​Burg smartwatch doubles as a phone

Not the "world's first" as the company claims, but the Burg 12 is packed with features

In the wake of the Samsung Gear S, watchmaker Burg has entered the wearable tech fray with its own connected smartwatch.

The company claims to have launched the “first smartwatch that's a phone", which isn't quite true, given that the Samsung Gear S went on sale on 7 November.

The Burg 12 smartwatch packs a 1.5-inch 240 x 240 LCD display, which somewhat lags behind the competition. There's a SIM card slot for making the most of its telephony capabilities, and interestingly, a microSD port, which enables you to add up to 16GB of on board storage.

There's also a camera and a music player, so you can listen to music through the on-board speakers. We can only imagine the horror.

The Burg 12 will connect to Android or iOS handsets using Bluetooth, but there's no word on the OS on-board. Some smartwatches, such as Will.i.am's i.am+ Puls, run a forked version of Android, but this version looks bespoke, which fills us with trepidation.

We've contacted Burg to find out and are waiting for a response.

One nifty feature of the Burg watch is that the straps and bezels are changeable, meaning you can customise the look to suit you.

The Burg is on-sale now at Walmart and Amazon for $199.

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