Playstation VR Black Friday 2019: PSVR bundle deals now live

Everything you need to get a cheap PSVR this Black Friday
Playstation VR Black Friday 2019 deals
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Black Friday's a classic time to pick up a good deal on tech hardware - and that's not just limited to smartwatch deals and cut-price fitness trackers (although there will be plenty of great deals in those areas).

If you're a proud Playstation 4 owner, but have been hesitating over whether to take the plunge on a Playstation VR system, this could be the perfect time, then, and you'll be pleased to hear that a range of games are also likely to be hit with discounts, too.

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We've been using the headset ever since it launched, keeping up with the latest game releases and updates, plus discounts like last year's Black Friday.

All that means that we've got a pretty solid handle on the sorts of deals you might see during Black Friday 2019.

Playstation VR Black Friday 2019 deals live now

Already, we've seen the big players release some hard-hitting deals.

Right now, you can score it down to $249.99 at Walmart with two games when you score the Blood & Truth and Everybody’s Golf Bundle.

Best Buy is also offering the same bundle down to $249.99 which takes $100 off the normal price on the big day. And a five game bundle pack down to $199 which you can score online during their Black Friday sale at $100 off.

Best Buy: PSVR 5-Game Bundle - Save $100
Best Buy: PSVR 5-Game Bundle - Save $100

Amazon also has an excellent deal with two of the best PSVR games going in the form of Blood & Truth and Everybody's Golf VR. This bundle also includes the Move controllers to really get the most out of PSVR, all with a saving of $100.

Amazon: PSVR + Blood & Truth + Everybody's Golf VR + Move Controllers - Save $100
Amazon: PSVR + Blood & Truth + Everybody's Golf VR + Move Controllers - Save $100

Gamestop, which was revealed in their Black Friday ad, also went live with their early Black Friday deals today. Shoppers can score Playstation VR for $100 off which matches the deals from Walmart and Best Buy.

Gamestop seems to be the only place discounting the bundle deal with Astro Bot and Moss, two highly-rated PSVR games.

Gamestop: PSVR + Astro Bot + Moss - Save $80
Gamestop: PSVR + Astro Bot + Moss - Save $80

Keep checking back on this page, though, if you're looking for a deal - we'll be updating it with the best Playstation VR Black Friday deals throughout the event.

When is Playstation VR Black Friday 2019?

Playstation VR Black Friday 2019: What deals to expect

The big date to have saved this year is Friday 29 November - that's Black Friday itself. Still, though, Black Friday's basically huge event at this stage, so you can expect the Playstation VR deals start ramping up throughout November in preparation.

Once the big day comes, the discounts are likely to last well into the weekend after Black Friday and Cyber Monday on 2 December.

With the date clear in your mind, though, what kinds of deals can you actually expect to find?

Playstation VR Black Friday 2019 deals predictions

So far in the US we're expecting to see discounts from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Kohl's and Target.

It's already been revealed that you'll be able to save $100 on Playstation VR Bundles on Black Friday at Best Buy.

At Target, you'll be able to score mega pack bundles with five games for $199.99 and at Kohl's you can score the same Playstation VR Bundle but you'll also get $60 in Kohl's Cash to spend on a future purchase.

A tried and tested method for working out what deals you might find this year is to look back at previous Black Fridays, to get a sense for the discounts in the offing.

The standout deal last year dropped just before Black Friday proper, and saw a nice saving on a headset and game bundle. The starter pack, including hit games Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Doom VFR, got a discount of 17.5%, taking some $50 off its price, and offering the perfect way to get started with the VR headset.

There was also a bundle with Moss and Astro Bot Rescue Mission for a paltry $199.99.

We therefore wouldn't be surprised at all to see another deal on a starter pack for Playstation VR, along these lines. The system really isn't discounted all that often, either, so it's well worth jumping in if you do get a chance.

Also keep an eye out for any bundles that include Move controllers as these really add to the PSVR experience.

Playstation VR games discounts this Black Friday

Playstation VR Black Friday 2019: What deals to expect

What if you already have a Playstation VR system, though? Well, you're not out of luck - there's a good chance that you'll be able to pick up some great deals on games.

Sony typically runs its own Black Friday sale on digital content, which will almost certainly include some VR titles, while Cyber Monday will see a range of games get discounted at short notice, so if you've got any particular titles on your wish-list be sure to keep an eye out.

So far, we've seen Best Buy drop the price on Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Standard Edition that includes VR missions made exclusively for PlayStation VR. You can grab it now down to $19.99 saving you $40 during their Black Friday sale.

With that wrapped up, all you can do now is wait for Black Friday 2019 to kick off. Be sure to check back right here throughout November for all the very best Playstation VR Black Friday deals.

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