Sony's 'spatial' XR headset will take the fight to Apple later this year

CES 2024: The unnamed headset pairs with two unique controllers
Sony Sony XR headset CES 2024
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Sony has revealed it will launch an XR headset later this year, teasing what it describes as a 'spatial content creation system' during its CES 2024 presentation. 

Not content to allow Apple all of the spatial computing attention - with the Cupertino giant announcing its Vision Pro release date earlier this week - Sony provided an in-depth teaser for its unnamed headset.

No price or firm release date has been suggested by Sony - only that it will arrive later in 2024 - though the company did share some of the headset's key specs. 

Sony CEO Keichiro Yoshida suggests that the new headset isn't for gamers in the same way PlayStation VR 2 is (though the two do share a bit of resemblance), instead designed for professionals working in 3D who want to allow users to expand the physical world with virtual overlays.


SonySony XR headset CES 2024 3D model

The Snapdragon XR 2+ Gen 2 platform will power the mixed-reality headset, with dual 4K OLED displays and two unique types of controllers shown off during the reveal. 

The headset's more wand-like controller, which Sony described in the presentation as a "pointing controller", is one such type, though a ring-like option will be available, too, which is designed to help users manipulate objects. 

As we've seen from headsets like Microsoft's HoloLens, the headset's front can flip up to allow wearers to switch between the virtual and physical world, with "video see-through" also offered on account of the six front-facing cameras and sensors.

We suspect this won't be the only 'spatial' headset we see announced over the next few months, given Apple's dive into the market with Vision Pro, but only time will tell what kind of appeal each will draw from the masses and creatives. Stay tuned for more details on price and availability over the coming months.


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