Wear OS on iPhone: Our guide to getting your iOS smartwatch fix

What you can and can't do with Wear on iOS

Wear OS by Google lets iPhone users pair a Wear watch and get an experience almost as good as those treading the pure Android smartphone-pairing path.

Of course, those of you who previously ran an older version of the software will know that most Wear watches already worked with iOS, but the experience was very limited. Since Wear 2.0 landed in February 2017, though, many more features have been rolled in, and although Android smartphone users will still have a few exclusive extras, it's definitely much better now for the iPhone. So much so that in 2018 Google renamed Android Wear to Wear OS, a way of better communicating that iPhone users can use these watches too.

So, if you've thought about avoiding the Apple Watch and instead buying a Skagen Falster or Michael Kors Access Sofie ‚Äď or like the look of the Ticwatch E or Fossil Q Explorist ‚Äď but are tied to Apple's mobile operating system, Wear OS brings you closer than ever to getting the best of both worlds.

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Explore below to find out what you can and can't do with Wear on your iPhone, as well as what devices are compatible. We'll also walk you through the setup.

Wear OS on iOS: Which devices work?

Wear OS on iPhone: Our guide to getting your iOS smartwatch fix

First thing first: you need an iPhone 5 or later with at least iOS 9 installed in order to use your Apple phone with a Wear watch.

Second, obviously, you need a Wear watch that works with iOS. Over time, Google has expanded compatibility out to just about every model, and even some of the oldest ones that didn't 'officially' get support have still worked when we tried.

Also, every watch that got the Android Wear Oreo update also got the Wear OS update, so unless you're using a much older device, you should already have all the new branding. If you didn't get the full rebranding, fear not, as you'll still be able to pair with iOS.

Wear OS on iOS: Initial setup

Android Wear on iPhone: Our guide to getting your iOS smartwatch fix

Pairing your Wear watch with an iPhone is a fairly straightforward procedure, but if your device is already linked to a different phone, remember to give it a factory reset first. To do this, head into System and hit Disconnect & Reset.

Once you're ready, first download the Wear OS by Google app on your iPhone from the App Store. Then simply fire up the smartwatch and select the button to pair a new Wear device.

You'll need to select your watch from the list in the iOS app and verify the connection on both devices. To set up a new watch in the app, hit the menu button on the left side of the home screen and hit 'Set up a new watch'. Once that's done, the app will update the watch's software to the latest version and ask you to select the Google account you want to copy over.

After a minute or so of preparation, your watch should start running, presenting you with a Wear tutorial that walks you through the basics of notifications and using Google Assistant. It's short and definitely worth paying attention to.

Wear OS on iOS: What it does

Android Wear on iPhone: Our guide to getting your iOS smartwatch fix

Wear OS now lets iOS users do a lot more, and in time, with updates and more third-party apps, the experience will get even better.

Probably the biggest change for iOS users since Wear 2.0 was introduced is the fact that it puts a Google Play Store on the watch itself. This is actually huge for iOS, as it lets you run all the same standalone apps you would with an Android phone. You'll be able to load up the store on the watch, browse and download apps just as people paired with an Android smartphone can.

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Google Assistant is also built into Wear as a standalone app, which means iOS users are able to use this on the watch (just don't make Siri jealous). With the Assistant and Play Store on the watch, it's a good idea to get it connected to your Wi-Fi as soon as possible.

But maybe the biggest surprise is that Google Pay (previously Android Pay) also works for iOS, giving iPhone users an alternative wearable payment option to Apple Pay. How far we've come.

When it comes to notifications, the experience is also pretty good with texts, emails, calendar reminders ‚Äď plus all third-party apps too, whether it's WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. And when you dismiss them on the watch, they'll disappear from your iPhone notification screen, so the two really are working in unison.

Watches like the ZTE Quartz come with LTE and a built in speaker/mic, meaning you can make and take calls on them. Carriers such AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile let you share your number across both devices (which makes more sense than having a separate one just for your smartphone, unless you're actually Dick Tracy). This also works on iOS, handily.

Music controls work with Apple Music and third-party apps like Spotify, too, and you even get album artwork on your wrist now.

Your Wear device will count your steps and provide the basic activity metrics of Google Fit while you're paired with iOS ‚Äď but on the smartwatch only. It's not transferred across to Apple Health, sadly, but then we'd be surprised if Apple were so generous as to open that gate.

