​How to add cycling tracking to your Fitbit Surge sports watch

Our step-by-step guide to enabling the cycling features on the Surge
Add bike mode to your Fitbit Surge
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The Fitbit Surge is the Californian company's dedicated sports watch and, with built-in GPS and a heart rate monitor, it's a pretty compelling device.

While running is supported – as well as an host of obscure activities which all make use of the optical heart rate monitor – there was no proper bike mode. "That's crazy," we hear you say. Luckily, Fitbit heard you too, and has added proper cycling support in the way of the new Bike Mode.

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You'll have to update your Fitbit Surge in order to get the new features, and while that sounds easy, the process is far from simple.

So we've done the hard work so you don't have to. Just follow these steps to quickly activate the Bike Mode on your Surge.

1. Check your version

First you need to make sure your Fitbit is running the latest software. Go into the Fitbit app on your smartphone and go to the Account tab at the bottom and tap your device at the top. It should say Firmware Version 31.5.8. If it doesn't, that needs fixing.

2. Update your Surge

If you're running an older version, you'll need to update. That's easy. Tap Sync Now, and if there's an update to be installed a button called Update Available will appear at the top of the page.

3. Log into Fitbit.com

Once you're updated, you'd think it's a case of just starting up the watch. But you'd be mistaken. This time you need to go to Fitbit.com and start playing with some settings.

4. Fine tune the settings

When you're logged in, go to the Settings cog in the top right and then choose Devices from the column of options on the left.

5. Find the lost sports

Head down to the bottom of the screen to the section called Exercise Shortcuts an then click the Edit Exercise Shortcuts link. In the next window you'll see a load of ticked exercises, and even more that aren't. Sure enough, Bike will be unchecked. Tick it, press save and then re-sync your Surge.

6. Go cycling

Bike mode will appear in the Exercises list. Now all that's left is to saddle up and head out.

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