Huawei's Honor VR Camera clips straight onto your smartphone

Samsung Gear 360 rival incoming
Huawei announces its Honor VR Camera
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With Huawei set to have a busy MWC 2017 unveiling the Huawei Watch 2 and potentially its VR headset, the company has announced the Honor VR Camera ahead of the event.


This isn't the first wearable we've seen from the Chinese giant's spin-off, with the Honor S1 and Honor Band A1 launching last year, but this does represent its first dip into the world of virtual reality.

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And as the name suggests, the camera is designed for capturing VR content, while also being designed to clip onto smartphones.


The full specs of the Insta360-developed device are still relatively up in the air, but we do know it will be capable of supporting live-streaming, capturing photos and videos in 360-degrees and taking stills holding 3K resolution. The attachment will also be available "internationally", though specifics have not yet been released.

Huawei announces its Honor VR Camera


Of course, Huawei isn't the first company to provide users with a VR-capturing device. Those with a spare treasure chest lying around and looking to get in on the professional end can take a look at Nokia's Ozo or GoPro's Omni, while Samsung and LG offer more affordable options.

What could separate the Honor VR Camera is its accessibility, though - particularly if it turns out to be compatible with devices outside the Huawei bubble.

Stay tuned for more details, such as price, release date and what resolution the camera actually shoots in, which will likely be revealed over MWC 2017 in just a few days.

Huawei launches its Honor VR Camera


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