MyZone MZ-3 offers handicapped heart rate challenges

HRM belt now on sale, bringing incentive based bpm training
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The MyZone MZ-3 is now on sale - a heart rate monitoring chest strap that offers a whole lot more than simple bpm recording.

MyZone has been in the bpm business a long time, mainly dealing with gyms and health clubs. The company's first consumer facing device aims to add a level of competition to regular heart rate training.

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The idea is a simple one: people train with the Mz-3 on - whether that be running, rowing, swimming, cycling, a session in the gym or whatever other activity gets the ticker going - and earn points based on their bpm.

However, rather than simply scoring highly based on a big reading, the MyZone platform studies a user over time and handicaps their levels - of which there are five, all colour coded - depending on their statistics.

That means that a casual 5k runner can take on a ultra-marathon champion for a set period - and earn points based on their own individual performance levels.

The partner app gamifies things a step further by offering league tables and challenges, and there's a huge social side to it too - with users able to see their contacts' recent workouts and points scored.

Wareable has had the MyZone MZ-3 strapped on for the last couple of months and, as well as finding the bpm metrics extremely accurate, the incentive to earn points and better your pals is the real USP with the platform.

Like the Wahoo Tickr X, the MZ-3 has an internal memory - capable of storing 16 hours of data - so you don't always have to exercise while carrying your smartphone. However, should you want to workout with your mobile - you are treated to live stats on the app.

The MZ-3 is also Ant+ compatible, so you can pair it up with an array of fitness apps and devices such as the Apple Watch, Strava, Garmin running watches and MapMyRun.

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There's also a MyZone MZ-50 Watch that can be paired with the strap to provide live stats during workouts.

The MZ-3 has a 7 month battery life from a single charge and is waterproof down to 10m - so it's suitable to swimming too.

The MyZone MZ-3 costs and comes in three sizes. There's also a MyZone sports bra , which the MZ-3 clips into.

The MZ-50 Watch is ; or you can buy a combo of the watch and belt for .

Stay tuned to Wareable, we'll be publishing our full MyZone MZ-3 review soon.

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