​Form swim goggles update adds guided workouts

Premium tier added in big update
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Form, the augmented reality swimming goggles, have got a major update with guided workouts and real-time training.

The sensor-laden swimming goggles impressed us back in 2019, when we awarded Foirm a 4.5/5 star review and a Top Pick award.

And now the connected goggles have had a big new feature added.

The new Workouts mode adds a premium level to the existing Form experience.

It adds guided sessions, with a focus on Endurance, Power, Sprint, Recovery and Technique. That could mean in-pool high intensity interval workouts or longer sessions aimed at maintaining an efficient technique.

Users can download workouts to the goggles before they hit the pool. When the workout is started they will be guided through the session using Form’s built-in display (below).


That will show the swimmer real-time information such as when to rest and when to push – and swim data such as stroke rate and stroke count.

In addition to real-time workouts, the Form app will also show videos and tuition on technique that users watch before taking to the pool.

However, this does come at a cost – and isn’t free for existing users of Form goggles.

The premium Workout tier will cost $19.99 per month, or $179.99 a year. That’s pretty pricey, but for committed swimmers, there’s not much on the market, while runners and cyclists are spoiled for choice.

This is the second big update to Form after it added GPS tracking for open water swimming when paired with a Garmin or Apple Watch.

The update is available now for existing Form users.

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