Best fitness trackers and wearables for HIIT workouts

These are the devices to take to your next high intensity training session
Wearables for HIIT workouts

It's fair to say that HIIT or high intensity interval training is a popular choice for gym goers right now who want to sweat it out when time is short, or just when you think the hour session on the treadmill isn't doing you any good. The short, intense bursts of exercise with or without gym equipment can quickly ramp up that heart rate and to help fight the fat.

If you want to keep a closer eye on those sessions or want to do some HIIT in the comfort of your own home, there are a handful of wearables that now make it possible with more on the way. It's not just sports watches either, with wearables now delivering those tracking powers from the wrist, the head and even the ears.

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So whether you're a beginner or a seasoned training veteran, we've picked out the best HIIT-friendly wearables to get your hands on right now.

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Best wearables for HIIT workouts

Moov HR Sweat

Wearables for HIIT training

The Moov HR's killer feature is the heart rate monitor and it's well suited to HIIT workouts. The sensor is worn inside of a headband and measures heart rate from the side of the head where the skin is thinner, sensor movement is reduced and there's increased blood flow to produce reliable readings.

Moov's companion app provides four different circuit workouts, one for beginners, two for intermediates and one for those looking for some advanced high intensity sessions, with the device tracking your ticker and using an AI-powered coach to tell you when you need to work harder.

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$99.95, Moov | Amazon

Fitbit Blaze

Best fitness trackers and wearables for HIIT workouts

Of all the Fitbits, the Blaze is perhaps the best suited for high intensity training right now.

The watch-style wearable with a built-in heart rate monitor is the only Fitbit in the tracker family that makes the most of the Fitstar integration letting you follow workouts step-by-step on the Blaze's touchscreen display. Workouts include a Quick HIIT and are recommended based on other activities you've tracked. So if you've put in a big run, it might be time to mix things up with a shorter, more intense burst of exercise.

There's still only a handful of Fitstar workouts available to use on the Blaze, but Fitbit has promised to add more in the future and there's a good chance there'll be similar features on the Fitbit smartwatch as well when it turns up.

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$199, | Amazon

MyZone smart shirt

Best fitness trackers and wearables for HIIT workouts

We're big fans of the MZ-3 heart rate monitoring chest strap, and now this connected t-shirt builds the tech straight into the garment.

Designed to be worn as an under layer in cold weather or a standalone top layer, the MZ-3 sensor clips right onto the shirt much like it does on the MyZone sports bra, which is also available.

This makes it easier to tap into the personal bpm platform, where it's a perfect partner for HIIT training. It's already being embraced by fitness studios letting users and teachers keep an eye on workout intensity during class time.


Jabra Sport Pulse SE

Best fitness trackers and wearables for HIIT workouts

Jabra's latest smart in-ear headphones take the heart rate monitoring to the ears and actually deliver accurate results.

Along with delivering great sound and just being all-round solid sports headphones, Jabra also adds in automatic rep counting and a great companion app that also offers guided workouts including dedicated HIIT workouts.

There's a good bunch of eartips and earhooks to keep them in place when things get intense and while you will still need your smartphone nearby, it should make a nice setup for some at home training.

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$159.99, | Amazon

Wahoo Tickr X

Best fitness trackers and wearables for HIIT workouts

Like the MyZone setup, the Tickr X is essentially a heart rate monitor chest strap, but it has a few more tricks up its sleeve to make it a worthy gym partner.

The Bluetooth and ANT+ supporting device records heart rate, tracks calories and count reps. So when paired with Wahoo's fitness apps or third party fitness apps can makes a great HIIT partner at home or in the gym.

It will also store up to 16 hour of workouts, which is ideal if you don't get around to syncing data to your phone straight after your session.

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$99.99, | Amazon

Coming soon

Atlas Shape

Best fitness trackers and wearables for HIIT workouts

The successor to the Atlas Wristband and Wristband 2, the Atlas Shape features a more wrist-friendly design along with the company's great motion tracking tech to count reps and analyse form.

There's a built-in heart rate monitor that along with the new Coach AI software provides adaptive workouts including the HIIT training that doesn't require gym equipment. It will even suggest when you need to to take break from the high intensity sessions.

The Shape successfully raised fund through crowdfunding to bring it to life and is expected to ship in 2017.


Apple Watch

Best fitness trackers and wearables for HIIT workouts

Apple is revamping its Workout app with watchOS 4, which launches later this year and part of that revamp involves a new mode for HIIT.

This new update will now let you combine multiple workouts back-to-back with new motion and heart rate algorithms on board to improve accuracy of the data recorded. That update will be rolling out to all existing Watch models and could well end up on board the Apple Watch Series 3, if it's released alongside the watchOS update in the autumn.

From $369, | Amazon

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  • DocCastorTroy says:

    The Moov HR Sweat and the Atlas Shape are both catching my interest. Not sure how to decide between them.

    • mosamjc says:

      I don't have experience with the Moov HR Sweat, but I do have Moovs and I'm familiar with their excellent fitness suite. I don't want to dissuade you from purchasing the Moov HR if you like its form factor , but you can use any bluetooth smart chest strap with their app like the Polar H7 or H10 or Wahoo Tickr straps if you already have a chest strap at your disposal. You should however purchase a Moov classic or Moov Now for the guided workouts, running coach, and cardio boxing. You won't regret it. 

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