Wear OS on iOS: What it doesn't do

Wear OS on iPhone: Our guide to getting your iOS smartwatch fix

There are still some limitations in using iOS with Wear OS. For example, iMessages won't come through, as these are only supported on iOS. Integration with the calendar and emails is also a bit more limited.

When we tried asking the Assistant to mark reminders in the diary we were simply directed to the phone, while doing this when paired with an Android phone meant Assistant actually scheduled it for us.

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However, you can switch on rich Gmail cards, which allow you to archive and reply to Gmail messages directly from the wrist, including with voice. In fact, when you link your Google account during setup it also links your Gmail account. This means Gmail messages come straight from a built-in app rather than any smartphone app you may usually use on the iPhone.

Wear OS on iOS: The iPhone app

Wear OS on iPhone: Our guide to getting your iOS smartwatch fix

When Google rebranded Android Wear as Wear OS it came with a new app on both Android and iOS.

And while you do have more options through the Wear app, there's still not a whole lot going on here. The home screen will show you your paired devices and prompts to download updates, should there be any available. Tap the menu icon at the top left and you'll be met with a button to set up a new watch.

There are also some settings below where you can tweak notifications, Google Assistant and the calendar. That last one is important, as you can choose whether you want your email and calendar updates to come from your Google or Apple account. Just make sure you've set it to the one you normally use. No Play Store link ‚Äď you have to go directly to that on the watch or install via the browser.

Aside from that, there's not an awful lot else to see, especially as Wear now handles a lot on the watch itself. You can change a couple of screen configurations, and there's the settings option for Google Assistant that allows you to manage smart home control and set a whole host of Assistant prompts, including setting alarms, playing music and asking Google questions.

Really, beyond the initial setup, you're probably not going to be coming back in here too often, but that's fine. Wear is still limited in some ways, but iOS users who plump for a Google-based wearables are now getting a much more feature-rich experience.

Got any questions about using Wear OS on an iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • ZJNM·

    Did you mean ios 8.0.2 for ios 8.2

    • ZJNM·

      Ios 8.0.2 or ios 8.2

  • pcumming·

    Can you explain how you download the separate 15 watch faces?

    "You can also change the watch face although, as no Google Play access is on offer, you are limited to the official Android Wear designs, as well as around 15 more that Google has deemed appropriate - these need to be dowloaded separately"

    • MattFromPhilly·

      You have to be in the Android Wear app on the iPhone. Where it says Watch faces with three to choose from, click the MORE button. That shows you all of the default faces. At the bottom hit Get more watch faces to go to the additional options. For each one, you have to select it and then hit INSTALL. Any that you already installed will show UNINSTALL instead.

      • Paul21·

        I have Android Wear on my Iphone 6 to work with the LG Urbane but I do not have the section that shows watch faces in the Android wear app, only shows TIPS.

        • mlt·

          I have the same issue.  IPhone 6Plus paired with LG Urbane.  Watch is paired but Android Wear has no options to change watch faces.

          • fvdb·

            Same problem here.  Iphone SE only shows tips below the LG watch picture.  Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

            • pch3982·

              Yep, get a 'Droid phone already...

            • Ute·

              I had the same problem.  Update your watch's OS, etc, and the watch faces should show up. Though I had some difficulty doing so, I updated my LG Urbane from 1.1.1.something to 1.4 (via the phone's system update button). That solved the problem for me. 

      • k60sgb·

        are there any plans to introduce more apps which will allow for other watch faces to be added via an Iphone, or is there a workaround to this problem as there are hundreds of other faces on google play.

  • Brady·

    Would I be able to put apps like Endomondo or Golfshot on my Sony Smartwatch 3 if I have it paired with an iPhone?

    • Qwertyu·


  • pauls·

    What about heart rate sensors? Can for example my strava app on the iphone access heart rate date?

  • Tmatysij·

    how do you open app on iPhone so watch stays connected?

    • Doug64·

      Once you open the "Android Wear" app on your iPhone, go to your watch and tap re-connect. Leave the Android Wear app running in the background of your phone. Do not force quit the app and you should be all set

  • Cait1225·

    do you think they will ever open up interactive notifications? Or if anyone In the jailbreak community is working on this? I ordered a zenwatch 2. I know it's not the fanciest option out there, but the smaller size suits my fancy, and I like the square look. Right now I'm fine with just being able to view notifications. Comes in handy when you're at a place where whipping out your phone isn't always appropriate (school/work) but if it's an emergency, it's nice to be able to see. I got the zenwatch over the apple watches cheapest option in case I decided to switch over to android, no need to buy a new watch too. Also, in case I change my mind and try to resell the watch I'll have a larger purchasing audience. 

