The Amazon Echo Buds have just got their first discount

The Alexa-powered truly wireless earbuds have their first price slash
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Amazon launched its Alexa-powered hearable at the tail-end of last year. Today the truly wireless smart earbuds have got their first discount, wiping a substantial 31% ($40) off their usual price but only if you act fast. That takes them down to a record low $79.99.

Better yet, you can also claim 3 months of free Audible alongside your Echo Buds, so you can listen to a whole host of audiobooks with your new purchase. Amazon is calling both the discount on the Echo Buds and the Audible promotion limited time offers, so it pays not to hang about.

Of course, Alexa is the main selling point of these truly wireless earbuds. You have access to Amazon's digital assistant to get all the assistant you might have become accustomed to in your smart home. That's everything from simple requests like the current weather to controlling smart devices.

It's not just Alexa here, though, as you can also access Google Assistant or Siri depending on your device via a long press of the earbud button. As for audio performance, there's Bose Active Noise Reduction to help quite down the outside world so you can listen in peace.

The Amazon Echo Buds have just got their first discount

The earbuds are sweat-resistant so are perfect for a workout. You can expect up to 5 hours of battery life off a single charge and an additional 20 hours of charge from the charging case. Just 15 minutes will top you up for 2 hours more playback.

We were generally impressed by Amazon's first attempt at a hearable, awarding the Echo Buds 3.5/5 in our review and concluding: "The Echo Buds are an admirable first shot at putting Alexa in our ears, and Amazon gets a lot of things right. Bose's noise reduction tech gives the audio quality a boost and multi-assistant support is a nice touch, even if Alexa gets top billing. A lack of polish lets them down, but even so, the Echo Buds are still worth considering."

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