​Samsung Gear S2 review

The Samsung smartwatch you'll want to wear

(We first tested the Samsung Gear s2 in November 2015 when it launched. Recently, we've spent more time with the device and added our thoughts on how it holds up and compares to newer devices.)

When it comes to Samsung smartwatches, our Gear S2 review breaks new ground. Never before have we been able to describe a Samsung smartwatch as desirable, intuitive or – most importantly of all – compatible.

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With its Swatch-like looks and ability to play nicely with rival Android smartphones, Samsung has performed a spectacular U-turn. The result is a bold wearable that gets as much right as its predecessors got wrong. Read on to find out why Samsung is back in the game.

Samsung Gear S2: Design

It's impressive how many bases Samsung has covered in just two designs: the standard Gear S2 and the upscaled Gear S2 Classic. It should be noted that the stainless steel and plastic editions look like watches and feel well made – and if you've ever worn a previous Samsung smartwatch, you'll know that is big news.

Samsung Gear S2 review

If we'd had a choice of which Gear S2 design we prefer, we'd have to pick the Classic. The ridged bezel, leather strap and smaller body combine for a premium feel, and it can be easily fitted with third party straps. And both are now the same price after receiving cuts due to the arrival of the Gear S3.

One note to mention, though, is that we haven't had a chance to test the Gear S2 with 3G and GPS – the obvious choice to compare to the Sony SmartWatch 3 or Moto 360 Sport if you want a cheaper smartwatch for everyday use, as well as running or training.

With two different designs and a bunch of different straps, there's some choice of style in the Samsung Gear S2 line-up, though it can't rival the likes of Apple for personalisation options. While the Gear S2 Classic, with its leather strap, looks more in line with a Fossil watch, the plastic strapped Gear S2 has more in common with a Swatch. This is key for a couple of reasons. First, the Samsung Gear S2 doesn't try too hard. With its pre-loaded watch faces it looks fun and off-the-wall. It's not trying to be as classy as an Omega or as blingy as a Michael Kors. It has a confident style and it translates well.

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One of our only criticisms here is that the 11.4mm thick S2 is still quite chunky and sits quite high on the top of your wrist. This is similar to the second gen Motorola and if there's one guarantee about the next generation of devices it's that they will be slimmer, but right now smartwatches are still chunky. The Classic will work for women but it wouldn't be our first recommendation. Still, one thing is for sure – we are so far away from the first Gear watch. This is a polished, unisex, circular smartwatch that no one will be ashamed of wearing.

Samsung Gear S2: That rotating bezel

Samsung Gear S2 review

The Gear S2's rotating bezel is far and away our favourite thing about the piece. Rather than try to disappear the bezel altogether like Motorola or primp it up to look like a traditional wristwatch like LG, Samsung has transformed it into a satisfying, addictive and most importantly, intuitive way of interacting with the smartwatch.

When you move your hand to hover over the watch on your wrist it's the exact place your fingers land, even when you aren't looking down yet, and thanks to some clever UI design in its Tizen OS – more on that later – you can switch between apps, cycle back to notifications, change volume and brightness all in the same smooth motion.

In short, it's genius and we're still yet to see any rivals take advantage of the same feature, despite Android Wear 2.0 possessing the power to make this happen.

It's faster than Apple's Digital Crown on the Watch and the touchscreen prods and gestures of Android Wear. You can control everything with your finger on the right half of the bezel (if you're right handed) which means you will always be able to see the whole display.

Samsung Gear S2 review

The bezel's closest rival here is actually a little known Chinese watch, designed by Frog design, called the Ticwatch which has a capacitive strip on the outer edge.

There are also two buttons on the right-hand edge of the round watch body: 'back' at two o'clock and 'home' at four o'clock. The first of these is in the perfect position, the second can be a bit annoying to shift your hand around to press. You can set a double tap of the home button to launch an app, such as the music player or maps, which is handy, though unlike say, a Pebble, in order to select an app or setting it's back to prodding the touchscreen.

Samsung Gear S2: Screen

Samsung Gear S2 review

With so much love for the rotating bezel you might forget to pay proper attention to the bright, vivid and sharp 1.2-inch Super AMOLED screen. It's smaller than some smartwatch screens and set into the watch so it doesn't look quite as modern as the Moto 360 2. But this just increases its retro/classic charm.

