And finally: Fitbit Surge early release date and more...

Wearable rumours and rumblings from a busy week in tech
And finally: Fitbit Surge release date

Another week down, another week closer to Christmas and, eek, CES 2015. Has it really been almost a year since Intel too to the stage to show off the heart rate monitoring BioSport buds? It has and they finally went on sale this week.

Wareable verdict: Fitbit Surge review

For more on that, and the other big wearable tech news stories, check out our weekly roundup.

For the blips and murmurs that didn't make the site, however, read on....

Fitbit Surge 2014 availability for some

Reader vpatrice got in touch to say that he'd been selected for a limited early release of the super watch Fitbit Surge - a wearable not due officially until early 2015.

Apparently, folk who expressed an interest through the company's website for the much anticipated device received an email inviting them to order their Surge with free overnight shipping.

Alright for some, eh?

The $7 tracker to take on Fitbit and co

Fastfox, a technology startup from China, was the subject of a CNN report on Thursday, thanks to its $7 smartwatch. Yep $7. That's how much you would have needed to pledge on Australian crowdfunding site Pozible, with 100 originally up for grabs for the bargain price.

And while they've all been nabbed, there are still plenty left for $8 and $9.

We doubt Fastfox's effort would quite live up to the likes of the Fitbit Charge and the Jawbone UP3 however. Speaking of the Fitbit Charge - check out our review that we published this week.

Wearable cameras stock boost following Obama pledge

Stocks of wearable camera brands rose Tuesday, according to Bloomberg; a day after President Barack Obama announced a plan to equip more police officers with body cameras - pledging to spend $75 million on some 50,000 cameras.

GoPro, for example, saw its share price rise 90 cents to $74.40. Check out the report for more figures and take a look at our wearable camera buyer's guide.

Pinto: Your wearable cloud

USB flash drives that you can wear have been around for a while, and are about as exciting as zzzzz......sorry, we nodded off typing that sentence, such is their dullness.

But Pinto, which is due to hit Indiegogo soon, takes a different approach by essentially creating cloud storage on your wrist - there's no need to ever use a USB port to sync, or charge. Take a look at its launch website to find out more.


Check out our wearable tech news hub for all the latest headlines.

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  • Donald says:

    my grandson wants a surge for Xmas . Is it possible to get on ur list?

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