We break down all the Michael Kors Access smartwatches, trackers and hybrids

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Michael Kors was straight out of the blocks with two Android Wear smartwatches last year and since then the designer's super stylish Access wearable tech collection has grown and grown.


Forming part of the wider Fossil Group connected accessories onslaught, all the Michael Kors wearables we've seen so far have been unashamedly fashion focused. There's even a hashtag for the collection – #AccessItAll for Instagram and Twitter with curated user images featured on the online store. Some models even do a pretty good job of mimicking existing styles in a bid to persuade customers to make the switch.

What can Michael Kors wearables do?

So what actually are they? The Michael Kors Access wearables can be split into three groups with styles for both men and women in each, aside from the trackers.

First up, the one getting all the attention – the full smartwatches with smartphone-style digital displays, running on Google's Android Wear operating system. The Michael Kors smartwatches connect to your phone via Bluetooth, work with both iPhone and Android, run apps and have customisable digital watch faces and themes.

Second, there's the hybrids. These look and feel like everyday Michael Kors watches and don't have a digital screen. But they do still have tech inside, connecting to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Features include auto time and date, activity and sleep tracking plus filtered vibrations when you get a call, message or notification on your phone. The 2017 styles also have remote control features from the 'pushers' – buttons – for selfies and phone controls.

Finally, we have the activity trackers which are disguised as jewellery. We guess men could pull off the cuffs but these are clearly aimed at women. Like the hybrids, these handle both alerts with vibrations plus basic Fitbit-style activity and sleep tracking.

So each of the smart accessories offers the features above, unless we specify otherwise. And all of them come in a whole range of colour, finish and material options so check out the full line-up before you buy. We've marked them by 'for women' or 'for men' but some styles straddle across these lines and, of course, all can be worn by anyone.

For women – on sale now

Michael Kors Bradshaw Access

michael kors wearables

The Bradshaw is one of two Michael Kors smartwatches that we've actually reviewed, scoring a solid three stars. This $350+ 44.5mm Android Wear watch for women is now available to buy in 10 styles (of varying prices) including tort gold, pave gold, gold/turquoise, silver, metallic blue and metallic brown.

It certainly retains the Michael Kors style but be warned, it is chunky on the wrist and it does feature the flat tyre cut-off of all Fossil Group's 2016 wearables.

From $350, | Amazon

Michael Kors Access Crosby

michael kors wearables

An everyday $95 tracker, with Michael Kors' name on the circular module, you can pick up the Access Crosby in four colours (pictured above). All feature mother of pearl and steel as part of the design, with a patterned silicone band.

$95, | Amazon

Michael Kors Access Reade

michael kors wearables

The Crosby tracker also comes available as the Access Reade cuff, priced at slightly more than the standard bracelet design. It's the same mother of pearl and stainless steel module though, just a dressier look. Get it in black/rose gold tone or white/silver tone with a wide crocodile embossed or plain leather band.


This accessory is currently part of Michael Kors' Watch Hunger Stop campaign so one tracker sold = 100 meals provided by the World Food Programme. Lovely.

$145, | Amazon

Michael Kors Access Varick & Thompson

We break down all the Michael Kors Access smartwatches, trackers and hybrids

MK has two more women's connected accessories options, both of which transform the main tracker module into jewellery. Each comes in gilded gold, rose gold or silver finishes with crystals or pavé set alongside the mother of pearl. Varick is a simple, elegant design whereas the Thompson open bangle is a bit more showstopper.

From $115, | Amazon

For men – on sale now

Michael Kors Dylan Access

michael kors wearables

Another Michael Kors smartwatch that we've tested, the Dylan Access is a 45mm watch, which is available in four styles – all black, blue/silver, gold/black and rose gold/black. (That last style suggests it's going for female buyers too).

The Dylan is a rubber watch with a sportier look plus a more defined bezel and that annoying flat tyre on the screen – boo. In our review, we liked its high end looks and sporty watch face options but again, wished for a slimmed down watch.

