Best Oculus Quest games, apps, and experiences to dive into first

Our top picks for the all-in-one headset
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It's fair to say that the Oculus Quest VR standalone VR headset does not disappoint, delivering an accessible, affordable alternative to the more complex and costly headset options out there. Combining the six degrees of freedom tracking and Touch controllers from the Oculus Rift with the wireless, PC-free tech of the Oculus Go, the Oculus Quest offers the best of both worlds right out of the box.

Just as impressive is the Quest's launch line-up, a slate of over 50 immersive experiences – from free offerings to premium-priced titles – just begging to show you what life's like beneath the headset. The Quest is now available for anyone to pick up and we've already spent dozens of hours peering through its transformative lenses, testing out a big batch of its day-one offerings.

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Whether you're craving a completely original experience, want to revisit a VR game classic, or even experience how the headset can put a fresh spin on a familiar favourite, these are the ones that should put a smile across your face.

Best Oculus Quest Games

Superhot VR

Best Oculus Quest games, apps, and experiences to dive into first

Having already proven itself a favourite on other VR platforms, Superhot VR makes the inevitable jump to Oculus Quest. This fresh take on the first-person shooter formula is the same bullet-dodging blast it's always been, but it also greatly benefits from the new headset's wireless, all-in-one freedom.

Because you needn't worry about getting tied up in a tangle of wires, evading slugs and emptying clips in slow motion feels more cinematic than ever. By cutting the cord, the Quest has allowed one of the medium's best games to evolve into an even better one. Whether Superhot has previously fulfilled your action-film fantasies or you're yet to enter this Matrix-like experience, this one's an easy recommendation.

, Download Superhot VR for Quest

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

Best Oculus Quest games, apps, and experiences to dive into first

A firm favourite at Wareable HQ, Racket Fury is must-play even if you're not a fan of ping pong. It's a great showcase not only of the Quest's great room tracking, but more the way Oculus' Touch controllers are instantly transformed into paddles.

You can pit yourself against one of the AI robotic opponents with multiplayer mode also on board, which should make things even more competitive. If you want to make things feel even more like the real thing, there's a simulation mode, which adds another layer of difficulty where you really have to think about your choice selection.

Make sure you've got enough play space to jump around the virtual table and believe us, you will not be sorry you have this Quest game in your life.

, Download Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR for Quest

Dance Central VR

Best Oculus Quest games, apps, and experiences to dive into first

First introduced for the Xbox 360's motion-sensing Kinect peripheral, Harmonix's Dance Central series took the music-rhythm genre to the next level. While flailing our limbs in front of the TV was fun nearly ten years ago, though, the series' early entries only hinted at the franchise's full potential.

Dance Central VR delivers on the full promise of the previous games, harnessing the power of wireless, room-scale virtual reality to put you on the dance floor like never before. 32 songs and two difficulty modes will keep your body moving and grooving, while a cast of colourful characters and equally vibrant environments bring the coolest club to life in the comfort of your home.

Download Dance Central VR for Quest

Sport Scramble

Okay, it does look a bit like the Quest equivalent of a Wii Sports game, but Sports Scramble is actually just a lot of fun and it's one of the games that's good to pass the Quest around and take turns with.

You can take your pick of tennis, baseball and bowling, all with a little twist that makes playing your way to a win a little trickier. This is also one of the Quest games that supports local multiplayer, so if you've got a Quest-owning buddy, you can play against each other and it will get competitive.

It's one of the pricer launch titles, but it's also one that you'll probably spend a lot of time with showing it off to people if they want to get a good feel for what the headset is capable of.

Download Sport Scramble for Quest

The Exorcist Legion VR – Complete Series

Virtual reality's scariest entry creeps onto the Quest, offering horror fans five episodes of nerve-fraying frights based on one of the genre's most revered properties. Plenty of VR games have provided cheap jump scares, but The Exorcist Legion ups the ante – and anxiety – by spinning a twisty, terrifying tale full of atmosphere and edge-of-the seat pacing.

As a demon-hunting detective, players will encounter the sort of enemies and environments that will take up permanent residence in their nightmares. It's the slow-burn storytelling, however, that will haunt them during their waking hours. Expert use of lighting and shadows, as well as immersive audio effects, round out one of the best reasons to don your Quest after dark.

Download The Exorcist Legion VR for Quest

Robo Recall: Unplugged

Best Oculus Quest games, apps, and experiences to dive into first

Robo Recall arrived on the Oculus Rift as one of the headset's most critically acclaimed and graphically demanding games. The arcade shooter now makes its way to the Quest, maintaining its high bar of quality with nary a performance hiccup in sight.

More than just proving the Quest can squeeze plenty of power from its mobile Snapdragon 835 processor, Robo Recall essentially drops you into the middle of your own sci-fi action flick. Faced with an evil robot uprising, the game puts players behind an epic arsenal of metal-mangling weapons, ensuring their trigger fingers get little rest. Insane physics and destruction effects – like beating bots with their own limbs – further complement the pulse-pounding gunplay.

