Which Samsung Gear smartwatch should you buy?

We give you the lowdown on all the best Samsung smartwatches to look out for

Ever since the original Samsung Galaxy Gear was unveiled back in September 2013, we've seen some great smartwatches land from the Korean company – but which Samsung smartwatch should you buy? What Samsung smartwatch is the best for you?

With Apple continuing to be a major player, Fitbit entering the smartwatch game with the Fitbit Ionic and plenty of watches now aboard the Wear 2.0 ship, the crop to choose from has never been stronger.

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If you're interested to see why you should opt for a Samsung smartwatch, though, then read on to see what's currently on offer.

The best Samsung smartwatch: The Samsung Galaxy Watch

Which Samsung Gear smartwatch should you buy?

The Galaxy Watch is clearly Samsung taking everything it's learned in smartwatches and finally putting it all together. The design is a blend of the Frontier and Classic S3 models. It's also decided to go to two sizes for the first time, with 42mm and 46mm options.

Elsewhere, you've got a 1.3-inch (46mm) or 1.2-inch (42mm) AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 360. There's 5 ATM water certification, NFC for contactless payments, GPS and – of course – a heart rate sensor.

This is also the debut device for Tizen 4.0, which comes with a new My Day watch face that gives you a lovely overview of your day. There are also new wellness features like stress and sleep tracking. Plus, 21 new workouts for those of you who want to track the likes of lat pulldowns.

Plus, like other Samsung smartwatches, it's still got Spotify support, offline music support with 4GB of storage and a healthy selection of apps – though not quite to the level of Wear OS or Apple Watch.

All of this is in a package that'll last you two to three days on a single charge. Plenty for a couple of nights of sleep tracking without having to worry. You can also push to four days if you avoid certain features, like GPS. Samsung has done everything right here, and that's why it's the best Samsung smartwatch you can buy.

Price: $259.99 | Amazon

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Buy it if you want… a classy smartwatch packed with features

The next-best Samsung smartwatch: Samsung Gear Sport

Which Samsung Gear smartwatch should you buy?

This Samsung smartwatch goes all-in on fitness, on both land and sea. You've got waterproofing, you've got a 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display, and you've got it in a package smaller than the Gear S3. There are changeable 20mm bands for you to switch things up should you want a new look, too.

Non-sporty features include Samsung Pay (albeit without MST support) plus the ability to take control of Samsung smart home devices via Samsung Connect and use it as a remote control for Samsung Gear VR or PowerPoint.

This was also the first Samsung wearable running Tizen 3.0, and it comes with 4GB of memory and a 300mAh battery that can give you wireless charging.

It's not perfect, but with the likes of offline Spotify, Speedo On support and a strong battery life, there's still a lot to like here. Plus, if you opt for a refurbished edition you can get it about $100 cheaper.

Price: $249.99 | Amazon

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Buy it if you want… a sporty smartwatch packed to the gills with features and an alternative to Wear.

The cheapest Samsung smartwatch: Samsung Gear S2

Which Samsung Gear smartwatch should you buy?

Not everyone will embrace the bigger design of the newer Gear S3 or want the active look of the Gear Sport – or they simply don't want to spend big on a smartwatch. So what's stopping you from taking a look at a smaller sibling?

Boasting a beautiful round-faced display that guns straight for the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear S2 was the company's first model to feature the revered and intuitive rotating bezel.

Like its successors, the range offers two variants – the standard Gear S2 and the S2 Classic – with the latter also offering a 3G model and GPS tracking. This means the device is still able to compete alongside the smartwatch heavyweights and assist you with all your fitness and activity tracking needs. And, hey, it's cheap.

Price: $132.80 | Amazon

Wareable verdict: Samsung Gear S2 review

Buy it if you… want a cheaper, smaller Samsung smartwatch, which still packs that all-important rotating bezel.

The best Samsung fitness tracker: Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Which Samsung Gear smartwatch should you buy?

Things haven't changed too drastically between generations here; you still have the 1.5-inch curved AMOLED display, for example, which is one of the best in the business for brightness and vibrancy. However, the headline act here is the waterproofing up to 5 ATM.

With swimming allowed, there are also some new abilities for swim tracking. Expect the Fit2 Pro to record lap time, lap count, and stroke type. You can also link it up to the Speedo On swimming platform.

Almost everything else is the same. You've still got GPS and GLONASS support, Tizen is still under the hood powering apps like Spotify, the Fit2's automatic exercise tracking makes a return, and there's 4GB of storage for music. Samsung also partnered up with Under Armour, which means its suite of apps, which include MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, UA Record and MapMyRun are all pre-loaded.

Price: $149.99 |Amazon

Wareable verdict: Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro review

Buy it you want… a fitness tracker and a smartwatch but haven't got money for both. There are Garmin and Polar devices that tick this box, too, but none with such an awesome display.

The cheapest Samsung fitness tracker: Samsung Gear Fit2

Which Samsung Gear smartwatch should you buy?

