The new Oura Ring is all about finding your perfect sleep rhythm

No, that's not a Motiv Ring in disguise
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The original Oura Ring was a super smart, high-end luxury device that did 24/7 monitoring. However, its design divided opinion. It had a big old top that made it hard for everyone to get on board. The new Oura Ring changes that.

The new design is much sleeker, similar to the Motiv Ring. Actually, it looks kind of like a wedding ring - one even comes with diamonds. While it may be beautiful on the outside, it's also quite beautiful on the inside - from a features perspective.

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Those sensors on the underside and inside of the ring will let you see your sleep stages, body temperature, resting heart rate and heart rate variability. You'll of course be able to check out all of these things in the companion app for both iOS and Android.

All of this data will be used to let users know how they can get more restorative sleep and also align to their natural circadian rhythm for better sleep. And since your circadian rhythm is your body's natural 24-hour clock, the new Oura Ring hopes to help you find the optimal time to eat, sleep, rest and move.

As for the styles, there's the Heritage, which Oura says is the heir to the design of the first Oura Ring. This ring has a flat top that comes in a slightly different color than the rest of the ring, giving it a two-tone look that's slightly reminiscent of the Google Pixel.

The second ring is the Balance, which comes with a much sleeker design. You've got a slight hill at the top of the ring here, almost acting like a crest. Unlike the Heritage, which comes in four colors - black, silver, premium rose and 'stealth' - the Balance comes in three colors - black, silver, and premium rose.

Finally, there's the Balance Diamond, which is exactly as it sounds. It's the Balance ring with five 0.005ct diamonds lining the crest at the top. All of the new rings are made out of titanium rather than the zirconium of the original and are water resistant to 100m, so don't be afraid to take it swimming.

The new Oura Ring comes in two price points: for the Heritage and the Balance while the Balance Diamond is priced in at . They'll all ship in April 2018.

The new Oura Ring is all about finding your perfect sleep rhythm

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