At 360 x 360 pixels, the Gear S2's screen has an impressive pixel density of 302ppi, which means you can choose to set the font very small and see more messages or notifications on one screen as you scroll through them. It's as pin-sharp as the smaller Apple Watch and it shows. And unsurprisingly for a Samsung product, it can go very bright – probably too bright, though, as most days we settled for a low, easily readable setting.

Samsung Gear S2: Tizen

Samsung Gear S2 review

Tizen has always been a gamble for Samsung but this time it has paid off. Unlike all the Android Wear watches from Huawei and LG and Motorola which benefit from recent updates but can't really move the category on, the Gear S2 is doing its own thing. And its thing is a damn well easy to use smartwatch OS. As easy to use, in fact, as our beloved Pebble OS.

The home screen is the watch face screen and you simply rotate left one click for recent notifications. Rotate right to get to a screen with an apps icon, settings, buddies (for quick messages) and S Voice. Keep rotating right and you can get easily glanceable information – weather, S Health progress, heart rate and information from third party apps. Choose the apps menu instead and Tizen makes the most of the circular screen and bezel with round app icons around the edge of the display to cycle through. Keep going with the bezel and it simply takes you to the next screen of apps. It is much quicker than zooming in and out with a Digital Crown.

Notifications are there, messages are there, call logs, third party apps… You can't get lost. One niggle is that images, say from WhatsApp, don't display on the watch but this can be excused for the time being. Tizen performs well too with no lag between transitions – the only thing that keeps you waiting is animations when apps open. Unlike Android Wear, the music player controls work without fail every time. With alerts, the vibration is quite subtle – not refined subtle like Apple's Taptic Engine but more in a you-might-miss-it kind of way. You can set the Gear S2 to long vibrate and there are levels to choose from but even 'strong' isn't that strong.

Our only criticism is that it would be great to be able to customise the aesthetic of the whole UI – it looks a little clownish and in particular will probably look a little odd on the Classic. Apple's watchOS 2 is colourful but looks more suited to a stylish accessory and watches such as the Olio Model One are offering bespoke watch faces and UIs custom to each finish.

Samsung Gear S2 review

Like the Apple Watch, it's missing the contextual alerts of Google Now which can be really handy, but arguably what Tizen offers is – for now – more useful; a quick way to find out and access what's happening. What we really want is a blend of the two – Google's virtual assistant is the future but Android Wear is still a work in progress after 18 months. Outside of Apple and Google, Samsung has obviously been looking elsewhere for its services and maps are taken care of by HERE Maps. It's generally accurate and you can zoom in and out of your location using the bezel but it can be rather slow to load on the watch. Directions are handled by a separate HERE app, Navigator.

Tizen supports Bluetooth – the S2 works with most Android phones, another first for a non-Wear Samsung smartwatch. It also has Wi-Fi on board – pull down to see if it's in 'standalone' mode or paired to a phone – as well as NFC for Samsung Pay, its mobile payment service which is a hit in Korea, just launched in the US and is coming to the UK. We'll update this review with our impressions of using Pay with the Gear S2 very soon.

There is also the small matter of the 3G and GPS Gear S2 with a bigger battery but we haven't seen this model yet, and according to a Samsung exec it's not due to come to the UK or Europe.

Samsung Gear S2: Health and fitness

Samsung Gear S2 review

So many health and fitness features are bolted onto smartwatches these days, we'll focus on what Samsung does well. Step counting is accurate and S Health offers some easily glanceable graphics to show your progress to specific goals set in the smartphone app.

If you want to be more active, the Gear S2 can vibrate to remind you you've been sitting down for nearly an hour and also give you the time you've been inactive as well as active – all useful, motivational stuff. Other alerts include step target achieved and healthy pace. You can also input that you've drank a glass of water or cup of coffee with one tap (once you've reached that screen with the bezel) which is exactly the kind of thing a smartwatch can help with.

The S2 isn't going to replace your sports watch, especially as neither the regular nor Classic models have GPS, but there are some attempts to give you that option. It auto tracks walking, running and cycling, with estimates of calories burned, which is perfect for the kind of casual user who would consider the Gear S2 as an all-rounder. Though it did detect our evening jog, it also had a blip when it once – only once – classed sitting on the sofa as light activity. Nike+ Running is also preloaded and is a better choice for regular runners as it shows time, distance and pace right on the watch face.

