Every Fossil Group designer wearable launched in 2016

Getting to 100: Michael Kors, Diesel, Armani, Kate Spade & more
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At Baselworld back in March, Fossil Group announced it would launch 100 wearables from eight of its fashion brands, in 40 countries and 20 languages, by the end of 2016. 100! That's no small figure and we've been pretty much obsessed with its efforts to hit it all year.

We won't be reviewing each and every single Fossil Group device partly because this mega plan is upending how we think about gadgets, wearables and connected accessories.

We're not talking 100 different spec lists, form factors, processors, screen tech etc etc but three main categories: accessories, smartwatches with screens and hybrids without screens and many, many different styles. There's actually only strictly about 20 - 30 devices listed.

If you're looking for a subtle, good-looking wearable check out the other designer collaborations and stylish wearables before scrolling your way through this little lot. At our count there's now 95 - impressive.

It's also worth noting that whatever Fossil's plans for 2017 (200?) the only devices on the list to score 8/10 (four stars) is the Misfit Ray and now the Misfit Phase. Sure, we have only tested a fraction so far but Fossil still has a ways to go getting function to match form. For starters, please no more flat tyres on the smartwatches.

Fossil Q Marshal (1-4)


This 46mm Android Wear watch is a bit of a looker as we found in our hands on review at IFA, and it's on sale now. It starts at and will fit any 22mm strap.


The Q Marshal comes in four different styles: all black, stainless steel, smoke stainless steel and grey (above right with the Wander). But as with all Fossil's Android Wear watches, it has an annoying flat tyre at the bottom of the screen.

, fossil.com

Fossil Q Wander (5-8)


A second Android Wear watch from Fossil's Q collection, this time with rose gold, stainless steel and black styles aimed at the ladies and anyone with a smaller, dressier wrist. On sale now.

, fossil.com

Fossil Q Crewmaster/Nate/Gazer/Tailor (9-20)

OK, now we're talking - Fossil Q also includes four smart analogue watches that come in three styles each. They just went on sale and do a really good job of bringing plenty of variety to smart analogue style. All the options handle alerts and fitness tracking in the same way. Here's a gallery.

From $175, fossil.com

Fossil Q Motion (21-26)


This is Fossil's version of the Misfit Ray (see below). It's a slim, cylindrical $95 tracker that uses LEDs - from beneath a Fossil logo no less - to help you stay on top of alerts. There are six different styles to choose from but it's actually disappeared from Fossil's online stores - we'll keep an eye out for its possible return.

Fossil Q54 Pilot (27)


A rather tasty-looking smart analogue watch that was announced way back a CES, the Q54 Pilot's design was inspired by vintage aviation. It starts at $175.

From $175, fossil.com

Michael Kors Access Crosby (28-31)


A dainty tracker, emblazoned with Michael Kors' name, the Access Crosby comes in four colours (above) and like the Kate Spade below incorporates mother of pearl and steel into the design.

, michaelkors.com

Michael Kors Access Reade (32-33)


The Crosby tracker also comes available as the Access Reade cuff, which costs a bit more than the Access at $125 and doesn't appear to be on sale yet. Get it in black/gold tone or white/silver tone with a wide crocodile embossed band.

Michael Kors Bradshaw Access (34-41)


Ready? You can get this + 44.5mm female focused Michael Kors Android Wear watch in eight styles including: tort gold, pave gold, gold/turquoise, silver, metallic blue and metallic brown.

From , michaelkors.com

Michael Kors Dylan Access (42-44)


The 45mm Dylan Access comes in just three styles - all black, blue/silver and gold/black. It starts at the same price as the Bradshaw and is a rubber affair with a more defined bezel. In our review, we found that it's bulky but screams high end.

From , michaelkors.com

Skagen Hagen Connected (45-48)


A - smart analogue watch that comes in four styles including titanium, with leather, steel mesh and silicone straps. On sale in September.

From , skagen.com

Skagen Connected Activity Tracker (49)


A Misfit-style activity and sleep tracker with interchangeable bands. On sale in October/"late fall".

Kate Spade Scallop Tracker (50-55)


This adorkable silicone fitness tracker could be a big seller - it's and really makes the most of Kate Spade motifs with cat ears, glitter, monochrome or gold/cream dots and monochrome striped styles. It's on sale now but we can only see four styles available in the online store.

, katespade.com

Kate Spade Bangle Tracker (56-58)


Slightly fancier is this $150 activity tracking bangle with mother of pearl - you can get it in the three styles above from November.

Kate Spade Metro Grand smartwatch (59-62)


Kate Spade's $250 smart analogue watch comes in three styles (black/rose gold as pictured, grey/silver tone and vachetta/gold tone) with cutesy watch face details.


It features three physical buttons on the right hand edge and has a bunch of straps. The 'hybrid smartwatch' is on sale in November.

Misfit Ray (63-68)


A slim, stylish Misfit tracker that you can wear with jewellery or a watch. You can buy it now in six colours - black, rose gold, navy, forest green, 'stainless steel' and gold - plus there are two new Apple-matching shades coming soon. And a bunch of accessories - paracord bracelets, necklaces, you name it.

, misfit.com | Amazon

Misfit Shine 2 (69-74)


Misfit's (other) activity and sleep tracker will soon come in six colours, four to match iPhone hues. In our review we found that its tracking is accurate, form factor is comfortable and battery life is awesome. Various bands, accessories and clips available.

, misfit.com | Amazon

Speedo Shine 2 (75)


The $120 successor to Misfit's first swim-focused wearable. In our review we found its lap counting data questionable but it is at least easy to use.

, misfit.com

Emporio Armani Connected (76-84)


This hybrid watch collection from Emporio Armani snuck in at the end of the year. The 22mm Armani Collected comes in rose gold-tone, black, gunmetal and stainless steel finishes with metal or leather bands.

From to , armani.com

Diesel Timeframe (85-88)


Diesel has put its sparkly Samsung collab behind it and come out with this new series of hybrid Timeframe watches. The first four stainless steel mens' watches all have big Diesel styling but don't seem to add much to the weight or size of a normal Diesel watch.

From , diesel.com

Diesel Jewel (89+)

We don't have any pics yet but the Jewel is Diesel's series of fitness trackers, following Fossil's lead last year with the Q Dreamer and Reveler bands. Look out for more details soon.

From , diesel.com

Misfit Phase (90-95)


In November, we got a surprise hybrid tracker from Misfit, the Phase, which comes in six styles - black, black and rose gold, rose gold, silver, navy and gold, and navy and grey. It's water resistant to 50m, there's leather and silicone straps and a small window at the bottom of the watch face with colours to assign to specific apps.

From , misfit.com

Still to come - Chaps hybrid watches?

The last brand to round out the Fossil Group stable is Chaps - we still haven't seen these yet so perhaps they will turn up in 2017.

Have we managed to miss any Fossil Group wearables or styles? Let us know in the comments.


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