Best Oculus Go games and apps to try out first

Our top picks for the standalone VR headset
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The Oculus Go is one of the best VR headsets we've had our hands on. It's easy to use, offers great quality VR visuals and crucially, there's a lot of good stuff to try out on it.

We’ve been playing, watching and trying out a whole lot on the standalone headset since it launched back in 2018 so we've pulled together the games, apps and experiences that left us smiling. From free titles to premium adventures meant to make you appreciate everything you can do with this wireless wonder, there should be something for everyone here on this list.

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Whether it’s hanging out with friends in the virtual realm or whizzing past obstacles in a rhythm action game, here's a rundown of the top things we think you'll enjoy doing when you grab that Go.

Best Oculus Go games


Thumper has landed on multiple platforms since it was first released, but it’s well worth playing no matter where it hits. It began life on PlayStation V,R but soon made its way to Oculus Go, with stunning results.

Thumper has you careening down a track as you dodge obstacles in time with the rhythm; all the while a pulsating bassy beat accompanies your every move. As you work to jump over and defeat enemies that move toward you at breakneck speed, you’ll zip down the seemingly endless track and “brave the hellish void.” Thumper is a game you very much have to play to understand why it’s so addictive, but you’ll soon be wishing you were playing it every waking moment.

Republique VR

This narrative-based stealth game has you stepping into the shoes of a woman named Hope, as you work to aid her in escaping a totalitarian state. It’s a thriller through and through that will find you investigating the dangers of surveillance as you hack into the national network, overthrow the government and lead Hope to the freedom she so rightly deserves.

With more than 10 hours of puzzles and action sequences to wade through, it’ll be like living under Big Brother’s proverbial thumb yourself as you explore this mad world in virtual reality – only you can unplug at any time, while Hope cannot.


Anshar Online

Virtual reality headsets were practically made for exploring the stars and pretending you’re a hotshot pilot, so you need at least one space shooter in your library. Anshar Online is a fantastic choice, as it offers online multiplayer space battles where you can team up with other players to go head to head in large-scale co-op battles.

There are more than 50 missions, contracts and assaults to take part in, as well as races, deathmatches and various other events to test your speed in. Everything you do goes toward preparing you for your next tussle, and you’ll work your way up through the ranks as you earn new equipment, weaponry and even ships.


They Suspect Nothing

Coatsink’s hilarious multiplayer party game is one of the first apps you should seek out for the Oculus Go, especially if you want a quick introduction to the world of virtual reality. They Suspect Nothing is an exciting, simple-to-learn collection of 12 mini-games that will put your motion controller to the test.

Whether you’re grabbing ridiculously named tools to put a robot back together or operating a magnetic crane, there’s always some silly fun just around the corner, complete with frenetic controls to test your skills. It’s great for players of all ages, too, so the whole family can join in on the fun.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Defusing a bomb is hard work. That’s why they have trained professionals doing it. You don’t have to be a trained professional, though, to play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. You play with friends, but your friends won’t be wearing a headset – you will be. The friend (or team) without a headset must guide you through defusing a bomb. They have no idea what you’re looking at, so you have to describe everything to them. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. You’ve got to use effective communication to get the bomb defused before it explodes. It’s tense, fast-paced, and oh-so-hilarious.


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Dead Secret: Circle

Dead Secret: Circle is set in 1960's Chicago, where you take on the role of an investigative reporter tasked with tracking down a killer. Snow has blanketed the streets, but in this psychological horror game that doesn’t slow down the razor-wielding maniac killing their way around the city. You’ll have to collect evidence from murder scenes as you make your way around Chicago trying to stop the nefarious Laughing Man before he comes for you. It’s tense, disturbing and atmospheric – and because it’s in VR, it feels like you could be targeted at any moment.


Best Oculus Go apps and experiences

Dear Angelica

This Emmy-nominated virtual reality short is a free experience that has to be seen to be believed. After premiering at Sundance, it quickly became available for home VR users, offering a 15-minute, fluid animated narrative that explores the bond between a mother and a daughter. Featuring the voices of Geena Davis and Mae Whitman, the narrative utilises the drawing tool Quill to bring together the animation as it builds up around you.



If you’re a hardcore music fan who loves being front row at exclusive concerts, MelodyVR was created with you in mind. This app sells access to various shows from Imagine Dragons to Post Malone that you can view from just about any angle in a 360-degree space. You can jump from one spot to another during the show. You have to pay for the shows you watch, but MelodyVR is free. You can bet you’ll be paying far less for VR front row seats than you would in real life, though.


AltSpace VR

Who can resist the allure of an online social networking app? AltSpace VR lets you scratch that familiar itch as you meet up with others to play games, stream media together, attend special events and do all kinds of fun stuff in virtual reality – just like you would in real life. While there are other “meet up” apps on the market, this free option is top, especially if you’re going to be chatting with others or watching movies and video with friends and family. It’s cross-compatible with other VR setups as well, so anyone can join in, regardless of the method they use to connect.


Oculus Rooms

One of the Oculus Go’s best apps won’t cost you a dime. In fact, Oculus Rooms comes as a default application on your new headset, so you don’t even have to go out of your way to seek it out. It’s best utilised as a makeshift app for meeting up with friends, where you get your own “room” to decorate in virtual space.

You can choose your own furniture, flooring, wall coverings and other items to adorn your virtual area with, and then invite your friends to come hang out there. While in your room, you can watch videos, check out photos or even play board games together. It’s the ideal meet up while spending time in VR. Best of all, it’s free.



Best Oculus Go games and apps to try out first

Ever wanted to travel the world? Wander is a decent substitute. This intuitive app uses data pulled from Google StreetView to create a virtual reality paradise in which you can visit just about anywhere in the world. With integrated speech recognition you can search for a location just by speaking its name, and then be instantly transported there. It isn’t exactly like globe-trotting, but it’s the next best thing.



Bigscreen is a useful app that lets you stream whatever’s on your PC screen to VR, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy whatever media you want on an enormous screen in VR. If you so choose, you can even use the remote desktop feature within the program to use your PC while still in VR. You can join others’ rooms as well, meaning you can share experiences in the blink of an eye. Need to pool a presentation? No problem. Want to game together? You can do that too. It's still in beta, but new features are being added including a new lobby and overall improved immersive experience.


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