Download Robo Recall: Unplugged for Quest

Beat Saber

Hailed as both an addictive music-rhythm game and a calorie-burning workout, Beat Saber has already established itself as one of virtual reality's biggest hits. Whether you're in it for the fun, fitness, or a bit of both, the game's brilliant combination of bumping beats and full-body exertion has got your (sweaty) back.

Much like Superhot, it's also a game that gets an immersion-cranking bump from the Quest's complete lack of wires. Whether slicing and dicing the rapidly approaching cubes with the platforms' Touch controllers or ducking and dodging oncoming obstacles, the experience feels far more natural and free without the worry of a wire tripping you up and breaking your flow.

Download Beat Saber for Quest


Don't let Moss' fairytale facade fool you, as this charming third-person action-platformer is one of the medium's most immersive and surprisingly emotional entries. As Quill, an adorable, sword-wielding white mouse, players embark on an epic adventure to match that of any high-fantasy hero's evil-vanquishing journey.

While its storytelling, characters, and world will immediately grab you, Moss continues to impress with its inventive and varied gameplay. Developer Polyarc is also bringing new chapters to the Quest first before rolling out to other VR platforms.

Responsive combat mechanics, clever puzzles, inspired character interactions and unique controls keep things fresh, while also weaving themselves organically into the spot-on pacing and absorbing visual presentation. Forming an unexpected bond with a rodent is just icing on the cheese, er, cake.

Download Moss for Quest

Journey of the Gods

A fantasy-fuelled adventure that'd make The Legend of Zelda's Link proud, Journey of the Gods delivers an engaging blend of combat, exploration and environmental puzzles. Adopting a visual style that immediately recalls Breath of the Wild's eye-popping presentation, the game's sprawling world is filled with minions, monsters and other menaces looking to impede your progress.

Thankfully, players are armed with a variety of evil-thwarting weapons, from ranged death-dealers and up-close killers to god-like powers capable of clearing the entire screen of threats. A fantastic showcase of the Quest's ability to deliver full-featured, story-driven gameplay experiences, this one's a journey well worth embarking on.

Download Journey of the Gods for Quest

Creed: Rise to Glory

If you're looking to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, there's no shortage of boxing games that let you lace up the virtual gloves. Creed: Rise to Glory stands out from the face-pummelling pack, however, offering a solid narrative experience that will also give you one hell of a workout.

It's also the rare licensed game that does right by its source material. In the boxing trunks of Adonis Creed you'll progress your career, take on a variety of colourful contenders, and even train alongside the Italian Stallion himself. Of course, the boxing mechanics are not only spot-on, but more satisfying than ever thanks to the wireless Quest letting you strut your stuff in the VR ring.

Download Creed: Rise to Glory for Quest

Best Oculus Quest Apps and Experiences

Star Wars: Vader Immortal

One of the few original offerings launching alongside the Quest, Vader Immortal is a new episodic series from the galaxy far, far away. As its title suggests, though, this one trades the usual Luke Skywalker-led heroic tale in favour of a decidedly more sinister story.

Not so much a game as it is an interactive narrative adventure, Vader Immortal puts you in the boots of a smuggler held captive in the Sith Lord's castle. Unfolding on the fiery planet of Mustafar, the absorbing story not only takes you into the darkest depths of Vader's home, but also provides a fan-pleasing peek at a side of the iconic villain we rarely see.

All that, and there's also an amazing Jedi Dojo mode that allows you to unleash all kinds of hell with a lightsaber.

Download Star Wars: Vader Immortal for Quest


BoxVR shelves the story and game-focused elements of boxing titles like Creed: Rise to Glory for a full-on fitness experience. The result is one of the most physically intense – and rewarding – virtual reality experiences this side of Beat Saber's Expert+ modes.

Because BoxVR puts fitness first, it also features plenty of options and modes tailored to every skill level. Whether you're looking to work up a light sweat or get your heart pounding like a freight train, there's a regime to fit your needs. Score-based challenges and a varied selection of 100+ music tracks – complete with custom playlists – keep things interesting while you punch, dodge and parry your way to a buff body.

Download BoxVR for Quest

Tilt Brush

If you've been following all things VR from the early days, then you'll probably know about Google's 3D illustration tool that has now been embraced by painters and sculptors to inject some extra creativity into their works.

Away from the professionals, it's still impressive to see how good Tilt Brush is at offering a virtual canvas where your Touch controllers are your tools to draw. Google is continually improving the options and modes available to aspiring VR artists and it's still one the most impressive VR experiences out there that takes full advantage of the Quest's best features.

Download Tilt Brush for Quest

Nature Treks VR

There are a few Quest titles that are centred around whisking you away from you living room, and Nature Treks VR is the one that stands out for us.

The aim of this experience is quite simply to go exploring and to escape. You'll have to use the locomotion feature to move around environments, discovering different animals, and take control of the weather conditions and climates of the locations you can roam.

Visually it impresses, and makes for a nice break from the gaming and other experiences that are available on the standalone headset.

, Download Nature Treks VR for Quest


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