While the Gear Fit2 doesn't exactly fit in the smartwatch category, as it's technically a fitness tracker, this remains an option since it offers some handy smartwatch, er, smarts, runs Tizen and has access to third-party apps.

So, what sets it apart? Well, the device bucks the crap-display tracker trend with a sumptuous 1.5-inch screen and an eye-popping 432 x 216, 322ppi display. On the fitness side, there's GPS built in for run tracking and an optical heart rate monitor – all for a very competitive price tag. It's not waterproof, though, so if you want that you probably should scroll back up to the Fit2 Pro.

It's also worth mentioning that despite Samsung UK no longer selling the device, it's still available through Amazon.

Price: $89.95 | Amazon

Wareable verdict: Samsung Gear Fit2 review

Buy it if you… want a feature-packed fitness tracker with a strong display.

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  • Kris·

    Okay so you guys don't see the point in having a camera on a smart watch, but as someone that uses the camera on my Gear2 on a daily basis I got to say that is seriously useful... 

    Maybe not as a camera for taking photos for the album but so easy to take a photo as a note to remind me of something, also can be paired up so I can see a feed from the Gear2 camera on my Note3 - which I used the other day when I needed to check a bit of plumbing in a spot I couldn't get at. 

    Is a very handy feature if you think a touch outside of the box. Also the fact that it is voice activated has some real practical bonuses too. 

    • p.lamkin·

      There are uses, we agree, but it's not a deal breaker when buying a smartphone, right?

      • LMgrafix·

        Wrong! Having the camera is a big plus and to trash the GEAR as the worst is just wrong. It is now discounted down to an affordable $109-129.00 at B&H Photo which has allowed many the opportunity to buy something that otherwise has been out of reach. It might not have all the latest and greatest, but if you've never owned a smartwatch before, then it's all new and very cool. The fact that Samsung allows continually updating the software is also a bonus to keep it from going too far out of date.

        • Newwatcher·

          Just got my GEAR at B&H Photo for $75 plus free shipping. I have never owned a smartwatch before, and it's all new and very cool. Gets a lot of great comments too. But I can see me getting something newer at some point.

        • DaGankster·

          Wrong, Very Wrong!  I have to agree that the camera is a deal breaker for me.  Next to calls, and text.. it is my Gears camera that I use the most.  On the last two vacation I took, my phone died from lack of charge, but I used my Gear to take video and pictures untill my phone recharged.  I can always look something up on the internet later, or check an email later... but that picture perfect moment only happens once!  If you don't have that camera, you can't capture it!
          I will be using/buying the older versions of smartwatches untill the new-school brings back the Camera option!

        • AJTechGuy·

          Excactly! The Gear Is The Best Gear Out There It Beats All Of Them!

      • Tao·

        That depends why you buy the phone in the first place.  This is one of the main reasons I vote for one phone over another.  A big factor is the ease of replacing a consumable battery that will not last forever.(certainly less than the phone it is in) such as in the Motorola Moto x vs the s5.  Yeah, the price is better on the moto x but the camera is lousy compared to the s5 and the battery is built in!  So, Comparing the S5 camera to my htc evo 3d which is useful for 3d photos though not so much when taking photos by a 25 w bulb. The photo is totally underexposed vs perfectly viewable on the s5.  A thermal seek camera does not work on the htc but is perfect on the s5. 

        I have not yet acquired a wearable but I find this concept very intriguing!  The fact that it may come with a camera is fabulous when I go out hiking up the top of a mountain and I leave the phones behind is certainly an important deciding factor for me.  In conclusion, it depend on the expected use of the thing which determines if a feature is useful or not. Too bad they can't come with everything! Just imagine...a full frame camera on your wrist!

        • Tao·

          This is in reply for p.lamkin btw.  Where is the edit button on these comments? 

    • petershamit·

      I agree 100% and see my note below. I don't  understand why others think of camera as a trivial add on. Even Samsung themselves do not value their real own  positive plus. This is  like a gold chain in the hands of a monkey - that does not understand the value of gold. 

  • E_Z_Ryder·

    While most smartwatch battery life's suck, especially compared to the pebble. I still love the display on my Gear 2, and with it being water resistant, unlike my phone, I was able to take pictures while kayaking on my trip in San Francisco, and was able to get some great shots of AT&T park on my watch.

  • LeeChatII·

    I personally own the Gear S.  I believe if this is within your budget, it should be your choice over the others. Being able to leave my phone at home to go for a quick run, swim or just to the grocery store, knowing I can still receive all my calls, navigation etc., is just fabulous.

  • Sunday·

    how to track down lost or stolen smart watch gear 2

  • Dta1616·

    when does the Samsung Geres to come out in the US

  • Dta1616·

    sorry the Samsung gear s2 come out in the US

  • xyko·

    Gear 2 is the best wearable made yet. BY FAR. Guys who have kids know how hard is to take a good picture of your kids in normal situations. They dont wait you to reach your phone to take a shot. Gear 2's camera is on in a split of a second. REALLY. just press its hard button twice and its ready to shoot, and it is right ther, on your wrist, as fast and reachable as can be. NO OTHER CAMERA MADE BY MEN HITS THIS. And its 2mp is amazing in a lighty room (of course, in a dark place, few cameras will do a decent job). Loudspeaker is also very usefull. I simply dont imagine how people buy those new stripped uselles new wearables. Compared to gear 2 they seem to me tiny useless fancy regular waches. I will never change my gear2, unless someone made a newer one with a camera and a speakervoice. 