Samsung Gear S2 review

The heart rate monitor on the underside of the Gear S2 is a cut above too, and while it's no more accurate than the tech you'll find on an Android Wear watch, it's a lot more useful. It can take on the spot readings and can also be set to continuously take your pulse at intervals with two settings, moderate or frequent.

When you're not exercising, you can also tag your bpm readings as 'resting', 'before exercise', 'after exercise' or with moods such as 'excited' and 'angry' so you can keep an eye on your heart's health. The app also lets you know if your resting heart rate is average or lower/higher than average, though the stats get annoying fairly quickly.

Samsung Gear S2: Apps

Samsung Gear S2 review

Here's the part of the Tizen gamble that might not pay off. There are a handful of preloaded watch faces to choose from – both analogue and digital style, customisable and some with 'complications' to show the date, the weather or whatever you want instant access too.

As for apps, Samsung promised over 1,000 Tizen apps designed for the Gear S2's circular screen and it gave developers plenty of notice to get them ready. What we have is a bunch of big names like Nike, CNN, Yelp and Twitter as well as some smart home control options, and then a lot of, shall we say, interesting apps to sift through. Interesting may be generous.

You can head to the Samsung Gear Apps store via the Samsung Gear app to see the limited selection for yourself, but chances are you won't be too impressed.

But this is Samsung and the Gear S2 has the potential to outsell all Android Wear watches. We haven't seen anything available for Tizen so far that pushes the boundaries of what smartwatches can be great at – we're thinking of standalone options that are genuinely useful.

Things have improved since the early days of the app, but there's no hiding from the fact that Tizen's app support is the weakest of the proverbial 'Big 3'.

Samsung Gear S2: Battery life and charging

Samsung Gear S2 review

The battery life on the Gear S2 is slightly above what you'd expect for smartwatches - it's still not going to blow you away, but also won't kill you within a day. Of course, this also depends how you use it – whether you go for the always on screen, how much you use apps like S Voice and Maps, etc. But when using the S2 as much as we've used Android Wear watches day to day, Samsung's smartwatch is the one left standing. The 300mAh battery inside is officially good for three days – we haven't got more than two and a bit days out of it, even without the screen 'always on', but we're sure it can go for longer with lighter use.

To find out the battery level, you swipe down from the watch face, exactly the same as on Android Wear. Especially worth mentioning is the superb Power Saving mode. We left the house on 15% battery one morning having forgotten to dock the S2 in its tidy wireless charging dock overnight. We popped power saving on and it got us home from work before the Gear conked out. This switches the watch face to a simple grayscale screen, disables everything apart from alerts, calls and messages and turns off Wi-Fi. In short, it's wonderful and it means you won't be wearing a blank circle on your wrist on your commute home.

As for that dock, it's the spitting image of the Moto 360 dock (a little smaller) and helps to build charging into your daily routine. The only annoyance comes with needing to charge your watch at work or when travelling, but nine times out of ten we prefer this kind of dock to a random proprietary cradle.

Amazon PA: Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2: Voice

Voice controls on the S2 are actually a bit of a letdown – it's one of the only areas Samsung needs to improve on. S Voice can be accessed on the first screen right of the watch face and it can also be set to open by double pressing the home button (as can any app). The software uses Nuance voice recognition tech, like Pebble watches, and this just isn't as reliable as Google Voice or Siri.

The watch's mic picked up what I was saying without having to bring the device up to my mouth, choosing to open a result on my phone was quick and reliable and it's nice being able to add your own command phrase. I also recorded a voice memo with Samsung's built-in app which handily transcribed my mutterings. Annoyingly though, it was with only around 75% accuracy. It's much the same with voice searches, plus it's a bit of a pain that it defaults to Yahoo search results, rather than Google, on the watch. That can make for some odd results.

As ever, voice needs to work more times than it doesn't in order to get people trusting the technology. It could have been a great anti-touchscreen one-two with the rotating bezel, but S Voice isn't quite there yet. Perhaps we'll see improvements with future devices taking advantage of Bixby.

Samsung Gear S2: Long-term view

It's been a long time since the Gear S2 launched and marked Samsung's shift to its own Tizen platform, so we've decided to go back and live with the smartwatch to see how well it stacks up to its rivals 18 months on.

However, unlike in the initial review above, we've been strapping the Gear S2 Classic onto our wrists, as opposed to its plastic twin. And while the latter is by no means provides an uncomfortable fit or ugly look, the leather strap gives the device a more classy feel.

