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​How to style your smartwatch for any occasion: The women's edition

Essential tips and tricks for wearing smartwatches any day, anywhere

Smartwatches are becoming more stylish, mainly thanks to fashion-forward labels like Fossil, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade. Looking to appeal to a broader audience, technology brands like Samsung, LG and Huawei are also investing in stylish women's smartwatches.

Essentially both tech and fashion companies have recognised that the way forward is through personalisation. In other words, allowing us to colour co-ordinate our wardrobe with stylish straps or update our wristwear with different watch faces.

If you're not sure which tech-infused wristwatch works for you, then here are a few tips that could prove handy when it comes to styling your smartwatch to suit any occasion.

At The Office

How to style your smartwatch for any occasion: The women's edition

If you're already looking forward to your summer workwear involving the S/S18 suit shorts trend, then make sure you pair them with an unapologetically feminine smartwatch like the Kate Spade New York Scallop.

Designed to give your power dressing a feminine edge, you can make subtle changes to the watch face, casing and straps to suit your overall look. The bracelet style watch band works well with most day-to-day wardrobe choices and you can even create your own custom watch face to match the colours of your outfit, make-up and accessories.

Working Out

How to style your smartwatch for any occasion: The women's edition

Whether you work out in the most stylish gym gear or you prefer to burn your calories in a pair of thinning leggings and an old tee, the time has come to invest in a workout buddy with a difference.

You can do this one of two ways. Rely on just a smartwatch, in which case we recommend the new Fitbit Versa (above) which comes with female health tracking on the wrist. Or you can go all out and pair it with the Mi Pulse Smart Bra, which connects with most smartwatches, not to mention gym equipment. Available in various colours, the Mi Pulse Smart Bra offers an interchangeable design that makes it easy to swap existing HRM between bras.

Party Time

How to style your smartwatch for any occasion: The women's edition

Summer parties and BBQs are all about mixing and matching your favourite floral prints with tailored trousers or midi skirts. In doing so, you need to finish off your look with a smart accessory that allows you to customise your style on a whim.

This season, the ditzy prints and sugary hues sit well with a timepiece like the Fossil Q Venture. Discreet enough to not overpower your floral combo, the Venture allows you to dress down your look with a classic sand leather coloured strap or dress it up with a slightly masculine, pink stainless steel band.

Weekend Away

How to style your smartwatch for any occasion: The women's edition

When you go on a weekend break, you are usually limited to a capsule wardrobe. Some tailored denim, perhaps, and pastel shades that need to be accessorised. So whether you already own an Apple Watch or a Michael Kors Access, Visconti Milano is a great option for personalising your smartwatch before you set off.

All about fashionable customisations, Visconti Milano not only offers various material choices and colours but they also monogram every watch strap with your initials. Its Double Tour bracelet collection, for instance, could Clark Kent your smartwatch into an elegant timepiece.

Date Night

How to style your smartwatch for any occasion: The women's edition

If you would like your charming and casual date-night outfit to be a little bit more fashion forward, then look no further than the Skagen Falster. This minimalist timepiece brings a unique design that will look right at home with SS18's colours and prints.

The cool, simple mesh band will easily complement accompanying bracelets and look great when accessorised with silver statement rings. Try styling the silver cased Falster with brown leather strap with a utilitarian jumpsuit for a casual day date.

Formal Events

How to style your smartwatch for any occasion: The women's edition

Want to decorate your wrist with a luxe timepiece that wouldn't look out of place among sparkles, tassels and feathers? Then the 38mm Kronoby Carat could make the perfect companion.

Whether you choose to be quietly bold in Italian leather or utterly glamorous in rose gold metal, be the modern belle of the ball in a puff-sleeved jacket that complements your hybrid watch.

On The Go

How to style your smartwatch for any occasion: The women's edition

Besides the pre-installed faces that come with pretty much every smartwatch, you can now also switch things up by using Facer to customise and personalise your watch face.

One of the largest face watch platforms out there, Facer allows you to supercharge your Wear smartwatch by either creating your own face or grabbing someone else's creations. We quite like the look of the face watch designs by tech YouTuber Stephanie Carls. Her collection includes 16 watch faces that she designed herself and the monochrome and colourful shapes will liven up any Wear watch on your wrist.

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