  • JayStern·

    I just got the Hiawei smart watch, and I love it. 

    I have an iPhone, and realize that customizing my watch face seems to be imposed. So, I have a few questions. 

    1) If I bought an Android tablet and new watch faces, could I store them into my watch, and then re-pair with my iPhone, while keeping new faces?

    2) Is there another way to buy, edit new faces and get them into the Android Wear for iPhone app?

    3) Are there any plans that Google will add new faces, or third party face developers to their app?

    4) Or does it look like this is all we get for the foreseeable future?

    Thank you kindly. 


  • Perkins·

    yes will change next time

  • catsynth·

    I have both Android and iOS phones.  If I pair it with my Android device, get 3rd party apps, and then pair it back to iOS, will those 3rd party apps still work (at least standalone)?

    • Bxs0001·

      catsynth, did it work??

  • ZiadAlAlaf·

    Hi, i am using Tag Heuer Connected with Android wear on iPhone. It works perfectly absolutely no problems, except that i am not getting the contacts photos on the watch when receiving calls or messages. Any ideas how to fix this. Thnx

    • PJSCOTT·

      I just received my Tag Heur Connected and bluetooth continually drops, 9.3.2, Tag Support say this is apples doing and there is no workaround at the moment. Any ideas? 

  • solmai·

    it's rain battery so fast Moto360 (2nd) and warm. and can't charge until disconnect blutooth with iphone. any one have same problem?

  • JayH·

    I just purchased a 360 sport watch.  I was told it would track and record my heart rate continuously but as of now I can only see my current rate  then tap to rescan.  Is there an app that I should have to record the continuous heart rate.

  • wAi724·

    I'm using Aerlink on my iPhone to connect with my watch, I used an old android phone to load all the faces I wanted on to my watch and so far it's perfectly fine

    • storm77·


      how have you done that ???

      As it wont let you pair 2 devices at once. 

      I have iphone 6s+ and sony smartwatch 3

    • marnone79·

      i have aerlink but its not syncing to my zenwatch 2, suggestions?

  • robo·

    I am a technophobe and however much I read about it I cannot understand what does and does not work with IOS and Android smartwatches. I want to buy a Haewai watch which has a microphone and speaker so does it let you make and receive calls direct from the watch or should I just bin IOS and buy an android phone???!!!

  • Viabhav·

    Hi there, I received the Huawei watch as a gift and I use iPhone. I see it has limited functionality but will I be able to control 'Music' app through the watch? For example, select songs, pause/play etc? Also, I've downloaded heaps of Google Apps on my iPhone. Will those apps (that are comaptible with the watch) work with the phone? If yes, it will do 80% of what I want it to do. Otherwise, I will look at selling it. Please advise. 

  • Fah1m·

    This article has cleared many of my doubts and so far the most helpful one of them all. However there are a few more areas which should have been covered, mainly the extra limitations when android wear(1.4) is paired with an iPhone.

    1. there is no Bluetooth or WiFi option in the settings menu. android has it.

    2. you cannot unpair with an iPhone and pair it with an android right away, it prompts for a factory reset. so i have to erase everything if i have to switch between android or ios.

    3. no phone call/contacts call option if you pair this to an iPhone. android has it.

    4. watch faces are very very limited.

    Chances are you might lose interest in the device much sooner if it is paired to an iPhone.

    Hope android wear 2.0 solves these issues.

  • techiegurlz·

    Hi,The article is quite informative.

    But I am facing a problem with my Moto 360(2nd gen) getting disconnected continuously from my Iphone. Any idea what could be the issue? Both the SW are up-to-date.

    Also once I connected to my Iphone after unpairing from my android phone the Wi-fi option vanished.

  • amordor·

    Just bought a refurbished Moto360 (1st) and was hoping to pair it with my iPhone but nothing happens after the factory reset of the Moto360 watch. Apparently, my phone (loaded with the latest version of Android Wear cannot "find" the watch. Is the Moto360 (1st) even compatible with the iPhone? or must I have a Moto360 (2nd)? HELP!