For our money, the overall design holds up well with the current crop of flagship devices, and many would prefer the smaller bezel over the hulking, rugged successor. If you're used to larger watches or you simply have a bigger wrist, it may take some time to the S2, but generally this is a neat and versatile look. We reckon it's a more reasonable size than the S3.

Its small screen does have the potential to dampen notifications, but thankfully its brightness and sharpness are still up there with the best. When you compare it across the board, only really the Apple Watch Series 2 can leave it trailing behind. And while we're on the topic of hitting its strong points, it's worth noting that we still find getting around the device via the rotating bezel better than any others — it just works, and makes going back to other devices and swiping screens feel like a chore.

Samsung Gear S2 review

Now, for the not so good. While the Gear S2 3G and GPS model dropped outside the US and Korea six months after the original variants, we've been testing the standard non-GPS model. With smartwatches adding an increasing amount of sensors since the S2's release, it's been left behind as a device for those in need of an exercise companion.

When you get used to running with an in-built GPS in your watch, it's rough to go back to tethering. And as with any heart rate monitor from the wrist, it can suffer when playing at high intensity, despite offering helpful features to help you keep track of your long-term heart rate.

The lack of support in terms of apps is also a big problem that Samsung has improved over time but ultimately failed to resolve. Strava is a perfect example of this; there's no native app available and only Android smartphone users are able to sync activity data from S Health.

Overall, Samsung's Gear S2 is still a viable smartwatch for those looking to get in on the ground floor with a major player. There have been moves to add more apps and also cater for iOS users, but this still adds up to a slightly feature-dry package when compared to fresher devices.

Samsung Gear S2
By Samsung
As easy to get on with as a Pebble, as stylish as an Apple Watch and with that tactile, rotating bezel as its secret weapon, the Gear S2 is the kind of smartwatch you’d kick yourself for leaving at home. It’s not perfect – this isn’t that dream hybrid of fitness tracker and all-round wrist computer, and the Tizen app store is a big miss – but by giving us decent battery life without sacrificing features it feels like a leap forward. The 3G and GPS model has the chance to change what an everyday smartwatch is capable of, but the regular S2 and the Classic should be on every Android owner’s smartwatch shortlist.

  • Rotating bezel FTW
  • Simple, speedy to use OS
  • Good battery life
  • Tizen apps are limited
  • Software extras aren’t perfect
  • Not as customisable as rivals

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  • cwalden21·

    Would it ever be possible to wipe tizen clean and have it run android wear???

    • j.stables·

      Very unlikely – although sure someone clever enough could if they really tried. Even if it could be done the bezel would be useless

    • iSueYOU·

      Why??? ......when Tizen is the absolute most compliant with Open Standards smartwatch on the Planet today. It isn't owned by Samsung you know. They are just it's biggest contributor. Well.... except no telling what's going to happen with so many high end Big Spending Car makers using it. BMW, Audi, VW, etc and actually they all recently went together to buy HERE Maps from Nokia!

      But..... Tizen in is actually owned by EVERYBODY..... and the Linux Foundation could be said to own it or at least hold stewardship over it. There are other phone and wearable device makers on the Tizen board too. Including LG.... but they recently bought WebOS another Linux based OS they bought from HP! ....but they indeed own WebOS.

      The BLOCKS.... Modular Smartwatch is using Tizen OS and they have both a round and rectangular model smartwatch that they say will never grow out of date. You just upgrade parts you need as it ages!

      But...... NO!!! .....you can't run wear on this and even if you could, why would you??? Tizen is able to run Android smartphone Apps now and that same ability is coming to Tizen for Wearables. Tizen is also far more dependable and energy efficient. Because they are not running any Google Bloatware. It also is the only Smartwatch with 3G cellular available and able to be bought on contract. Monthly rates are anywhere from $0 as an add on to your smartphone contract or up to about $10 to $15 for stand alone without a phone contract!

      Wear OS does not have the GUI features nor the Cellular Radio drivers. So it's a no brainer to stick with Tizen. You've got HEAR Maps with In-Car, Nike Running, and many apps available for use only with Samsung Phones and Gear smartwatches. Like Caro O w/Gear!

