Sketchy leak gives us our first look at Apple mixed-reality headset parts

Feast your eyes on some potential Reality Pro components
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A series of leaked images appear to have given us our first glimpse of hardware parts used in Apple's rumored mixed-reality headset

Though relatively nondescript and not technically attributed to the upcoming Reality Pro headset, the Twitter post from leaker @MrWhite128 seems to heavily imply the components of the device.

In them, we can see an array of cables and connectors - with one image showing these in the shape of a VR headset, and another that could potentially form part of a sensor or camera array. 

Twitter / MrWhite128Sketchy leak shows off Apple mixed-reality headset parts for the first time photo 3

Without any context, of course, it's impossible to truly know what each could relate to - or whether, indeed, they're genuine parts of a prototype Apple headset.

However, in another sense, the timing would suggest that they are.

Reports from industry insiders have ramped up considerably over the last few months, and so it's felt only a matter of time before the first potential hardware leak arrived - albeit, in this case, a pretty dull one. 

If the images are legitimate, it would also add credence to the potential WWDC release date for Apple Reality Pro, which is now less than three months away.

Twitter / MrWhite128Sketchy leak shows off Apple mixed-reality headset parts for the first time photo 2

Really, though, to put things back in perspective, the only way we're really going to be able to corroborate this leak is in a post-release teardown of the device's components, so it's probably best to take it with a pinch of salt for now.

Stay tuned for more over the coming few weeks and months - we may even get lucky and see some concrete images emerge of the alleged headset. 

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