  • bradwexler·

    my android wear watch receives phone calls from my iphone, but does not receive text notifications.  any thoughts?

  • RebeccaC·

    I'm excited to get my new watch on Monday. The LG Urbane. I prefer to wear my watch with the face on the inside of my wrist. Will that interfere with its ability to register heart rate? TIA

  • Jlamotte·

    I bought an LG Urbane w150, all notifications come thru but no Bluetooth nor wi-fi options, paired with iPhone 6s Plus, running and rid wear 1.5.0 2884951, watch says system is up to date.

  • pfeifmal·

    I am using IPhone 6 and Android wear with ASUS ZEN Watch 2 with latest updates.

    The Call quality in my car over bluetooth is really bad if the ZEN Watch is

    connected in parallel.

    Is it possible to cut the Watch BT Connection during BT call?



    • ColonelKlinc·

      Same here. The bluetooth in my car is really scratchy with the Moto 360 connected at the same time. 

  • rimass·

    Is it possible to set a call  between the watch and iphone and use the microphone and speaker from the watch? Or is this  also no feature of AW2.0 ?

  • Jimt29·

    Thanks for all the info. Have the Huawei with the iPhone 5. All work fine. Looking forward to the 2.0 update 

  • Laureentiu·

    hey! i'm happy to use LG URBAN 2 and sync with iphone 5s and IOS 9.2.1

    I'm not happy with that when i sync my LG with iPhone the bluetooth and wifi settings disappears from my LG URBAN 2 settings. If i pair the watch with an android device this functionality is remaining there. I use last AW version. Why is that like this?

  • Matt_biddle·

    can you access your photo gallery with the watch

  • SHane12·


  • Mark1975·

    mail notifications from Iphone SE to a Fossil Q founder is not working.

    Does anyone know with which mail app the notifications on the Fossil Q founder do work?

  • vclay06·

    tried all the options to charge Michael Kors Bradshaw smartphone using computer USB, ac adapter that I use for iPhone and it will not charge.  Finally powered off the smartwatch to see if that would help.  Now cannot get the smartwatch on.  When I use the power on button on side of watch it will show the batch life symbol, but will not go to the screen.  What now?

  • Mihal·

    got the MK Bradshaw - using with iPhone 6. Can't seem to get texts to show on watch. Any ideas?

  • twinagigi·

    I got the new Michael Kors Bradshaw smart watch and I love it. It works perfectly with my iPhone 6, except for the maps app doesn't show up on my watch. Is there a trick or something that I can do to make this happen. 

  • Pooh·

    Can i use any tracking app between moto 360 gen 2 and iphone6 ?

  • OmerNamankani·

    any news about the big update yet so we can enjoy this amazing watch on Iphones???

  • Merwin·

    just wanted to know when is the update will be released so that i can use my tag heuer connected with my iphone 7 plus?

  • username1·

    I have an asus zenwatch 2 paired with IOS.  It came preinstalled with jawbone up step tracker.  However, an update to asus removed that app from the watch.   Now I cannot get UP back on the watch due to the 3rd party limitation of androidwear for IOS.  

    I understand the adb process but the problem is if I connect to an android phone via android wear and load it up, then try to reconnect to my iphone, the only way to do that is to unpair which removes the apps from the phone.

    It appears you have done this somehow without losing the apps.  Once you have repaired with iphone through android wear how do you sideload the apps to the watch?  Every tutorial I have watched uses the android wear app to create the connection.  Again, if this is done it forces me to reset the watch and lose the apps.  

    Id appreciate any help. Thank you

  • joelleee·

    what about contacts? I can't see any of my contacts list on my watch. You're suppose to have 3 scrolls, the second is suppose to be contacts. Is that something we don't get as well on the iPhone? 

  • zakernet·

    Has anyone gotten AW 2.0 to work with the iphone? I don't have an android phone also.

  • jccisneros92·


    I just got an MK Access Smartwatch today, and I'm not sure but does the "Open on Phone" action only work when connected to an Android device? I'm aware replying is not compatible with iOS, but do actions also only work with Android?

    I haven't been able to do do any action other than blocking the notifications for the app.

  • Merwin·

    Tag Heuer Connected now is able to connect with iPhone 7 or Plus. Upgrade your watch software until you see software numbered M1D64B on your watch.

