A new LG smartwatch just got certified, suggesting an imminent arrival

Just a head of Google I/O, a wild smartwatch emerges
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Google I/O kicks off this week. It's a pretty good time for the company to announce a new Wear OS smartwatch with its partners, perhaps one that could even act as a flagship for this next, more intelligent and more athletically-inclined phase of Wear OS.

And wouldn't you know it, Droid-Life spotted a new LG smartwatch running Wear OS hitting the FCC. This new LG watch is rocking the model number LM-W315. The Watch Sport and Watch Style featured model numbers W280 and W270 respectively, so W315 makes sense as the model number of a next-generation smartwatch.

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There are also the obvious giveaways that this is a Wear OS smartwatch. The settings screen that allows you to view the digital FCC ID is a pretty big flag, as is the Google Play, Google Translate and Google Weather logos in the settings menu.

Other than that, we can't tell much about this new device. Could it be the rumored LG Timepiece, which is a hybrid that puts analog watch hands over a digital display? Or could it be a full-on next generation smartwatch from LG to take the crown from the LG Watch Sport, still the most complete Wear OS watch in our eyes.

If it is a full-on smartwatch, it could be called the LG Iconic, as the company has won trademarks for a smartwatch with that name. It's also won a trademark for a smartphone called 'Icon'. However, it LG was working on a rebrand for its electronics, it's likely it would do it at an event more centered on itself, rather than a Google developer event.

Seems a sure thing that there are LG smartwatches coming around the corner, but how smart they'll be and when they'll arrive is a matter we'll just have to wait and see on.

A new LG smartwatch just got certified, suggesting an imminent arrival

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