Apple CEO Tim Cook pushes MR headset launch despite concerns from designers

New report hints at internal battle regarding Apple's launch strategy
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Apple CEO Tim Cook appears to have ordered the launch of the company's mixed-reality headset in 2023 - despite concerns from the company's design team.

That's part of the latest whispers emerging courtesy of a Financial Times report, at least, which indicates that Cook sided with operations chief Jeff Williams in an internal dispute regarding launch strategy.

While Apple's industrial design team suggested that the form factor and market weren't yet ready for launch, and seemingly wanted to hold out until lightweight smartglasses could be produced, the operations team instead was keen on launching an early version of the technology in the form of a VR-focused headset.

Cook siding with operations appears to be the turning point in the story - and has led to the ramp-up in production and subsequent influx of rumors surrounding the company's alleged Reality Pro mixed-reality headset, currently rumored to be unveiled at WWDC in June. 

The profile also included information from former Apple engineers who worked on the project, who described the "huge pressure to ship" internally.

"They have been postponing the launch each year for the past [few] years," one source said.

Within the company, it's also anticipated that this "version one" product will also be a low seller, with the current plan to ship around 1 million units over the first year. Given the reported price point is set to be around $3,000, that's not entirely surprising, either.

As we've mentioned, rumors and reports have been swirling over the last few months - and this internal squabble (and potential launch) does speak to what feels like a break away from what we've come to expect from Apple.

In fact, we've even pondered why Apple would launch a headset in the current market - though all will likely become clear soon enough.

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