  • Anza·


    Is there any way to transfere music to my smartwatch 3 while its paired with my Iphone 6?

    Thats a nice benefit with this watch, cause it has 2GB storage. But I cant figure out how to do it.

  • Rachaelm·

    I'm using a Michael kors snartwatch with my iPhone. Up to date on software to latest versions but my watch only gives me real time updates/ info and Facebook etc notifications when the actual app is open on my phone. My watch says it's disconnected when my phone is in another app or on lock screen. Can you help? 

  • Breeno·

    how do you set up ringing/contacts on the watch???

  • Trent·

    I have a question will the android wear app on iOS work with smart watches that are cheap 

  • JackTEdm·

    I have an iPhone 6S and bought the Fossil Q 2.0 and have downloaded the app, gone to the Fossil store etc. I'm still having issues with sustaining connection from my watch to my phone. After they connect via bluetooth, they will disconnect about one minute after I turn my phone off. How do I keep them paired?

  • silverwolf335·

    hi how good would the gear s 3 frontier be with an iPhone 7 plus??? 

  • Okaywhatever·

    Im looking at buying a moto 360 2nd gen. Would I get notifications from snapchat, instagram, ext.

  • Okaywhatever03·

    Hello everyone, I have a couple questions about a moto 360 2nd gen. I am looking to purchase this product but would i get notifications from 3rd party apps? As in snapchat, instagram, kik,ext


  • RP3·

    Hey JNC,

    Are you still running android wear 2.0 on your urbane 2 connected to iphone?  I can't seem to get the watch to pair with an iphone 7.  I thought it did at first but since then, it gets stuck right after it checks for updates.  I can get it to work when pairing to android phone.  I even reset the watch and unpaired it to iphone and cleared out bluetooth connections.

  • Onixne·

    so if I have Michael Kors Smartwatch Access and iPhone 6 There is no way in replying to messages fromy watch?

  • Maudi25·

    I have a Motorola 360 Sport and the notifications on cellular data does not come through. Any suggestions? 

    • Maudi25·

      Forgot to add using IPhone 6 with the Motorola 360 sport

  • aoeo·

    Hello good people.

    I have a Huawei Watch which I paired with my iPhone 6. I have read through the comments and found all the limitations that I have faced myself described. Except one. When I pair the devices, I am unable to use WiFi on the phone (I have to use operator data). Dos anyone have the same issue? If so, can something be done about it? Thanks a lot.

  • tchowbella·

    re Nixon Mission and iPhone iOS 10.2: 

    1. why is watch disconnecting from iPhone despite Android Wear always on in background?

    2. How do I get Weather to work? I keep getting error msg: "could not retrieve weather, unknown error." I have already made sure that Google (News and ) Weather on iPhone is associated with same gmail address as watch...is this something that will take til February 2017 update?

    3. How far can watch be from iPhone to remain connected? Is it communicating with iPhone via wireless or Bluetooth or both?

    4. How do I prevent watch from interfering with Bluetooth earbuds when I am on a call and prefer to talk through the earbud/mic set? I had to Forget the watch to straighten this out last week, which led to lots of rebooting, etc. for the Mission.

  • GAriza·

    I just got a Fossil Q Marshal and I have an IPhone 5s already paired with the watch but the notifications aren't coming, please help

  • Lindzlu07·

    Is there an actual date set for the 2017 update? And will the update make cerythibg more compatible for iPhone users? I just got a Fossil Q Wander for Christmas and love it but would love to be able to do more on it.

  • LJSven·

    Hello, is there any chance to install Google Maps on the watch and using a IPhone as a device?

  • Fitooner·

    I have an iPhone 6s paired with a fossil q 2 generation, but I can't see my contacts or get text notifications can you help?

    • Hejzenberg·

      Hello, you need to set allow all desired notifications in your iPhone Notifications setup like this:

      "Show on Notifications Center" to ON

      "Show on Lock Screen"  to ON

      I'm curious if you get any sound or not when receiving them.

  • Hejzenberg·

    Hello all! I have a Huawei Watch and iPhone 6 paired, works almost perfectly with limited possibilities, but I cannot get any sounds at all when it notifies me to a-mails, reminders, calendar event, messenger, etc.. Just and only gives sound for phone calls...that sounds great! Ideas?? That's very annoying..making this device useless with it's weak vibration.