      Which can turn your phone into a dash cam recorder, hook up to OBD-II Auto Analyzer and Dashboard for everything to do with your car. Make calls hands free and get alerts from the app if you're going over the speed limit or accelerate too fast to keep you from getting tickets. A friend used his to recently beat a cop out on a speeding ticket, when he wasn't speeding and it's able to send a backup to the clouds. So the cop backed right down on the speeding ticket!!! :D ......it has a tap to record feature on Gear, because his Phone dashcam is too far onto the dash to reach!!! Awesome Awesome Gear S2 w/ cellular radio Saved him Money!!!

      • droid·

        There are a ton of Android Wear apps that I can NOT run on this Gear S2 3g. It sucks. I had a number of useful apps on my Apple watch and thought having the ability to have a watch with it's own phone number was worth it, but now I'm not so sure.

  • davidmwhite4·

    I cannot wait! I wish it was October. Can I be a tester please!!!!

  • Lg1·

    So glad I bought the Gear S.  This is very masculine looking...and I thought the Gear S was ugly.  8 months with my Gear S and still loving it.

  • fb_509·

    I'm so close to keeping this watch just based on its ability to take voice memo's (and seemlessly transfer the files to my phone).

    All's I need is to be able to read my Google Tasks lists on it.  How hard could that be?  

    (I.e., I wish Samsung would just buy some developers and have them code some essential apps like that.)

  • Extraneus·

    "as stylish as an Apple Watch"


  • bbcoachk23·

    Will it work and sync with an iPhone?

  • apparau·

    Gear S much more better than S2

  • Gadgety·

    The rotating bezel and interface is a no brainer, and I'm glad that Samsung brought it out. The one thing that makes me stay with Android Wear are the apps, and in particular, the Watchmaker app, with it's creative community. In addition, Samsung has a habit of abandoning its customers, which makes me wary (weary). Android apps I've paid for through the Samsung store aren't updated while the Play store equivalents are. Furthermore, my Note didn't receive an updated firmware for my local market, and the updates that were distributed to other markets had s-pen problems. For that reason I'm hesitant to go with a Samsung OS. They have second interests - pushing their own NEW products out the door. 

  • rgrhourgr·

    I have had mine for a week and can barely get a day out of the watch.  Not sure what is being done that gets 2 days let alone a full day out of the watch.  

    • highlandstarr·

      Do you have the "Always On" OFF and the "Wake Up Gesture" OFF? You will get a lot more battery life out of it if you turn these things off. It's not that big of a deal to push either of the buttons to wake it up, and saves a lot of battery power.

  • benbajaj·

    can u use it without a samsung phone

  • Bbryn·

    can you insert your phones SIM card and leave the phone at home?

    • highlandstarr·

      No, but if you get the 3G version of the S2 you won't need to. This version can act as a stand-alone phone, with its own number, so you can leave your phone behind and don't have to worry about being close enough to it for Bluetooth connection. You also have the option to forward your phone's calls and texts to the 3G. It should only cost $0-10 more a month to have this extra line and no contract (I'm with Verizon and it only costs me $5 more a month). Well worth it for me and was the reason I purchased this particular smartwatch. I love the freedom and security it gives me to be able to make a call, even if I forget and leave my phone out of reach.

  • bcollinsgault·

    where can I find a screen protector for my s2?

  • Joe08·

    I have had my Gear S2 less than a month and on 3 occasions the watch is charged 100% and 4 hours later the watch has died on me, on each day I get home from work and before I go to the gym I have to charge the watch because it is already 20% or less charged and will not last through a workout.  I have dimmed the brightness I have taken off alerts the only alerts that I get on the watch are text and phone calls and I don't even answer or look at text on the watch I do it on my phone.  I have called my cell provider and they have tried helping me and the only thing that they can do is connect me to Samsung which has been the worse experience I am having to send the phone off to their technical support and see if they can see what the problem is and they cannot guarantee me that they can fix it so now I'm stuck with a watch that has not lived up to its reviews which were very favorable.  

    • highlandstarr·

      Make sure you have the "Always On" and "Wake Up Gesture" features OFF. It only takes a button push to wake it up and saves a lot of battery power. Mine (the 3G version) goes at least a day and a half, even with Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and Data enabled - but I have the screen off unless I need it. Hope that helps.

  • krs222·

    I bought the sports watch in Singapore airport in end October. Within two months of usage, the strap tore off at the hinges just with regular usage. Very poor quality.

    Samsung is now refusing the replace the straps.

    BTW the straps for sports watch not easily available is very expensive at 60$ or so.

    Please be careful before buying the sports watch.

