Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 drops below $160 on Amazon Prime Day

Samsung's smaller, sportier smartwatch is up for grabs at a very good price
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Amazon's Prime Day deals are in full swing and in our hunt to find some good, cheap smartwatch deals, we've found a pretty good one on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The Samsung smartwatch is one of the best we've tested, and you can currently pick it up for just $159.99 if you opt for the 40mm size option. If you go for the larger 44mm Active 2, that jumps up to $179.99, but that still means you can still pick it up for well under $200.

When you look around the market – there's few devices that can match the Active 2 at this price.

That's significantly less than the it cost to pick up the 40mm version at launch and the slapped on the 44mm Active 2 when it first went on sale.

While it offers a smaller form factor than Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3, it offers a lot of the same features, including working with Android and iOS devices giving you rich notification support, sports tracking including built-in GPS and capturing advanced running metrics.

You're also getting an ECG sensor to take clinical grade heart rate readings and you also have the ability to take blood pressure monitor readings, once you've calibrated it with a traditional cuff-style blood pressure monitor.

If you want more of the same features, but in a larger watch case and with Samsung's signature physical rotating bezel, there's also a pretty good Prime Day deal on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which is down to $339 and is around a $100 saving.

Now while these are very good deals on smartwatches that grabbed solid 4/5 scores in our reviews, we should mention that there are some big changes coming for Samsung's smartwatches. Samsung has teamed up with Google to build a new version of Google's Wear OS smartwatch platform that merges Samsung's Tizen operating system with Google's Wear.

Samsung has confirmed that its new, upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatches will run on this new operating system. For the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Galaxy Watch 3, it has said it will continue to offer support for the Tizen platform that they run on for 3 years. After that, you'll likely need to think about making an upgrade as Samsung halts that support.

If that doesn't entirely put you off and you want one of the best smartwatches you can currently buy, particularly for Android phone owners, then this is still definitely a good deal on a smartwatch that will still be supported for a few more years.

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