1. When will the Apple Watch Ultra 3 be announced?
  2. Latest Apple Watch Ultra 3 rumors
  3. Apple Ultra 3 features we want to see

Apple Watch Ultra 3: All the latest rumors and new features we want to see

Get ready for the release of Apple's next supercharged smartwatch
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The Apple Watch Ultra 3 is one of the most anticipated smartwatches of 2024 - but there's still plenty we don't know about the upcoming release. 

That's where this guide comes in. Apple Watch Ultra 3 rumors are starting to emerge ahead of the device's potential launch later this year, and we'll be using this as a hub to keep track of everything you need to know. 

Below, we'll analyze the exact date the Ultra 3 is most likely to be announced by Apple, detail the most concrete rumors and price information, and even sneak in the things we want to see most.

When will the Apple Watch Ultra 3 be announced?

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We're only two generations into the Apple Watch Ultra line, so predicting the company's plans is trickier than with the also-upcoming Apple Watch Series 10.

However, given that the line has so far followed the same yearly update pattern as its sibling, it's safe to assume the Ultra 3 will be unveiled in September 2024. 

When exactly in September, though?

Well, the second Tuesday of September has proven to be the most common date for the iPhone/Apple Watch event over the years - and, this year, that would result in an initial announcement for the Ultra 3 on 10 September 2024

This is typically when we first see pre-orders open for the watch, with shipments beginning the following Friday. This year, that would lead to a 20 September 2024 launch date for the Ultra 3.

There have been no recent rumors from analysts or reporters to suggest any deviation from this cycle is upcoming, though there has been some light speculation in part that the Series 10 may be delayed until the Apple Watch's 10th anniversary in April 2025.

We rank this as very unlikely to happen, but such an event would likely see the Ultra 3 delayed, too.

Latest Apple Watch Ultra 3 rumors

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With many months still to pass before we potentially even see the Ultra 3 officially confirmed by Apple, rumors are still pretty scarce. However, we are beginning to see some info trickle out - and we'll summarize it all in the sections below.


The key design rumor relating to the next generation of Apple Watch relates to microLED displays - but, at present, there's very little else. 

Rumor mill merchants and supply chain stalkers have remained transfixed on the idea of a microLED Apple Watch for years now (or even a MiniLED Apple Watch). Yet, it's a development that's consistently swung between 'nailed-on' and 'delayed' or 'canceled'.

The latest reports suggest the plan to bring the improved display type - which would deliver increased brightness and contrast, as well as improved battery efficiency - to the Ultra 3 has been postponed indefinitely, with a rumored key supplier seemingly being dropped by Apple.

We would be stunned if this latest twist was the last we heard on this one - but, as ever when it comes to a potential microLED Apple Watch, don't get your hopes up.


Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested in October 2023 that there wouldn't be any significant upgrades brought to the 2024 Series models - and, though the Ultra 3 wasn't explicitly mentioned, it's fair to assume this also translates to the pricier model.

Apple's take on blood pressure monitoring is the most likely health feature to be added, while AI has also been strongly rumored to be a key focus as we move toward WWDC 2024 and watchOS 11. 

We'll know more after the June event, so stay tuned for that.


Price leaks are relatively uncommon when it comes to any smartwatch, not least the Apple Watch. And it would be unprecedented to see that kind of information emerge this far away from an announcement, too.

For what it's worth, though, we very much expect the Apple Watch Ultra 3 to cost the same as the first two generations: $799 / £799.

Apple Ultra 3 features we want to see

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We won't know any of the major Apple Watch Ultra 3 features until the company officially confirms the smartwatch, but there are a few things on our wish list after extensively testing the first two generations.

1. A smaller (and maybe larger) case size 

A large part of the Ultra line's appeal is in the in-your-face 49mm case - but it's also prohibitively large for those with smaller wrists. And a bigger case also means it's heavier, too, which won't be to everyone's taste.

We think it's time to see Apple mimic what Garmin provides with its options in the Fenix 7 / Epix Pro range, with a smaller version of the Ultra 3. And for those who find the current 49mm size insufficient, perhaps even a 51mm 'Max' version could be rolled out.

2. Improved durability

The Ultra range provides a step-up on the Series models in terms of durability, largely thanks to the sapphire crystal display and raised edges, but it's still not totally up for being battered in the outdoors.

We still see plenty of cracked displays and scratched cases from Ultra users on Reddit, and we'd love to see Apple up the durability for the Ultra 3 (or at least reduce the price of repairs).

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3. Multiple case colors

We thought it was virtually guaranteed that Apple would release an additional case color with the Ultra 2, but the titanium finish remains the only option.

Dark prototypes of the Apple Watch Ultra 1 have leaked online over the last few months, so here's hoping Apple revisits the idea of more colors for the Ultra 3.

4. Improved battery life

We find it difficult to return to the Apple Watch Series 9 after a spell with the Ultra 2 - and the extra day or so of battery life is the biggest reason. 

We're not expecting the Ultra 3 to arrive with staying power on par with something like the excellent Garmin Epix Pro, though squeezing an extra day out from somewhere (perhaps a larger edition, as we mentioned earlier) would be most welcome.

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5. Optimized sensors

This is a bit of a sneaky one, as it's more software-related than a wish specifically related to the Ultra 3, but we're really hoping for some deeper insights from the next-gen model.

Apple is expected to leverage AI for the next Apple Watch models, as we've already mentioned, and we'd love to see the wide range of sensors already in the device optimized to introduce training readiness or coaching, deeper sleep trend analysis, and more actionable health insights. 

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