  • tzotzo·

    Just got one for Christmas. I hadn't really shown any interest in wearables, so I was sort of surprised to get an S2 for my Nexus 6P. I tried installing Android Watch app, but that did not pair well. Having come off a Samsung Note 3 and not happy with it, I was leery of this S2 watch and having to install Samsung Gear sw on my Nexus 6P.

    HOWEVER! The software installed itself and its components well. Pairing immediate. So that was smooth.

    The S2 UX itself turned out to be quite pleasant and with passing time I really have become quite satisfied with this watch! The battery life is endless it seems, as I only use BT, no WiFi, since my phone is usually close enough to the S2. The Tizen apps sure are not that many, but the ones they have are quite well designed and get the job done very well.

    The rotary bezel is totally effective, if a bit hard to grab and rotate easily. It's fine, don't get me wrong, just maybe a bit more relief to hold on to would have been perfection.

    Heartbeat monitor works most of the time unless you are moving alot and then it seems to have problems. Samsung Health app works well enough, even if a bit dorky. I hope it evolves as the combo of S2 and Health could be really useful for the human owner.

    My son who gifted me the watch is an iOS dev and he has all the Apple watch and phone hw and has developed apps for both. But he is impressed with the simplicity and super clean design and efficient UI/UX of this watch.

    I hate to say it, because I am not a Samsung fan, but grudgingly I will say this design team did a damn good job.

    Now let's see if Samsung keeps updating this products firmware and apps. I am not holding my breath, but if this watch hangs tough hardware wise for the next 2 years, I will consider it a win, and I'll upgrade to the next shiny toy anyway.

    p.s. this thing is really lightweight... how did they put this much batt life and hw/sw in a light package is beyond me. 

  • Cfoxy·

    Just got the Gear S2 and for the life of me I don't know what I'm going to do with it. No speaker but it has a microphone so I can record a note. I still need to carry around my Bluetooth headset. Yeah, I can check my new emails but I can't figure out how to access my Gmail account to look at old emails. Milk music app on the watch just controls the phone, which, if it is my pocket, doesn't matter if I can increase the volume; it is in my pocket. It has very few apps worth even thinking about let alone will be usefull. Anyone want to buy a very slightly used Gear S2?

    • highlandstarr·

      If you want one with a speaker, you need to trade it in for a Gear S2 3G (if you still can). You can make calls/texts on it and it can act as a stand alone because it has its own phone number - or you can just forward your calls/texts from your phone. You can also load music on it and it will play without a headset - but you can still use one via Bluetooth if you want.

  • hyderja·

    What is the name of that watch face pictured under 

    Samsung Gear S2: Battery life and charging

  • hyderja·

    What is the name of that watch face pictured under

    Samsung Gear S2: Battery life and charging

  • Babyangel22703·

    I can't get more than 8 hours of battery life on mine. 

    • highlandstarr·

      Do you have the "always on" OFF and the "Wake Up Gesture" OFF? You will get a lot more battery life out of it if you turn these things off. It's not that big a deal to push either of the buttons to wake it up, and saves a lot of battery power.

    • highlandstarr·

      Turn OFF the "Wake Up Gesture" and "Always On" features. You'll get a lot more battery life out of it.

      • jpwest·

        I have all of that turned off and it is not connected to anything. The battery still does not last more then maybe 8  hours. I use it as just a watch.

  • Bonnieak1·

    hi is there a volume control on the gear s2.I can't hear anything through it when watching for example the awards the other night.A great video on screen but no sound . BONNIE  

  • Andrei·

    Well the dowside of the watch ist that is not offering any sleep tracking at all. Just chated with the Samsung support, it is only possible to enter manually that you slept from xx until xx. So this is a definitive deal breaker for me. The S-Health app still thinks the Gear s2 can track sleep. Unfortunattelly, as I like the watch in general quite good.

  • halim_marican·

    To all;

    I'm still using the first model of Samsung Gear which to me is fabulous. Last year during Christmas [25 Dec 15]; my home state was hit with the worst flood ever. My home was flooded [chest level]. In my panic hour, I left my Samsung Gear at home; submerged in the flood. After five days, when the flood water receded, I picked up all that's left of my personal belonging in my house. I picked up my Samsung Gear which was covered with yellow mud. I washed it and left it to dry. Surprisingly after recharging it. My Samsung Gear is 100 % functional and I could even update my Gear. I'm still using it. 