  • Bro·


    RD TO DO

  • petershamit·

    I have gear 2 and for me the camera/video is a real plus which prevents me from upgrading to S2. At the spur of the moment you can take a shot if you want to note something down quickly. A shot of a poster in a shopping centre without reaching my phone or news paper ad while in a coffee shop.  Once, I took a quick photo when someone came to attach me in my car on the road & he left. Very handy and valuable in the most needed time.

    I am waiting for the next good smartwatch to feature camera at least as good as Gear 2.

  • petershamit·

    I have gear 2 and for me the camera/video is a real plus which prevents me from upgrading to S2. At the spur of the moment you can take a shot if you want to note something down quickly. A shot of a poster in a shopping centre without reaching my phone or news paper ad while in a coffee shop. Once, I took a quick photo when someone came to attach me in my car on the road & he left. Very handy and valuable in the most needed time.

    I am waiting for the next good smartwatch to feature camera at least as good as Gear 2.

  • Pumapantz·

    I recently bought the original gear, second hand for around £50 and I believe it has been a brilliant buy for me!

    I mainly use it so I dont have to keep on taking my edge+ out of my pocket and risk dropping it while working, i work as a baggage handler in a airport you see so I am always having to run about the place!

    Just need it to see messages, emails and calls to judge weither they are worth the risk of pulling my mobile phone out!

    I do not see the point in going brand new for the massively overpriced new merchandise when this little watch i bought does 80% of what the newer and 4 to 5 times more expensive watches does for a hell of a lot cheaper, just seems pretencious to me!

  • Moelvsthegear·

    Short sighted and hasty review fellas! Broke my gear 2, wife has the S2 :-(  .  I had to look hi & low for another G2. I leave my phone in my office. Camera IS a deal breaker,  I answer calls all the time until I reach my phone,  use the IR remote at work all the time. IMO Sammy should get back to that tech.  Low Camera quality = so what - it's the convenience and quickness as most others have mentioned.  LOVE IT. 

  • Becky1·

    Camera is important to me, I horseback ride and phone, camera sometimes does not work while riding. There is always the risk of dropping while riding at different speeds. I go on 100-150 mile vacations to areas i've never been and love to have photos of the ride. Since it is voice activated I can just point and shoot and have gotten great shots that I would not have been able to get if I had to fumble my phone or camera from a pocket. I also use it for work on a regular basis. I really wish Samsung would come out with another newer watch with a camera. 

  • KrisO·

    I gotta admit I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to wearables and actually have a Gear2, Gear Fit and a GearS2 (as well as a LG Urbane R, TomTom CardioSpark and a I.AM+ Dial). For what it's worth my two pence is...

    Out of the lot if i'm honest the Fit is just sitting in a draw gathering dust, I got it because at the time it looked like a good cross between fitness tracker and smart watch but it pretty much fails at both. 

    The Gear2 has some massive benefits over others and I should probably use it more but it too often sits next to my gear fit. The TomTom comes out once a week on a Sunday when I go for a run for a couple of hours and is useful as it has built in GPS and onboard tunes but it is just a fitness tracker and has no smart watch functionality. 

    I generally hop between the Urbane and the S2 - the S2 plays way nicer with my Note4 and looks that little bit sleeker, but then I do like the wrist control in AndroidWear (although Tizen is certainly improving at a rate of knots). At a push I'd say i lean slightly towards the S2 but htat is probably because it is a little bit newer. 

    As for the Dial - great concept pretty terribly executed. Magnetic clasp is forever opening on my wrist, which causes the watch (er I mean Cuff sorry Will) to reboot, ins't particularly comfortable and the voice recognition is pretty poor compared to S Voice even let alone Google or Siri. In fairness the headphones it ships with are quality, and the one night I took it out in replacement of my phone was pretty liberating but it is very much for me for those nights out when you don't want to risk losing your phone.

  • nicter·

    question: is the gear s the only device that has the capability to function without being in close proximity to your cell phone? a friend of mine has one and often leaves her phone at home, and she can get phone calls and text message while her phone is 40 miles away. 

    is this not available on the gear s2? tia!

  • Arlo·

    I enjoy the  step counting and heart rate features.  My problem:  when I'm on the treadmill and I want to check my heart rate...the read out is so small I can't see it. Question:  is there a way to enlarge the readout for heart rate?

  • jesseds·

    Is there any issues with having both a Gear Fit 2 and Gear S2 connected to your phone? I wouldn't wear at the same time but sometimes I want the fitness watch connected and other times I want the smartwatch connected. Will this destroy battery life or cause connection issues?

  • Willi·

    you should bring the prices down on the samsung gear2 watches being that there all used no one is going to pay $200 on a used watch