow·

    Could someone post links to the Mobiletrack and Multi-Tracker apps that are listed above so that I can keep track of my activity when the watch is charging? There are so many in the app store. I just want to get the correct ones. 

  • Knvsmom·

    I'm a truck driver and no matter which wrist I wear it on, it records my several hours a day driving, as steps. I know I can go in and manually change this in the activity logger, but as much as I stop and start again, that is a pain. This is a big flaw in such a pricey fitness tracker.

    • Notimpressed·

      Yep....pretty dumb.  When I drive my truck it counts steps for me.  Very annoying....for something that costs $150!!

  • Oldbutabitfit·

    The new HR battery life SUCKS.... one to a max of 2 days..... this is a rip off and I think there should be some sort of class action to receive a refund or repair. The adverts state 5 days...... it is misleading and false advertising, we as consumers deserve to be compensated or made good with the product that lives up to its advertised specifications . I cannot afford to throw away money. Any solicitor out there wanting to start the proceedings put me on. Tried to return the product to the retail store but they told me it was just the way they are....

    • CLG·

      Mine lasts only two days too if I don't turn off the bluetooth on my phone or the automatic syncing in the app. Once I turn that off, the battery life is much closer to 5 days.

  • Margaret·
    1. I purchased this fitbitHR for my husband for CHristmas, he wore it a week, and now it doesnt work.  time is wrong, wont sync to ipad, only sometimes you can see something on the display, green light kept flashing, until I think the battery died.  it is just not working.  I have tried help from fitbit, and read the FAQ tried all that, uninstalled the app, then they ask for a email and wont accept the one you gave, tried installing the device again.  tried the plugging in and pressing the button and it was suppose to restart the device.  Nothing is working??? Got it from amazon and the return date is passed.  Do I sound frustrated???  any help would be great.  
  • rghinshaw·

    My wife bought me a Fitbit Charge HR on 1/4/2016.  I charged it for 2 hours and after 1 hour the app and the Fitbit both showed the battery was dead.  It didn't die, however.  I charged it overnight (6 hours) and in 3 hours the same thing: App and Fitbit both showed the battery was drained.  I have yet to get more than 3 hours out of the thing.  Taking it back to Kohl's for a replacement.  My wife's works great!  I just wish mine would...

  • LisaF·

    Hello, I just bought a Fitbit ChargeHR for myself, my boyfriend my daughter and her fiancé, we have not set them up yet and I was just looking at Apps, there is the free one and then several you can purchase. Do you have any advice as to which App is most helpful to track a variety of levels, we all have different goals, the two younger ones (in their mid to late twenties) are training for a marathon while my boyfriend is looking to lose some weight and I'm just looking to maintain my wait but stay in shape and hoping to track my sleep as I've had chronic insomnia for over a dozen years (and support all of them in their goals). This all looks a tad complicated but I'm very excited to get going.

  • natalierose917·

    If your wrist size is just barely into one FitBit Charge watch size and you lose some weight making your watch too loose, will they replace it or do you have to buy a new one?

  • dduron·

    I used to see my workouts on my dashboard, but they no longer appear.  Is there a setting I need to make to get my workouts back on the iphone dashboard display?  I liked being able to review how many times I worked out during the week, the minutes, and number of calories I burned per workout session.

  • Tanifeliz·

    I wear my Fitbit Charge HR with the front on my inside wrist. Does anyone else do this? Or should I be wearing it the normal way. I thought perhaps with the sensor on the inside of my wrist I would get a better HR reading. 

  • Scottie·

    I am very disappointed in the Charge HR when it comes to counting the "floors" I climb in a day ... Today I have climbed 6 flights of stairs and the Charge HR has only registered 1. 

  • Kpitts1958·

    is there a upload for charge hr to detect cold sweats? I'm diabetic and have to call ambulance when my levei drops(I have cold sweats) I love the silent alarms I set for testing my levels

  • Barbie·

    I like the Fitbit changer HR and the app was great until the current update.  It's useless to me now, hate it, bring back the old version, I don't want to log in or give a password.  It was so simple before the person thought to update.  Hate it !!!!!!

  • naty·

    i tried your idea of resetting my fitbit charge hr but it just wont work it keeps on just turning the notifications off