    I've seen the S2 Gear which is really very beautiful. I'm now saving part of my pension money to buy the S2 [maybe in a few months time; by then I hope the S2 will add a camera as in my Gear.

    Sincerely, Abdul Halim Marican

  • molin·

    I love the watch. I have the s2 3g I would like to know will it get more apps and other stuff added to it or is this it. By the way Samsung shouldn't have went with tizen. It is VERY limited 

  • gplf69·

    Hello, somebody knows an application for sport, but fitness circuit in the application            S-HEALTH none appears for what I need, measuring calories with circuit training.

    Thank you.

    Samsung Gear S2 

  • Lisah22968·
    1. I received the Gear 2 for Xmas.  Took some getting used to and I was disappointed about it not tracking sleep even though the tech told my husband it would, so I wasted a lot of time.  My only complain is the rotating bezel.  I love that it has it, however, mine can be very hard to turn, seems tight, but then other times it turns quite easily.  Has anyone else had the same issue with the bezel?
    • highlandstarr·

      I've never had a problem with mine (3G version). You might want to take it back and exchange it for another one, since it should still be under warranty. It should move easily every time.

  • Shaon·

    I am unable to access SMS from my Gear S2 Classic. I have just bought it from Bangkok and my mobile phone is ASUS Zenfone 2. everything i can access except the SMS though when any SMS comes, it appears in wrist's wall but can't answer from my wrist.

  • Natedawg·

    I want a metal band for gear S2 regular stainless steel band for gear S2 the white banded one   I would buy it in a heart beat 

  • highlandstarr·

    I have the S2 3G version (it does have GPS too). I bought it specifically because I can make/receive calls and texts on it as a stand-alone "phone" and/or have my calls/texts forwarded from my phone. I love the freedom and security it gives me to have the ability to call/text for help if I need it, when I have forgotten and left my phone out of reach, in the car, or at home. I love mine! I do wish, however, that there were more bands (feminine) available for it - though I'm sure that will eventually happen. I can wait for more apps, as it does everything I really want and need it to do already.

  • Kermit·

    I've had an S2 for a few months now, and generally pleased. It is light enough not to notice it is on my wrist, and the review and comment above cover most of the good/bad. 

    However, its worth pointing out a few things not covered:

    The always on screen is really great, even though it sucks battery- way better than having a dead face! Obviously switching off this, and wake gesture will improve battery life significantly, but then you end up with a watch you have to touch or press a button to read-bad experience! Probably better to use the features and rely on the power saving feature to get you out of a hole if you forget to charge.

    The wireless charger is not Qi compatible, so you cant just pop it on a phone wireless charger (which would have been really handy). In any case, the non-classic version probably wouldn't sit flat enough on a phone charger due to the straps!

    The wake up gesture needs to be quite a deliberate sweep of your arm. However, once it has woken, and goes back to sleep, it seem to be more sensitive for a few minutes, as just a flick of the wrist will wake it. I'd much prefer to wake it with a flick all the time.

    The display is really bright and easy to read, but doesn't have a proper auto brightness mode. You can manually change the brightness from 1 to 10, but it doesn't automatically go dim in the dark. This is a real pain if you wear it at night, as even 1 is too bright for a dark room or cinema. This is all strange, as tt does have a light sensor, and does go into a 'bright sunlight' mode if it detects it, so its strange it cant do it properly. There are watch faces that get around this a bit by having a night mode where the face is dimmer.

    There is no mode that allows you to wear the watch on the right hand with the buttons facing the hand- so you can push them with your fingers of your left hand, not your thumb.

    Finally, it would be nice if it displayed the time when it is charging as an option. I see there is at least one watch face that can do this, so it is possible, but it should be an option on the watch itself.

  • PradChitt·

    Can anyone let me know how to keep the dial display on for a longer time instead of the greyscale.

  • Robinmath·

    I bought the watch to keep track of steps and it is way off. I wore my old Samsung along with the new one and the new one was way behind in steps like a mile or two. There old one is far more accurate. I'm going back to the new fitbit.

  • Luimelo123·

    Hi everybody,

    I bought a Gear S2 Classic in USA, but there is no portuguese language to SVoice.

    Does anyone know how to add a new language in SVoice?

    Gear S2 sold here in Brazil has portuguese language in SVoice options, so I think that is the firmware...

