​How to send your heartbeat or a drawing from your Apple Watch

Now you've unwrapped your Apple Watch let the fun begin
Using Apple Watch Digital Touch

Once you've got your new Apple Watch unwrapped and paired, attention will turn to having a bit of fun. And where better to start than the Apple Watch's much promoted Digital Touch feature? It enables you to send your heartbeat or hand scrawled drawings to other Apple Watch users.

But sending your first Digital Touch can be a little mystifying. So let's not waste any more of your time and get on with showing you how to get set up.

1. Add contacts

First you need to add contacts. Just go to the contacts on your Watch by pressing the right hand button and choosing an empty slot. Your contacts list will appear. Tap a person to have them added. You can also do it from the Friends section of your Apple Watch companion app.

2. Open a contact

Press the right-hand button to open the contacts wheel, and choose a friend. If a friend has an Apple Watch and is set up for Digital Touch, an icon will appear at the bottom, in the centre. Word to the wise: it can take the Apple Watch a little while to work out when a contact has digital touch, so if it doesn't come up at first, just wait.

3. Send your heartbeat

Now you have a contact with an Apple Watch, and your smartwatch has acknowledged that fact, you're ready to send a Digital Touch. To send your heartbeat go to a contact by pressing the right hand side button, and then choose the Digital Touch icon. A black screen appears. Hold two fingers on the screen and your heart rate will appear. When you're ready to send, take your fingers off the screen and the sequence will be sent automatically.

4. Send a drawing

Repeat the procedure above, but at the black screen then draw a picture with your finger. When you're done, release your finger from the screen and it will be sent to your contact.

5. Send a tap

You can also send a contact a little tap, via Digital Touch. Just tap anywhere on the black screen to send a tap. Tap out little combinations, and they will be replayed to the recipient using the Taptic engine.

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