Deal: The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro has dropped even further in price

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Updated: The price of the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro has dropped even further, plummeting to just $114.85. That's by far the cheapest price this excellent fitness tracker has ever been sold. That amounts to a 43% discount ($85.49) from its usual price.

This discount of $85.49 incredibly makes it cheaper than a refurbished model. At time of writing there weren't many left in stock, so snap one up pronto. The large model in black is available for $114.45, but you'll have to pay ever-so-slightly more for the small version at $124.80, which is still a steep discount.

This massive discount, which is the lowest it's ever been, can be explained by the impending Samsung Galaxy Fit, but a newer model doesn't stop this being an absolute bargain.

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The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro currently sits atop our list of the best waterproof fitness trackers, so it's a particularly excellent choice for anyone looking to take in some laps of a pool as it can record everything from distance swum to swim efficiency.

The Fit2 Pro is undoubtedly a premium fitness tracker and that's clear from its beautiful 1.5-inch, 216 x 432 Super AMOLED display. That's a major step up from the majority of fitness trackers, especially at this lower price point.

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Another big draw is that the Gear Fit2 Pro runs Samsung's Tizen operating system. This means it has support for Spotify offline playlists, so you can pair up some Bluetooth headphones and store your favourite tracks on the device's 4GB of storage.

As there's also GPS built in, you have even more reason to go out for an outdoor run without your phone in tow. There's also an optical heart rate monitor to round out the Fit2 Pro's sports and fitness tracking abilities.

Beyond the already mentioned swim tracking, the Fit2 Pro has automatic exercise tracking for a range of sports and activities. The Fit2 Pro also has convenient smartwatch functions, letting you receive notifications to its bright and sharp display.

This is the lowest the Gear Fit2 Pro has ever been sold from Amazon, so be sure to grab one before it goes back up in price.

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