  • saturn92·

    watch band s2 broken twice. obvious design flaw. will return to best buy

  • metz2000·

    An activity tracker without GPS is useless if you run, cycle, hike. Maybe the next version will have it.

  • metz2000·

    An activity tracker without GPS is useless for running, cycling and hiking. Maybe the next version will have it.

  • MikeB·

    I have a Samsung gear S2. After just 8 months of daily wear, in a non stressful environment (I have a desk job), the strap broke off the watch. After two and a half hours with Samsung on the phone, they told me I had to ship the entire watch to them to get the strap replaced, which would be a 15 day turnaround. Because of this ridiculous requirement to replace a broken strap on a quick-release system, I will simply not purchase a Samsung product again.

  • edman911·

    After what seemed like countless hours with tech support(6 hours to be exact), visiting best buy, and sitting on hold for another hour with ECR Samsung support it was determined my Samsung Gear S2 was not covered under warranty for water damage. The watch is water resistant up to 1 meter for 30 min. Samsung is saying I submerged the watch for that long and somehow it failed. The watch was never wet for that long and never exceeded that spec. Been a Samsung customer for a long time(Note 3, Note 4, currently Note 5). I doubt I would be having this experience with an Apple watch. I'm done with Samsung. Done. Good Luck with that warranty requests on your S7.

  • Corporatesheep·

    I purchased a s2 gear and I have had connection issues to my note 4 since day 1.

    I tried to fix the matter with samsung and my carriers customer service but with no help , I'm still sitting here with a 350$ paper weight....wtf whoever says the watch is a good product is lying for money.....it completely sucks....

    Thanks samsung and t moble for robbing me of my hard earned cash.

  • janetdsouza64·

    Samsung watches are now on sale only at SmartwatchOffers;com

  • lorein0688·

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  • Denvertim·

    I can't seem to find any GPS good apps that work with this.  Any ideas? 

  • hifiaudio177·

    Is there any way to delete all of the contacts that were automatically imported to my new Gear s2?   I specifically did NOT check the contacts box, but there they all are.   I bought two Gear S2s so my kids could have a device for calls and texts without having a phone, but since it has to be set up with the stupid Samsung app, it automatically grabbed stuff from my phone.  Is there any way to delete this stuff?  I want my kid to be able to set up only a few contacts he may need to call, not my hundreds of contacts. 

  • jimr5454·

    i have read awfull things about the warranty on samsung s2 but when i chiipped the heck out of my s2 watch and i mean all the way around the glass not cracked but chipped like a chipmunk chewed on the edge all the way around it was really bad i had little to no doubt they wouldnt repair under warranty but i figured at the most it would be cheaper to repair then to replace and there absolutly no where on line for parts or instructions on how to do yourself .I sent it in with little hope of warranty repair but they did!!! i couldnt believe it but they did in fact repair it for free so for me they rocked it was in my opinion clearly a user abuse issue and in fact it was i never took it off ,didnt matter working on cars or just general yard work or whatever it never came of my wrist other then charging it at night .So in my humble opinion word it right setting upo the repair and they suprise you.

  • Kermit·

    Had a S2 sport for about 6 months and generally like it. I keep in on all the time, stick it on charge when I get up in the morning and by the time I'm ready to leave for work its charged back up.

    The firmware update for sleep tracking and auto brightness was really useful.

    Major gripe is the "always on" mode ISN'T ! After a while (variable) it goes blank and needs a button press to get the display back. Its a pretty common problem, and no amount of moaning at Samsung gets anywhere! The S7 has a 'proper' always on...

    I dont have the wake up gesture enabled, as it doesn't work very well- you need a very deliberate 'hand swoosh' to get it going, which is just crap. Why can it just be a flick of the wrist.

    Hope the S3 fixes these, but then who wants to wear a manhole cover on your wrist- I'm hanging on for the S4!

  • dwedlock·

    great article. Just got this watch and learned a lot. 

  • fond3ur·

    I have always been a fan of all Samsung products... EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE! i have it since 8 months ago, and the main problem is the battery life... it lasts about 4 hours!!!!

    i charge it at night, wear it at 9am... and about 1pm it's already shutting down! i do not have any apps running in the background, actually, the battery runs out even if i am not looking at the time all the time.

    another thing is the lack of useful apps, some of the one that could be useful, keep crashing.

    Also, i wish there was ways to modify the look and feel of it, like change the bevel, or the band (it's limited).