This 17% off Whoop Black Friday deal is well worth your money

Get a year of Whoop for £189/$199
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If you’ve been looking at getting a Whoop 4.0 – there’s a tasty discount to be had.

You can get 17% off the price of a 12-month subscription, which works out to £189/$199 for the year, down from £229. That works out to $16.50/£15.75 per month.

That gets you the Whoop 4.0 band and use of the platform for a year, which isn’t too shabby.

The company has also launched a 13% discount on the 24-month subscription, which works out to £344, down from £384. Somehow Whoop has made it less appealing to buy two years of the service.

Bagging a deal on the subscription price of Whoop is appealing – as it can feel a bit expensive.

Whoop – £189 for 12 months (17% off) - Amazon UK

Whoop - $199 for 12 months (17% off) - Amazon US

Whoop - 17% off – Whoop 

It’s important to remember you don’t pay for the tech, you pay for the service. So £184 for a year is actually less than the price of a Fitbit Charge 6 + Fitbit Premium. 

I’m a huge fan of Whoop and have been using it for over two years. It’s an incredible sleep tracker and health monitor and really puts you in tune with your rest and recovery – not just from workouts but life in general.

It’s a passable workout tracker – better for gym stuff than running – and it will spit workouts out to Strava, but you need to have your smartphone with you. But despite its reputation as a companion to elite sports people, it’s all about sleep and recovery tracking, not a full Garmin replacement.


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