The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is back at its lowest-ever price

The base model is currently $50 off in both case sizes
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has returned to its lowest-ever price, with various retailers offering the smartwatch at a $50 discount. 

The deal (found in the widgets below) currently applies to the base model's 40mm and 44mm case sizes, with the former now available for just $229.99 and the latter sitting at $259.99.

We've currently managed to find the savings at Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy, though there's naturally no telling how long they'll be around.

We did see both variants of the Galaxy Watch 5 dip to these prices a few weeks ago, but it was relatively short-lived. 


Given that it didn't even reach this price during the festive period or Black Friday, it's one of the better deals we've seen on the market over the past few months.

And no matter which case size suits your wrist better, you can't really lose with the Galaxy Watch 5 - it's one we rate as the best smartwatch for Android users right now, and an even better pick if you have a Samsung phone.

Compared to the previous generation, Samsung has made welcome improvements in the core smartwatch experience through the Galaxy Watch 5, with the move to an improved Wear OS platform also ensuring years of solid software updates and support.


We also rated the health tracking features as excellent in our extended Galaxy Watch 5 review, and this is something that continues to improve with things like the recent addition of temperature-based fertility tracking.

With the Galaxy Watch 6 not expected until later this summer, we'd suggest there's no reason not to take advantage of this current deal if you're in the market for a Samsung smartwatch - especially when combined with the fact we wouldn't expect the asking price to drop too much more even with the arrival of the next generation.

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