The week in wearable tech: Samsung unpacking S3 at IFA

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If you've been too busy sunning yourself all week to keep up with all the big wearable tech news, don't panic, for we have just the thing you need to catch up.

Read on for the biggest headlines of the last seven days, kicking off with a juicy bit of news on the next-gen Samsung smartwatch.

Samsung unpacking S3 at IFA

The week in wearable tech: Samsung unpacking S3 at IFA

It looks as if Samsung is going to give tradition the boot at this year's IFA. The Korean company usually hosts an Unpacked event at IFA to launch a new Note smartphone but, this year, the next Note is expected to be unveiled at an early August event Sammy has booked in.

Instead, the Samsung Gear S3 will be launched at IFA 2016, on 1 September, alongside the Tab S3. That's the general gist from a few tipsters this week.

The Gear S2 is currently our favourite smartwatch but when watchOS 3 lands in the fall, Samsung will have stiff competition from the newly intuitive (probably) Apple Watch 2.

In other Samsung news, Samsung Pay finally arrived on the Gear S2 this week, as a public beta in the US for now.

Microsoft and Pebble lead security race

The week in wearable tech: Samsung unpacking S3 at IFA

The Microsoft Band 2 and Pebble Time have topped the charts of the most secure wearables a new study has found.

The researchers from AV Lab tested a range of device's visibility, ability to be found, authentication and tamper protection. There were then aspects of the app code and communication also under the microscope.

In our feature, Wearables are only secure until they become worthwhile hacking, published this week - we examine just how safe our wearables are.

The week in wearable tech: Samsung unpacking S3 at IFA

Fitbit is in legal bother... again. This time it's sleep tracking tech that is coming under fire. Just last month, the fitness tracking giant revealed new Sleep Schedule features but the accuracy of its sleep tracking technology, specifically allegedly misrepresentative claims on Fitbit Flex packaging, are the subject of a class action lawsuit.

Fitbit has attempted to get the case thrown out, citing "bad science" in the evidence presented, but a judge has just ruled that it will move forward.

Back in January, Fitbit was hit with a class action lawsuit regarding the accuracy of its heart rate tracking.

A group of plaintiffs claimed that Fitbit's in-house PurePulse heart rate tech is "significantly" inaccurate and are seeking damages for "economic injury."

Crowdfund this

The week in wearable tech: Samsung unpacking S3 at IFA

The Samsung Gear 360 and the LG 360 Cam have made shooting 360-degree videos and photo more affordable and the Nico360 cam wants in on the action.

The dinky little shooter promises live streaming without a PC, something you can't do on the Samsung and LG cameras. It packs a 32-megapixel image sensor that can deliver 2560 x 1440 video resolution at 30fps too. To ensure footage is slick, there's built-in stitching and rotate stabilisation to reduce camera shake. It's also waterproof and comes with 32GB of internal storage.

The Nico360 Indiegogo campaign is up and running and in the search for $50,000 has already surpassed that total with a month to go. It's $129 if you want one.

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