Quest Pro VR headset appears in video leak a full month before Meta Connect

The upcoming device is expected to be officially unveiled on 11 October
Quest Pro VR headset appears in video leak
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A video appearing to show off the Meta Quest Pro has leaked ahead of the device's expected launch.

The VR headset looks remarkably similar to the Project Cambria model that Meta has been teasing for nearly a year, with the video - posted on Facebook - showing off the full design in detail.

It appears to be a fairly substantial upgrade on the Quest 2 headset, too, with three cameras on the front of the black headset, while the controllers seem to have been updated to feature a more solid design.

The dead giveaway, however, is the packaging, which reads "Meta Quest Pro" on the left side of the boxes shown in the video.

With it seemingly an open-and-shut case, then, the next question is when we'll actually see Meta officially unveil the headset.

And, almost certainly, this will take place at Meta Connect - formerly Oculus Connect - on 11 October, given that this would also line up with the timeline provided by CEO Mark Zuckerberg back in August.

Interestingly, the poster of the leaked video claims that the three headsets were left in a hotel room, which would add it to the long list of infamous tech devices to leak ingloriously by accident.

However, as with any leak, we won't know the full extent of the Quest Pro's capabilities until it officially arrives.

There's likely not long to wait now, so keep it tuned to Wareable for all the launch details.