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Samsung is preparing a budget watch for 2024 - here's everything we know so far

Our hopes and dreams for the potential entry-level Galaxy Watch
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Whether it arrives as the Galaxy Watch FE or Galaxy Watch 4 (2024), it appears likely that Samsung will release an all-new entry-level smartwatch later this year.

Following an initial database leak that hinted at the upcoming release of an all-new Galaxy Watch FE based on the Galaxy Watch 4 released in 2021, a later report posited that the device would effectively be a straight update of the Galaxy Watch 4 - even in name.

So, what else do we know so far? Well, not much.

In fact, we know virtually nothing else about this potential budget Wear OS watch other than that one may be being prepared for release. 

Below, then, until more detailed rumors emerge, we'll provide some educated guesses and insider analysis of the watch - including the potential release date, price, and features.

Potential announcement and release date

WareableSamsung Galaxy Watch 4 2024

Current rumors only point to a release of the Galaxy Watch FE at some point in 2024 - not a specific time.

As such, it's impossible to know whether Samsung plans to launch the upcoming watch as a standalone device in the spring or tack it onto the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 & Galaxy Watch 7 Pro announcement.

We suspect the latter is more likely - and this means we can use Samsung's previous launches as a framework to guess when we might receive official confirmation.

Let's take a quick look at the last few launches:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 - announced Wednesday, 26 July 2023 (released Friday, 11 August 2023)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 - announced Wednesday, 10 August 2022 (released Friday, 26 August 2022)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - announced Wednesday, 11 August 2021 (released Friday, 27 August 2021)

It's been widely reported that Samsung will stick to an earlier July event for 2024, which means we're likely to see a Galaxy Watch FE/4 (2024) announcement as early as Wednesday, 24 July.

And if the form sticks, a shipping date would likely follow on Friday, 9 August.

However, if the company reverts to its later scheduling, we could instead see the budget watch unveiled on Wednesday, 7 August ahead of a release on Friday, 23 August.

How much will it cost?

WareableSamsung Galaxy Watch 4 2024

This is another area in which we're yet to see any concrete rumors or speculation - and, given the nature of the device, is the detail we're most interested in seeing. 

Wear OS has precious few cheaper alternatives to flagship devices, with those on a tighter budget often having to settle for last-gen tech, so we're obviously hoping Samsung keeps things reasonable here.

With the Galaxy Watch 7 series likely to be priced from just under $300 / £300, we're expecting the Galaxy Watch FE to settle around the $200 / £200 tag. 

This would see it undercut the Apple Watch SE (perhaps the most comparable watch for iPhone users) by around $20, a pattern that would follow how the Galaxy Watch 6 is priced against the Apple Watch Series 9

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE wish list

WareableSamsung Galaxy Watch 4 2024

Other than speculation that Samsung will release an updated version of the Galaxy Watch 4, we know very little about what the Galaxy Watch FE will look like or actually be capable of. 

For now, here are a few things we're hoping to see from the budget Galaxy Watch - and a couple we think are nailed-on aspects for an FE device.

A modern processor

It would be extremely bizarre for Samsung to release a 2024 smartwatch with a 2021 processor, so we expect to see the Exynos W920 from the Galaxy Watch 4 (and Galaxy Watch 5) swapped out for the Exynos W930.

It's also possible Samsung includes an all-new processor - one that's not quite as capable as the Galaxy Watch 7's chip - though we think this is pretty unlikely.

Identical design to the Galaxy Watch 4

With the Galaxy Watch FE's look, the only real reference point we have is the rumors that suggest it'll be a complete rehash of the Galaxy Watch 4. 

Given that Samsung's smartwatch design has evolved at a snail's pace over the last few years, however, we don't necessarily think this is a bad thing.

Aside from the chip change mentioned above, we would be surprised if the Galaxy Watch FE introduced any battery life improvements, additional case colors, or other new design features.

And we also don't expect the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic model to return in an updated form - just the standard Galaxy Watch 4. 

Two case sizes

Given the Galaxy Watch 4 was available in two case sizes - 40mm and 44mm - we would expect that the upcoming budget smartwatch would also mimic this.

Samsung has always been consistent in offering two case sizes across its Galaxy Watch range, so we feel fairly confident it won't limit the production here to just the 44mm edition. 

Wear OS 5 / One UI Watch 6

It would be pretty unusual for Samsung to launch a device - even if it is, by nature, a lesser one - that isn't capable of running the latest software.

And with Wear OS 5 expected to arrive alongside Samsung's Galaxy Watch 7 series, this should also mean it launches with the Galaxy Watch FE, too. 

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