Apple's VR/AR headset will center around sports viewing, gaming and VR workouts

Report suggests Apple will even tweak iPad apps for the new platform
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Apple's upcoming mixed-reality headset is expected to focus on sports viewing, gaming, wellness, and VR workouts, with iPad apps also being optimized for the all-new platform. 

That's according to a new report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, one which appears to have given us our clearest indication yet of what the Apple AR/VR headset - expected to be named Apple Reality Pro - will actually offer. 

Until now, use case suggestions for the headset have been scarce, though there has been plenty of trustworthy suggestions relating to the $3,000 price tag and announcement date at WWDC 2023

This expected focus on media consumption and communication would align with Gurman's previous hints from 2021, as well - a report that also suggested the headset would be "a dream for game developers".

However, in this latest information dump, there are more specific details to whet the appetite. 

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Gurman reports that Apple is planning to adapt iPad apps for the headset, with users able to access existing content on the App Store through the device's 3D interface. 

Stock Apple apps, such as Safari, Messages, Photos, and Music, among others, are also expected to be fully optimized for the headset. 

The Camera app will be able to take images from the headset's cameras, with these also being used to power a FaceTime experience that will feature the company's Memoji avatars and virtual meeting rooms. 

An unexpected nugget of information is that Apple Fitness+ will also be optimized for the headset, meaning your future HIIT workouts might be much more immersive - and potentially vomit-inducing, as well. 

If you need a bit of downtime after a workout, the Apple Health app is reported to be on board to help guide users through meditations and other wellness exercises.

A less surprising entry into the headset's app list, meanwhile, appears to be Apple TV+. 

With sports viewing in line to be a major focus of the headset, Apple may potentially be looking to leverage its recently acquired streaming rights for Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer. 

According to Gurman, Apple has even been working with a select number of gaming developers to help tune their content for mixed reality, with the months between the WWDC reveal and the actual launch later this year also giving time for others to help get up to speed. 

We've seen previous reports, including a 2021 reveal by The Information, suggest Apple wasn't really targeting gaming with the headset. As Gurman alludes to, however, that appears to have changed.

And while none of this information is confirmed just yet, obviously, it does all feel like a fairly safe bet at this stage in the game. 

After all, with the first Apple headset likely to be primarily used as a test of the market and developers, it does make sense that Apple would keep the areas of focus pretty broad.

Expect more leaks and reports to emerge over the next few weeks, particularly as we get closer to that potential June WWDC reveal.

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