Samsung Pay is finally available on Gear S2

In public beta for now

Samsung Pay is finally out of closed beta (into a public one) and has landed on the Samsung Gear S2. The company's contactless payment system has been delayed since last year.

Many wearable companies are implementing NFC payments from the wrist and Samsung Pay isn't drastically different. With an S2, you'd be able to purchase items by holding your arm up to payment terminals that accept NFC thanks to the NFC chip in the watch.

But Samsung has a slight leg up on Android Pay and Apple Pay because its system can already talk to existing payment terminals. The other two require stores to update their hardware.

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While some sites like Droid-Life have been able to successfully download Samsung Pay, we haven't seen the option just yet - but will update the story and S2 review once we've tried it out.

A Samsung representative has confirmed to us that the Samsung Pay beta on the S2 is currently only available in the US but as the program expands, you should expect to see it in more places.

Considering the wide acceptance of Samsung Pay and the S2's popularity, this could be a big boost for the pay-and-go system. .

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  • tstreete·

    The watch has only NFC, and so will not work like phones with Samsung Pay on ordinary credit card terminals. For the watch, you need the updated terminals with NFC just like Apple and Android. Might want to correct that in your article. 

  • bencorc·

    The entire point of the Samsung Gear S2 is to "leave your phone behind". So after months of unexplained delay, why in the world would Samsung release a Samsung Pay app beta for only non-3G/4G watches? Bafflingly stupid. žě°žä§Žü¨žöī.

  • Leeloe67·

    any news  on when 3g model gets the update so much for paying more for 3g model thsnks samsung

  • Perff·

    screw you samsung.I'm getting a class action suit against you. False advertising. Duped me into getting a 4g gear s2 classic so I could use samsung pay. Yeah right. Doesn't work on networks. 

  • robertbenson·

    I just pooped a little

  • deadonred·

    Really a pain in the a-s.  You have to use screen lock on the Gear S2 in order to use Samsung Pay beta.  So if you want to check your notifications? -- screen lock!  Want to change your settings? -- screen lock!  Want to check the temperatuire outside?  Classic example of app developers creating apps they don't actually use themselves.  No one with any sense of what a user wants would make the watch screen lock a requirement. 

    How about this, Samsung.  Require a pin only when the user uses the Samsung Pay beta app!  Locking the watch itself is a royal pain in the a-s.  Really a deal breaker.  So your beta app is useless.

    • NotASmartWatch·

      Exactly.  I can have EITHER a smart watch, OR Samsung Pay on my wrist, but not both.  I don't even get the orange dot indicating that there IS a notification (or 20) waiting.  This came out in July, and it's called a "beta".  6 months out in the real world and this hasn't been fixed?  I think Samsung (like Google, and there very widely used app, "Maps" which has been in beta for YEARS) thinks "beta" has a different meaning than "final real world test before release".