Verizon's LTE-enabled Wear24 smartwatch is dead after just 3 months

RIP, we hardly knew ye
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Verizon came out of nowhere to announce the Wear24, its LTE-enabled smartwatch, back in February. Just as surprising as it came, it goes. The Wear24 is no longer available for purchase on Verizon's website.

The loss was first spotted by Droid-Life, with the Wear24 product page listing "no longer available". A quick search reveals that the listing has been pulled from the website. In fact, the only remnant of the Wear24 on the site is the now out-of-stock charging stand and a bunch of support documents.

We asked a Verizon rep in one of the stores, who confirmed the network was no longer selling the Android Wear watch due to poor sales.

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The Wear24 was announced around the same time as the similar looking LG Watch Sport, which also has LTE enabled. That watch was supposed to come to Verizon, but never made it - likely because of the Wear24's arrival. In our review, we found the Wear24 to be aggressively mediocre, even maddening at times - with an NFC chip that was unusable.

Thus ends the short life of the Wear24, which didn't have too good a time with Verizon customers, according to reviews on Verizon's site. Take it from Wareable commenter Tbauer, who said he made "the worst choice" by purchasing it and that it didn't stay connected to his phone.

We've reached out to Verizon for comment on the short life of the Wear24, but have not yet heard back. We've also asked if customers who have purchased the smartwatch in the past three months will continue to receive support for it in the future.

Verizon's LTE-enabled Wear24 smartwatch is dead after just 3 months

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