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  2. New sleep tracking insights
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  5. When will the Samsung Health update arrive?

Samsung Health update: Everything we know so far about the platform upgrades

Major changes to the health app teased at Galaxy Unpacked 2024
Samsung Samsung Health 2024 update
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Samsung Health is set for a few major upgrades later this year, the company announced at its latest Galaxy Unpacked in San Jose. 

Teased just before the biggest surprise of the night - the announcement of a Samsung Galaxy Ring - the health hub is gaining plenty of new insights later this year.  

There's still plenty we don't know about the 2024 revamp for the Health app, but below we've rounded up everything that Samsung hinted at on stage. 

Galaxy AI will power the experience

SamsungSamsung Health 2024 update Galaxy AI

The company's new Galaxy AI was the main theme of the Unpacked presser.

Not only will it underpin a lot of the experience on Samsung's latest flagship phones, but it also appears set to play a pivotal role in Samsung Health.

The limits of Galaxy AI's influence are unclear at this stage, but Samsung has said that it will help deliver improved "personalized health monitoring and contextualized coaching" in Samsung Health. 

For now, we know this will impact the feedback relating to sleep, readiness, and even medication tracking - all of which we'll touch on below.

New sleep tracking insights

SamsungSamsung Health 2024 update sleep hr alerts

Sleep insights will be one major area to benefit from Galaxy AI and the incoming update.

Samsung suggests that all devices in the Galaxy ecosystem - which we take to include the forthcoming Galaxy Ring - will link up with Health to deliver improved insights into sleep score, sleep stages, and sleep coaching.

More "smart sleep analysis indices" are also coming, adding to the current crop of tracked metrics like snore time, skin temperature, and sleeping heart rate available to Galaxy Watch 6 users.

Currently, the only new feature we know of is the ability to enable high heart rate alerts for sleep, but the company did also refer to the sleep apnea app it launched back in October, too.

It's not clear whether this is also getting a boost from Galaxy AI. 

Medication tracking

SamsungSamsung Health 2024 update medication tracking

Samsung only touched on this briefly, but did hint that Health will soon be able to provide tracking for your medication and supplements. 

Thanks to Galaxy AI, the company says that you'll be provided with insights into how your medications interact with different foods or other things you take. 

Reminders will also be at the core of this new feature, it seems.

My Vitality Score

SamsungSamsung Health 2024 update my vitality score

In response to the daily readiness scores we've seen popularised by Garmin, Whoop, Fitbit, and Oura over the last few years, Samsung is finally catching up with something it calls 'My Vitality Score'.

Similar to those alternatives we just mentioned, this will measure your physical and mental readiness to take on the day and will be based on sleep, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and previous activity.

Connected to this new Vitality Score will also be 'Booster Cards' - suggestions from Galaxy AI to help improve your readiness.

If Samsung Health spots that your stress levels have been higher than normal on a certain day, for example, it might suggest a guided meditation before you sleep.

When will the Samsung Health update arrive?

Samsung hasn't put a firm date on the update to Health, only noting in the Galaxy Unpacked keynote that these upgrades will be landing "later this year".

However, the same rough timeline was also given for the Samsung Galaxy Ring - one that's almost certain to land in the company's second major Unpacked event of the year, typically scheduled for the end of August.

With the Galaxy Watch 7 series also expected to land around this time, this month makes the most sense for the upcoming Health update. 

As ever, we'll update this when we know more.

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