The best cheap Apple Watch deals right now

Save big on Apples Watch across the Series 5, Series 4 and Series 3
The best cheap Apple Watch deals
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Simply put, the Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches currently available and practically the default choice for any iPhone users looking for a wearable.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is out now, bringing with it optional titanium and ceramic finishes, and an always-on display. As you'd expect, there's no shortage of deals on older Apple Watch models, as retailers look to clear stock.

Following the Series 5 reveal, Apple also announced the Apple Watch Series 3 would get a price drop. It now starts at only $199 for the 38mm GPS model, and $299 for the 38mm GPS and Cellular model.

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We've found some of the very best deals for you, and will be sure to update this page as and when new highlights appear for the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4 and the Apple Watch Series 5.

Once you've bagged yourself an Apple Watch bargain courtesy of this page, be sure to check out our other Apple Watch content to get yourself up and running with the best accessories and apps.

Apple Watch Series 5 deals - Save $15

The best cheap Apple Watch deals right now

The latest Apple Watch debuts an always-on display for the first time (on an Apple Watch) meaning you no longer have to twist your wrist to see the time. There's also a compass built in for the first time.

Walmart currently has the best price with a $15 saving off the usual RRP.

Walmart: Apple Watch Series 5 40mm GPS - Save $15
Walmart: Apple Watch Series 5 40mm GPS - Save $15

Apple Watch Series 3 deals - Save $20

The best Apple Watch deals for July

With the launch of the Apple Watch Series 5, Apple announced the Series 3 is remaining on sale after an official price drop to $199. That's incredible value for what is still an excellent smartwatch. Right now you can save a further $20 from Walmart.

Walmart: Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS - Save $20
Walmart: Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS - Save $20

At that lower price point, the Series 3 is a really attractive option. We've compared the Series 3 and Series 4, in case you're on the fence, but the older device is no slouch at all. The elegant design and app ecosystem make it a sure thing at these prices.

In our updated review of the Apple Watch Series 3 the smartwatch still impressed us enough to earn 4 stars. For Apple users, especially iPhone owners, this is a really great smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 4 deals - Save $100

The best Apple Watch deals for July

The Apple Watch Series 4 is still a relatively new device, after releasing late last year. But with the advent of the Series 5, it's making way. That means there are now some big savings to be had.

There's currently a big $100 discount on the 44mm GPS/Cellular model if you want that always-on connectivity.

Best Buy: Apple Watch Series 4 44mm GPS/Cellular - Save $100
Best Buy: Apple Watch Series 4 44mm GPS/Cellular - Save $100

Series 4 of the Apple Watch was really the first time that Apple substantially changed the design of its smartwatch line. Reducing the size of the watch's bezels, and introducing different sizes, including 40mm and 44mm, it's safe to say that the new look is a sleek and elegant revision.

There were some nice internal updates, too, most prominently in the form of an ECG that can let you know any time your heart rate falls or rises to irregular levels. The haptic feedback also got an upgrade, and the cherry on top was a faster processor to keep it all ticking right.

All of those factors, and a few more besides, led us to name the Series 4 both the 2018 Wearable and Smartwatch of the Year at the Wareable awards.

The Series 4 wowed us in our review, soaring to a score of 4.5 out 5. As is often the case with Apple devices, this was down to battery life and pricing — all the more reason to take advantage of any discounts knocking around.

All of the above prices were correct at time of publication but are always subject to change at a moment's notice. If you spot a bargain that you want, you won't want to wait around too long.

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