    • Hejzenberg·

      OK, it's clarified by the Huawei support team. No sound effects on notifications if paired with iPhone. :( No fitness tracking, no 3rd party apps at all. So it's a question mark...worth or not?

  • Markj·

    Hi I am wearing a Fossil Q Marshall and using an Iphone.

    Can I sink my work email to the watch? it is not a GMail account.

    • RP3·

      I don't think you can unfortunately get your email.  You cannot respond to messages unless you have cellular activated on the lg urbane 2 and use att numbersync which from what I read drains the battery quickly.  My battery seems to run down even though I don't have cellular activated on the watch.   I have and iPhone 7 and an old Samsung gs3 which I wanted to see the difference.  My Samsung is not an active phone though.  So far there is a huge difference.  With android you get the wifi and Bluetooth and you can download music to your watch...at least my lg urbane 2nd edition watch can.  I can play music on the speaker of my watch to via Bluetooth headphones.  The speaker is quite loud surprisingly.  I still luv the watch and I hope android wear 2.0 changes this.  But we still need and android wear app on the Apple Store that will work with AW 2.0.  

      My Samsung is too old so I couldn't see the full benefits of aw2.0.  But I did play around with preview 4 of aw2.0 and it's pretty neat.  

      • Hejzenberg·

        Hello Markj,

        I can get my work mails to my Huawei Watch through my iPhone6, also Gmail letters without problem. I assume some setups need to be done in Notification settings in you iPhone's menu. If you do not let your Mail application to send notifications to your lock screen, it may not work. But believe me, I just switched this mail push function OFF, since it's very annoying to swipe them away after a while on your hand, meanwhile important calendar notifications can be ignored easily.

  • dheleine·

    Does anyone know if you have Android wear 2.0 if you will be able to use the Zello Walkie Talkie app paired with an iPhone since you can get Zello on the Google Play Store and on the iPhone App store?

  • Gheerolfs·

    Does anyone have a sollution for the following.  I use the POLAR M600 for several months now in combination with my IPHONE 5S (IOS version 10.2.1).  Yesterday i noticed that the ANDROID WEAR app crashes on start.  As a consequence i can't pair my watch and upload my sportfiles..

  • Rudy77·

    Hi. I have a Huawei Watch paired with iPhone 7. I downloaded Android Wear 2.0, but have no ability to connect to Wifi via phone and can hence not connect to play store? Was this not supposed to be possible? Any other way to finally get apps? Thank you

  • Ghani·

    You are limited to Bluetooth connectivity in AW1.5 when paired with iOS. In AW2.0, can Android Wear receives notifications via wifi connectivity like Apple Watch to iPhone/Android Wear to Android Phone?  Can someone with AW2.0 and iPhone clarify please

  • MichelTurk·
    1. There’s this awesome app called GrabPoints. In a nutshell they pay you for trying out new apps and answering a couple of surveys. I love using it because they are always active on social media giving out points and the rewards are always fair. Like just for signing up you already get $1 then if you use a friend’s invite code you get 500 PTS and easy AND your friend gets points in return too! See even simply inviting people earns you money. If you ever happen to try GRABPOINTS please use my invite code: S6FMAC Hope this helps!
  • mcharles·

    I have had my Huawei watch for some time and have it connected with my iPhone 7 plus. My only issue is that I cannot reply to text messages or whatsapp messages from the watch. I can reply to emails but not texts messages. Is there a way to fix this?

  • StevenGeorge·

    I have the same issue.. can't reply on whatsapp messages.. only receiving notifications. really frustrating 

  • Bill123·

    I recently switched from android to Iphone 7 plus and I have the LG Watch STyle.  I can't connect to the google play store unless I am connected to wifi.. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing? , I want to download apps using phone data when I am not near wifi.

    • Jimt28·

      Same here. Sure could use some help getting wifi password entered on the iPhone.

      • SpaniardUnited·

        To log in to WiFi, you need to have your iPhone unlocked. Try connecting on the watch and it prompts a screen to enter the password on the phone. Tap the screen and a box should pop up on the iPhone. You might have to do this a couple of times.

  • Jimt28·

    to use the Play Store you need wifi connected. The Huawei Watch asks that the wifi password be "Entered on the phone".  The IPhone (7) offers no opportunity to enter a wifi password so I can't set up wifi.