From $350, | Amazon

Michael Kors Access Slim Runway

We break down all the Michael Kors Access smartwatches, trackers and hybrids

This hybrid smartwatch actually comes in both men's and women's styles but the overall design, price and features are almost identical. A 42mm stainless steel case that's waterproof to 3 ATM, the Slim Runway comes in black tone, gold tone, pavé silver and pavé gold. We don't actually know how slim it is, but it has arrived on the US online store sooner than we expected.

From $295, | Amazon

Michael Kors Access Gage

We break down all the Michael Kors Access smartwatches, trackers and hybrids

Joining the Slim Runway in the non-digital screen section is the Gage, a classic smart analogue watch with a larger 45mm watch face and three prominent buttons. Again this is silver-tone stainless steel with a leather strap. This was announced at Baselworld and is already on sale – promising for the rest of the line-up. We haven't reviewed any Michael Kors hybrid watches yet but stay tuned for tests.

$275, | Amazon

Smartwatch straps

We break down all the Michael Kors Access smartwatches, trackers and hybrids

If you already own an Android Wear Michael Kors watch, you can also buy straps once you get bored of the one you got in the box. These are priced at $40 for silicone straps, $50 for leather straps and $95 for stainless steel.


The additional 22mm bands are available for both the Access Bradshaw and Access Dylan with bright colours, perforated, embossed and two tone metal. We assume the Sofie and Grayson, below, will get the same treatment. Right now there's a bigger selection (19) at the US store than the UK one (9).

From $40,

For women – next season

Michael Kors Access Sofie

We break down all the Michael Kors Access smartwatches, trackers and hybrids

Michael Kors' next proper Android Wear smartwatch for women will be the Access Sofie, which goes in a different direction to the Bradshaw, one more in line with the Varick and Thompson smart jewellery that's already on sale.

From a tech point of view, we're glad to see that the flat tyre has disappeared so this is a fully round AMOLED screen and it will arrive running the latest Android Wear 2.0 software. Features include a Michael Kors My Social app that lets you customise your watch face from your Instagram feed.

Aside from the fact that Sofie ditches the chunky watch lugs, all we know at this point is that the watch will be sleeker and slimmer than the Bradshaw and come in a range of styles, some featuring pavé accents on the thin bezel.

The price is still TBA but we do know the Access Sofie will land for 'Holiday 2017', which could mean as late as December.

New Michael Kors women's hybrid watches

We break down all the Michael Kors Access smartwatches, trackers and hybrids

We already have the female-friendly styles of the Slim Runway (above) but back at Baselworld we were told to expect some more. The upcoming women's hybrid styles don't have model names yet but we know to expect them in the autumn with all the usual activity and alert features plus the remote control button customisation too. Details and prices are unknown aside from the fact that we should expect a range of styles and colours.

For men – next season

Michael Kors Access Grayson

We break down all the Michael Kors Access smartwatches, trackers and hybrids

Launching alongside the Access Sofie in 'Holiday' 2017 is the also unpriced Access Grayson. It's more of a business-friendly everyday watch than the sporty Dylan and will arrive with an all-metal design, no doubt stainless steel, and Android Wear 2.0 as the OS.

Like the Sofie, it will have a fully round AMOLED display which alone is enough of a step up to perhaps wait for this model to go on sale.

Verdict: Michael Kors Access Grayson review

We don't know any other specs or details yet, with just the one pic, but we do know it's aimed at "the man on the go" and will work with interchangeable straps in case you want to go with leather instead.

New Michael Kors men's hybrid watches

We break down all the Michael Kors Access smartwatches, trackers and hybrids

When it comes to hybrids, ultimately, Michael Kors is planning to make every single men's watch in its collections connected. So we're not going to detail all those here. The new strategy will kick in around autumn 2017 according to Michael Kors CEO John D Idol, speaking at this year's Baselworld watch fair. Though MK also said in a release that the new men's hybrids won't arrive until the end of the year. Still, in time the designer will stop selling non-connected mens wristwatches altogether. Bold moves.

No word on a similar plans for women's watches yet, we assume this will take longer as per the size of the components and the size of the existing form factors.