Verizon's surprising Wear24 smartwatch will drop in just a few days

Verizon's unexpected smartwatch has a date
Verizon's smartwatch arrives 11 May

We were surprised back in February when Verizon announced an Android Wear smartwatch called the Wear24, and now the US telecom giant has confirmed it'll be available for purchase on 11 May.

The Wear24 will be available to buy from both Verizon's online and physical stores, and it actually looks quite nice (at least from the photo up at the top there). Verizon says the watch has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display and includes LTE, Wi-Fi and NFC, so you'll be able to use it with Android Pay (something you can't do with the LG Watch Style, sadly).

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Like the LG Watch Sport, its LTE abilities mean it will be able to make and receive calls. It also has a 450mAh battery, slightly bigger than that of the LG Watch Sport despite being .07 inches thinner than LG's smartwatch, and a water resistance rating of IP67.

We do know it will be priced at $349.99 regularly and $300 with a two-year contract when it arrives in March, undercutting LG's offering by $30. Sneaky. Adding the smartwatch to your existing data plan will be $5 per month.

The watch will have four customized watch faces: Classic, Modern, Active and Casual. And of course, because this is a Verizon smartwatch, you can expect a couple preloaded apps from Verizon, like VZ Message+.

And the surprise Android Wear watch announcement comes from... Verizon

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  • patriciary says:

    I have been satisfied with my Fitbit and tracking ability over the last few months. However, I took it off to charge last night and noticed 2 severe burns...right where the LED's hit my skin. WTH?

  • ckeegan003 says:

    According to Verizon tech support, the Wear24 will not have NFC or GPS, making it hugely disappointing.

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