Moto 360 leather straps go on sale in four new colours

Motorola's tackling that Bland Straps as Standard trend head on

Motorola is selling Moto 360 leather straps in four new colours on its store. That's good news for anyone who is bored of the black and grey Horween leather or stainless steel bands that launched with the Moto 360 in mid-2014 as there's now tan, dark green, dark blue and red options to choose from.

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The new Permagena bands are produced by a New York tannery for Dodo, the maker of iPad cases and Google Cardboard kits, and cost $60 each. That's more than the $30 Horween leather bands that Motorola is selling but the new hues are the real draw here.

A premium strap is one of the simplest ways to make your smartwatch easier on the eye. But as we've moaned - senior editor James Stables called it the burning issue in smartwatches - a lot of manufacturers have stuck to just a few options at release, even when personalisation was mentioned heavily at launch.

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The Asus ZenWatch's lovely, comfortable leather strap is a great example of getting things right on the default accessory but the Apple Watch is set to be a bit of a gamechanger in this respect with 34 different combinations of watch and strap to choose from.

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