HP collaborates with Titan on new smartwatch

Another Engineered by HP smartwatch coming soon
HP collaborates with Titan on new smartwatch
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HP is expanding its Engineered by HP program yet again and has teamed up with Indian watchmaking giant Titan for a new line of wearable devices.

Titan is the fifth largest watchmaker in the world, so the company jumping into smart tech is kind of a big deal.

That said, information is scant, and it's not clear whether the watch will use an analog case as per the Movado/HP collaboration announced last week. It's entirely possible it could be a digital smartwatch, as per 2014's HP MB Chronowing.

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Whatever the two companies are cooking up, Titan's CEO S. Ravi Kant is excited about the collaboration:

"As a brand we are known for our design, manufacturing capabilities, innovation and quality. Moreover, our endeavour has been to always provide our consumers with something new.

"Our entry into the smartwatch market is another step in this direction," he said. "Engineered by HP and Titan make a formidable duo with each lending the other a new dimension, resulting in smart timepieces designed with today's discerning consumer in mind."

Look out for more specs and pics and release date details for this HP and Titan smartwatch when we get them.

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