New Fossil Q smart analogue watches bag September release date

Q Crewmaster, Q Nate, Q Gazer, Q Tailor all heading to our wrists
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Fossil has announced the availability of its smart analogue watches announced at Baselworld 2016, which are set to land on 28 September.

The range includes the Fossil Q Nate, Fossil Q Crewmaster, Fossil Q Gazer and the Fossil Q Tailor. They all build in a host of smart features and are pretty much the same watch, just with different stylings. All include fitness tracking with goal progress displayed on a second dial on the watch face.

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And the smartness doesn't end there. There's also a healthy dose of notification action, where you be notified about calls and messages from specific contacts on the watch itself. You set up a number for a contact and when they calls you'll get a vibration and the hands will point to corresponding number on the face.

There's also an alarm set via the app and the ability to add dual time zones.

A host of new watches

It's going to get mega confusing to explain the visual differences here, so check out the pictures and captions below – and let us know what you think.


Fossil Q Crewmaster – solid stainless steel build. Designed for men. $175


Fossil Q Tailor – leather straps, rose gold, simple styling. $175


Fossil Q Mate – quintessential Fossil watch style. $175


Fossil Q Glazer added bling on bezel and metal straps. $175

Want our opinion? Well you're going to get it anyway: these watches feel every bit as good as the likes of the Mondaine Helvetica No.1 Smart and the Withings Activité Steel – and ooze Fossil's classic design. If you like a Fossil watch, these are right on point. You wouldn't even know they were smart: and what greater compliment can a wearable get in 2016?

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