Security tests find Microsoft Band 2 and Pebble Time most secure wearables

And a reluctant endorsement for the Apple Watch
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The Microsoft Band 2 and Pebble Time have topped the charts of the most secure wearables, a new study has found.

The testing, performed by AV Test, looked at a selection of wearables with Android apps. The Basis Peak, Microsoft Band 2, Mobile Action Q-Band, Pebble Time, Runtastic Moment Elite, Striiv Fusion and Xiaomi Mi Band were all involved. It's an eclectic mix of devices and slightly lacking without Fitbit or Jawbone in the field.

The researchers from AV Lab then tested each device's visibility, ability to be found, authentication and tamper protection. There were then aspects of the app code and communication also under the microscope.

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So let's cut to the chase: the Microsoft Band 2 and Pebble Time came out as the most secure devices, with a special mention for the Basis Peak.

"The risk assessment indicates that the trackers from Pebble Time, Basis Peak and Microsoft Band 2 were among the most secure. They show minor errors, but on aggregate, they offer few opportunities for attackers or tampering. After this test, the manufacturers are certain to also fix a few of the smaller defects via a firmware update," read the report's conclusion.

The authors also tested the Apple Watch, but not against the others because there's no Android version of the app, of course. And while Cupertino's wearable didn't exactly get a glowing report, the authors found it to be mostly secure:

"All in all, the Apple Watch receives a high security rating. While the testers did identify certain theoretical vulnerabilities, the time and effort required for attackers to gain access to the watch would be extremely high," the report said.

Wearable tech security in an issue that has plagued the industry, especially given the amount of location and health data made available by watches and trackers. Read our in-depth feature into wearables and privacy, and the trade-off between great features, and keep data secure.

Security tests find Microsoft Band 2 and Pebble Time most secure wearables

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