1. Apple Watch X: Key rumors
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Apple Watch X: Tracking the latest rumors and release date predictions

The anniversary Apple Watch is approaching - we round up all the key whispers
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Whether announced as the Apple Watch X, Apple Watch Series 10, or something else entirely, it appears the Cupertino giant is cooking up something big for this year's smartwatch.

With the rest of the industry playing catch-up, Apple has spent the last couple of years (at least) delivering only minor, iterative improvements to its latest watches. 

As we approach the 10th new edition of the Apple Watch - and with the smartwatch's 10th anniversary also set to occur during the next cycle - rumors are hotting up and providing potential insights into what we may see.

Below, we've done our best to collate the most credible tidbits relating to the potential Apple Watch X, as well as take a stab at the potential release date for the 2024 Apple smartwatch.

Apple Watch X: Key rumors

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With the Apple Watch Series 9 only released back in September, we're still in the very early days of the current cycle. As such, rumors are still a little light. 

Still, there are a few features and hints that appear to be turning up more consistently than others - and we've listed them below.

Apple Watch X vs. Apple Watch Series 10

Despite being a pretty inconsequential element of the watch, the potential shift in naming conventions is still a fascinating thing to watch develop over the next few months. 

Bloomberg reporter and Apple Watch insider Mark Gurman first coined the term in their Power On newsletter, detailing the fact that the company was planning something for the 10th anniversary of the smartwatch.

At this stage, the moniker is nothing but speculation based on the fact that the iPhone got the 'X' treatment on its 10th anniversary.

We expect we won't know for sure until potential trademarks and filings are dug up over the next few months. 

We're due a design refresh 

In the same information dump from Gurman, it's also suggested that Apple is planning a redesign of the watch for this 10th anniversary. 

At this stage, it's not clear what will remain and what will go from the current design, but it is claimed that Apple is planning a thinner case. 

A redesign fits with the anniversary theme, and also the current three-generation cycle for significant design changes. Series 0-3 used the original design, which was then iterated on for Series 4-6, and again changed for Series 7-9.

The main question, again, is just how Apple chooses to mix things up. Just don't hold out hope for a circular-shaped case coming any time soon.

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Your old watch bands might not work

Another scrap of information from the ever-reliable Gurman is that Apple is currently working on new ways to attach bands to future Apple Watch models. 

Apple is considering a magnetic attachment system to free up space currently taken by the band slots, and this may assist in delivering that thinner case we just mentioned.

The only downside, of course, is that such a change would render older bands useless for future models.

However, this is also one upgrade, it's said, that may not quite make it onto the 2024 edition. 

A microLED display might finally be used

Is this finally the year we see an Apple Watch with a microLED display?

The feature has popped up consistently in rumors over the last couple of years, with suggestions that Apple will debut the display tech on the Apple Watch X.

However, it's very possible - according to those same reports - that the current OLED panels may not be swapped for microLED until 2025. 

With microLED panels more efficient than OLED, the main benefit of this would be increased battery life. It's also less likely to suffer screen burn and has a longer lifetime.

Blood pressure detection might be the headline addition

We tend to get one significant new feature between Apple Watch generations, even when there's a design refresh. It's what we saw with Double Tap arriving alongside the Apple Watch Series 9, and the temperature sensor with the Apple Watch Series 8.

For the Apple Watch X, blood pressure monitoring is the innovation that appears most likely to headline. 

It's been rumored by Gurman since last summer that Apple is planning a raft of new health features for the device, including the ability to detect hypertension. 

This would mean the Apple Watch X wouldn't be able to provide systolic or diastolic readings, but it would be able to spot trends. 

Sleep apnea detection is also reportedly being worked on, too, though it's suggested the smartwatch will come far too early for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring to factor. That's not expected until towards the end of the decade.

Apple Watch X: Release date prediction

Wareableapple watch x release date prediction

The yearly Apple Watch release cycle has been incredibly easy to predict since Apple switched to a September release for the Series 2 back in 2016. 

However, next time around could see the company deviate.

Tipsters are currently unsure whether Apple will wait until the official 10th anniversary - April 2025 - to release the Watch X, or continue with the typical September launch schedule. 

If it happens to go with the latter, the second Tuesday of each September is the most common announcement date for the latest Apple Watch, which would be 10 September 2024. 

This is typically when you're able to see and pre-order the watch, with shipments beginning the following Friday. This year, that typical routine would lead to a 20 September 2024 launch.

As we say, though, the release date has never been more uncertain. And though we'd be very surprised to see Apple change it, it definitely seems to be a possibility. 

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