Michael Kors Access Crosby fitness tracker is a more stylish Misfit Shine

New tracker keeps its focus on fashion

Michael Kors isn't just launching new smartwatches - it's also announced the Access Crosby fitness tracker, which offers Misfit-style features in a more stylish package.

The tracker, which comes in four colours, keeps an eye on the basic metrics - steps, calories, distance traveled - with an LED notifications in the middle that lights up to let you know if you're meeting your targets.

It also tracks your sleep and can be used to remotely control your phone's music playback - or even take a photo.

Speaking of phones, it'll work with both iOS and Android, and integrates with a handful of fitness apps: Jawbone UP, Apple HealthKit, Google Fit and UA Record. However there's no mention of whether you'll get smartphone notifications on the tracker.

The tracker doesn't need to be charged, running of a cell battery that will last for four months before needing to be replaced. It's also water resistant to 3 ATM.

But back to that design: the Crosby is primarily targeting this to the more fashion-conscious with its crocodile-embossed and diamond-cut silicone options.

You also can't ignore the similarities to the Misfit Shine in both look and features.

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In fact, when you consider that Fossil, which manufactures Michael Kors watches, also owns Misfit, it makes us wonder if this similarity is more than a simple inspiration.

But if the Crosby isn't quite to your liking, the tracker also comes in a cuff design named the Access Reade.

The Reade comes in either black and gold or white and silver, and essentially just puts the brains of the Crosby in a different outfit. It's not clear whether the tracker itself is interchangeable.

The new trackers will be available this Autumn, with the Crosby costing $95 and the Reade $125.

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  • DgDiane·

    Inaccurate, unhelpful, waste of money!

    I got this as my UP had given up the ghost, I thought this would be on a par but nicer looking.

    it took ages for it to connect and then only to my Ipad not my Iphone loses connection all the time.

    Sleep is not logged very well at it seems to log the whole night as asleep even though I've got up though the night. 

    Step counter completely wrong I go to the bathroom & it says over 200, my house is not that big overall.

    Then it only tells you that day and last week can't check history to compare workouts etc.

    Taking back hopefully will get cash back!

    Very disappointing!