    Anybody have a suggestion how to get the wifi password entered?

  • Iandamian·

    hi I am using iPhone 7 with IOS 10.3.1 

    Using a Q Marshall with Andriod wear 2.0. I downloaded google maps onto my watch but somehow it just can't give me navigational directions anywhere. Nor does it seem to sync with my map when I use the app on my mobile. 

    Can anyone help ? How do I use google maps on my watch and get it to give me directions to a location ? And is the maps and phone sync function only for android phones? 

    • LucianoTimo·

      I have the same problem, maybe it doesn't work with apple. 

  • Jace0307·

    I have a Huawei watch and an Iphone 6 plus. how can i load my custom watch faces. I downloaded the watchmaker app on the watch but it only has 2 options to choose from. Where do I go to add my watch faces so it see them in the list. If i pay for the premium app on the IOS for watchmaker can I upload all my custom watch faces I have in there? I don't want to pay for the app if i cant use it the way i need to. I know Apple is very limited to what they let you do.

  • ramuruge·

    Does android wear app on iPhone always needs to be open at the background to have it connected with my iPhone?

    • c.allison·

      Hi, Ramuruge. In our experience, connection will last for a couple of minutes when the app isn't running in the background before you're prompted with a code to sync back up to your phone. 

  • LucianoTimo·


    When I get notification from WhatsApp I can't answer them, should I be able to?

    Also navigation with google maps, I can see the map but when I touch a place the "navigation" arrow appears in the down side of the screen but I'm not able to touch it, I mean, I touch it but nothing happens. 

  • Stampy36·

    Hello, what is the name of the watch face on the 1st picture? Is it an original face from a brand?

  • SamWich24·

    I have an iphone6s and am looking into the LG Urbane as the Apple watches are a bit over priced. All the information I keep getting contradicts one another. Say someone with an iPhone texts my iPhone, would the watch not come up with a notification? This article made it sound like it wouldn't but others say it can. Is there someone who has an iPhone and the Urbane on here who can tell me if it works? What can you do and what can't you? Please help. Thank you. 

  • scottisathome·

    hi! I got a lg smartwatch sport and following to use with an iphone 7plus. The google assistance will not enable. keeps saying to check my phone. When I do, nothing is there to activate or turn on. It's all set up. Your guide said it was working but android wear was not any help. Any suggestions? I tried turning off bluetooth and it doesn't do anything differently.

  • mvaden21·

    I have a Fossil q founder paired with my iphone. it has the 2.0 Android wear. I get all notifications besides my messages. Ive been reading all day, and some say they can AT LEAST have the message notification show up on their watch and I don't even have the ability to do that. I am getting aggravated because I may have to take my watch back and sped an arm and leg for a watch that at least has message notifications to pop up. Am I not doing something right? Is there anything I can do? PLEASE HELP!

  • evillevi·

    I am using a Huawei watch paired with an iPhone 5s which has Android Wear 2.0 installed. I only get notifications for Apple agenda and incoming calls. Everything is switched to "on" in notification centre on the iPhone. I don't get it.

  • 0b5353n·

    Can you see the notes on your watch which you have on your iphone ?

  • EdMerino·

    I have the Huawei Watch and I can’t sincronize the WhatsApp aplication that I have with my new IPhone X with the watch. Help please!

  • Thomas_Bouillot·

    When will the watch be able to work with an iphone 7 (ios 10 and +). In order to have as much power as with an Android? Thank you

  • Danielleblo·

    Hi , I have an iPhone 6s and a smartwatch of Micheal Kors Access Sofie. Al the latest updates are installed. But I can not activate "location" on my MK watch. I have looked on my iPhone at settings but there was nothing where I could activate location in the Waer OS app. Does anyone have the answer for this? thank you

  • STEFA·

    1. Hola. tengo un kate spade Smartwacht y no encuentro una app compatible con iphone para hacer llamadas. ???? AYUDA

  • Faithfulldog·

    Will WearOS on Tag Connect 45 work in China

  • Vek177·

    Hi I have an iPhone X and just received a Michael Kors ‚ÄúGrayson‚ÄĚ smart watch. Did the set up with google wear OS. I really your article and are you saying I won‚Äôt be able to re I‚Äôve text messages at all on this watch? I synced everything and have received a call and it showed up. It no messages at all. There is t even a section on the watch itself for text messages. Any help would be greatly apprec